Philpee2 tried out community 20 questions Friday,  people enjoyed it so much that both Fellstrike and Starseeker made their own 20 questions blogs and Philpee2 did another one.
Ask your question in the comments, and I’ll update the blog with your question and my answer. Please read the existing questions before asking a new one.
Each person can ask at most two questions, not including a specific game guess, which you can do once.
If I feel that a question is hard for me to answer clearly, I’ll ask you to re-ask it in a different, possibly more specific way. Feel free to have any other discussion in the comments with each other or with me that you like, as long as it’s clear to me what you’re actually submitting as your question(s). Just think, you are driving around in Santa Monica, California and you happen upon Route 66. Besides the main story that also takes you all around the world, there are side quests, missions and activities. I started the day eating mini donuts  and standing in the queue room from 8:30-ish to opening at 10. The two quick peaks and then the big reveal with the score was an awesome moment the first time watching. These are only the lyrics for I do not have the skills to put a video or anything together. I got this in an email, found it funny so I thought to share it to those who happen to read this. You have to be old enough to remember Abbott and Costello, and too old to REALLY understand computers, to fully appreciate this. COSTELLO: Thanks I'm setting up an office in my den and I'm thinking about buying a computer. A lot of IGNers use some horrid grammar and don't spell words correctly and it's very annoying.
I have my preorder for the PC version shipping as of this typing and have been wondering about the PS3 version.
With Burger Time said to be getting  HD'd, I started thinking of some other old games that should be known to gamers that might not of been born then or weren't old enough. So I was thinking of which game to play when a thought of "boooooorrrrrreedddd" popped in and that made my mind wonder. So my question to anyone who reads this is which game do you suggest I hide from the sunlight for the next or two? EDIT: Well I followed an early comment and went back to FU2 and came upon my save data gone, stupid backup and transfer from old Ps3 didnt fully work, had to start a new game.

A new dev blog was released on the SWTOR site today that examines the crew skills and some info on Armstech crafting skill.
So there I was, less than 20 minutes into Fable III entering the map to choose a quest when I hear this loud beep and it freezes! Also, what about a screen on the back bumper area of a car that shows whats ahead for those behind? So thanks to kingofbrats, I must now reveal my zombie defense team against the zombie apocalypse. I believe video games deserve the same First Amendment protection as other forms of entertainment.
Your goal as a community is to guess what that game is by asking up to 20 yes-or-no questions. Making a specific game guess counts towards the 20 questions, but it doesn’t count towards your personal two-question limit.
How about an open-world single player game similar to GTAV or Skyrim but on the scale of the Earth? While eating, a bum walked in asked me for food (I DONT SHARE FOOD!) and he was promptly escorted out. Title Screens, intros, and single moments with the right score can make a great scene into an unforgettable experience.
Idea, bad as it may be, came upon me while listening to one of Weird Als polka-fused-with-popular-songs songs.
If you can guess all the songs you might win a prize, bonus points if you don't have to search the interwebs. By the time Goldeneye, Donkey Kong and Kirby came out my Wii wasnt hooked to a TV so I havent really played anything beyond the bundled disc.
I watched the movies so much when I was little, like I would sit and watch it over and over(so I'm told), I could quote  it all day(possibly). Marcuis_5, Hirogee007, KRATOSGODOFWARIII and Hedinnweis for they filled up my newsfeed and they didn't do one.
I've got a 360, PS3, a PC (and many of the older systems collecting dust) not too mention cable. Every new info,video and screenshot thats released I get more and more excited.  Anyone else need to change their shorts after that watching the video? It’s just you and four other video game characters trying to kill all of the undead that are wreaking havoc on Earth. Wouldn’t you like to see the answer to the first question before deciding what your next question should be?

Don’t ask if a game is “story-driven”, because different people might have different ideas about what that means. Don't ask about genres.
Nonetheless, I'd like to thank my very first follower Chris Carle aka chris-ign and my latest follower Eshraghi1992, he seems to be new so give him a follow. It doesn't take weeks like it does in real life of course but it still takes weeks in the game. The Mario theme is iconic, I have it for my ringtone, everyone knows how it goes so its not part of this. Pressing the power button and waiting a few seconds I turn it back on and on the start up it beeps again and freezes on the logo.  So I ask, "wtf xbox?" , turn it off and wait a minute. I was trying to cut a piece  off my slice of pizza the other day and the fork would cut it. Genre definitions are vague, and people don’t always agree about which games fall into which categories.
Walking around the area I saw  the Bioshock Infinite booth, no demo, with a lady that looked exactly like Elizabeth.
In other words, if the category is Books then pick just one book you'd like to have for the rest of your life and move on to the next category.
So I thought of a scenario(joke); for fun I think I'd like take a bite of a meal and throw it away while listening to music and dancing in front of a fireplace in my home, all the while a deaf starving homeless person in a wheelchair is outside in the cold peering in through the window. My avatar seems to be the biggest draw for a follow cause I rarely make a blog and when I do it will have zero to five comments. Who needs a team I'll just take him, unless the zombies are a cause of magic than I'd need the team.
If you're able, include a picture or video showing what you picked and shortly explain why.
When the main character was smoking in the beginning he reminded me of Solid Snake, appearance and voice.
Anyone who would get hurt from it probably shouldnt be allowed to handle sharp objects in the first place.
Take a train and enjoy the scenery. On one of the US coasts and decide you want to travel abroad?

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