In this May 17, 2015 file photo, authorities investigate a shooting in the parking lot of Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, Texas. Sponsored content is written by Global News' editorial staff without any editorial influence by the sponsor. Sponsored content is written by Global News' without any editorial influence by the sponsor. If convicted on the most serious federal charges, the men could face a maximum sentence of life in prison.All three of the accused are based in Texas, where there are 42 Bandidos chapters, according to the indictment. The only thing Brett’s performance was missing was a full-on drag costume and makeup.
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Over the past several days, a small federally owned building in a rural setting of southeast Oregon has been occupied by rifle-toting members of the notorious Bundy gang, best known as the Mormon fanatics and white supremacists who engineered a standoff with federal authorities over cattle grazing issues in the town of Bunkerville in southern Nevada.
This incident can be classified together with the 2007 standoff at the home of wealthy tax resisters Ed and Elaine Brown in New Hampshire, and with the April 2014 confrontation at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada, when a lily-white group of libertarian fanatics pointed loaded weapons at federal officials carrying out government assignments. Most importantly, the new Bundy gang offensive in Oregon provides a chilling vision of exactly how survivalists, libertarians, militias, white supremacists, sovereign individualists, and similar heteronomic types are coalescing into an armed extremist wing for fascist Republican candidates like Trump and Cruz. That “willing to kill” from the leader of an armed gang outweighs all the pious and whining sophistries coming from Bundyland and its press agents that the protest is purely peaceful and nonviolent. These demands from the Bundy gang boil down to individual confiscation or lawless privatization of United States federal lands belonging to the American people and their transfer into the control of private interests. Public reaction to this latest round of libertarian posturing has been much more hostile than in the other cases.
Attention has also centered this time on the ignorance and backwardness of the armed militia. Almost 2 years ago, when the wealthy free rider Cliven Bundy and his labile followers picked up the gun to assert their self-proclaimed right to graze their cattle on federal land without paying any fees, and to have their arrears canceled, he was not isolated. Given a public response somewhere between mockery and hostility, demagogues like Ted Cruz paused this time before showing up for a campaign stop and a photo op. As of today Cruz, whose campaign has already been linked to the Oathkeepers and the assassins of abortion providers, is running for the hills, with his rival Rubio close behind. Prominent libertarian media had to disguise their coolness towards the Bundy enterprise in Burns as best they could.
As for the Oathkeepers, their website wisely concedes that “the Hammond family does not want an armed standoff, and nobody has the right force one on them.
A writer evidently close to the Oathkeepers raises the possibility that Ryan and Ammon Bundy had been trying to trick people into joining them in an armed adventure, luring them to Burns for a peaceful demonstration and not mentioning the armed occupation to follow: ‘I have watched extensive video from the event in Oregon and am privy to accounts from participants. On the surface, the Burns action looks something like Hitler’s bungling, inept 1923 Munich beer hall putsch, which collapsed within days or hours.
Federal prosecutors reportedly believe the alleged arson was perpetrated by the Hammonds as a cover-up for illegal poaching.

The kid glove treatment given these gun toting, lawless militiamen by the FBI is raising huge red flags among responsible law enforcement officials. But others might argue that such lax and permissive methods by an agency famed for its ferocity when dealing with unarmed protesters amounts to an admission that the entire Bundy Circus is nothing but a false flag operation conducted with the connivance of Comey’s people. In southern Italy between 1919 and 1920, groups of unemployed and impoverished agricultural day laborers (braccianti) attempted to occupy tracts of uncultivated land and take them over for their own permanent use. Another largely forgotten aspect of the pre-fascist era was the violent and sometimes terroristic movement of German farmers and peasants during the last five years of the Weimar Republic, meaning the last five years before Hitler’s seizure of power. These rural clashes and tensions of 1928 to 1933 were key elements in the fascistization of the German countryside, ultimately facilitating the seizure of power by the Nazis, who were able to pick up the pieces of a shattered countryside. As noted, the Bundy theory of land titles denies the United States Government any role, and relies instead on vague allusions to the states, especially the Mormon paradise of Utah. One extremely important area of conflict between the Washington government and the Deseret Mormon theocracy was over the issue of land ownership and land rights.
At the same time, an awareness of the alliance between Mormons and the British Empire was common in the population at large. Not content with harassing federal officials and making their work impossible, the Brigham Young regime in the early 1850s also began promoting armed attacks on pioneer wagon trains transiting the Utah Territory, both by inciting the Indians to hostile action, as well as by having Mormons carry out the attacks themselves. Attorney’s Office in San Antonio accuses three Bandidos leaders of sanctioning a three-year fight that included violent clashes with rival gangs and distribution of methamphetamine. Tonight is elimination night, and I can’t wait ’til these fools get their dreams crushed!
I’m willing to put money down that Brett has some serious experience as a drag performer. Ammon and his brother Ryan are the visible honchos of the seizure of a federal building in Burns, Oregon by heavily armed anti-government militia. The Bundy clan claims to have between 100 and 200 armed militia on the scene in Burns, Oregon, including local anti-government hardliners, but more realistic estimates put the total strength of the occupying forces at fewer than 20, most of whom are outside agitators.
Secondly, we should note that armed upsurges in sparsely populated rural areas that depend on agriculture and mining were a prelude to the rise of fascism in both Italy and Germany. After the use of the National Guard against the black protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, Baltimore, Maryland, and other locations, many comments have been seen in mainstream media and social media pointing to the irony of the mailed fist of local and state governments used against the immiserated inner cities, while white supremacists brandishing assault rifles are allowed to intimidate whole communities and claim to have federal premises under their exclusive control. In the April 2014 armed standoff (with federal officials threatened with loaded firearms), Bundy garnered strong support from Rand Paul (who came to pander in person), Ted Cruz, and Ben Carson.
Many of the large landowners who stood to lose in this process turned to Mussolini’s fascist goons (squadristi) to eject the day laborers, sometimes in pitched battles accompanied by significant loss of life. One way to approach these events is through the 1930 novel by the famous novelist of Germany during the world depression, Hans Fallada.
Gunnison of the United States Army was killed, presumably by Indians, while doing surveys for the proposed transcontinental railroad, which would most likely pass through Utah.
Attorney's Office in San Antonio accuses three Bandidos leaders of sanctioning a three-year fight that included violent clashes with rival gangs and distribution of methamphetamine.
The accusations focus on a rivalry that came under renewed attention in May, when a clash at a meeting of biker groups in Waco, Texas, left nine people dead.Authorities believe that the fatal confrontation began when members of the Cossacks crashed a meeting of a confederation of biker clubs that included the Bandidos at a Twin Peaks restaurant.

The supposed beneficiaries of the Bundy-led action are a father and son from the local Hammond family (Dwight Hammond, 73, and son Steven Hammond, 46) of Burns, who today reported to federal prison for additional incarceration in connection with accusations that they committed arson by setting illegal fires on US public lands.
Ed and Elaine Brown were sent to federal prison, but the wealthy Mormon Bundy clan has faced no consequences for their 2014 threats of violence. Finally, we should note that the crackpot doctrine about land titles and land rights preached by the Bundy gang is simply a recycled version of what the secessionist Mormon tyrant Brigham Young was already blathering against the United States government back in the 1850s. Since the Bundy patriarch, the infamous Cliven (aka Cloven) Bundy has gone on record in public interviews as an unreconstructed white supremacist, one wonders whether the planned recreational activities would be subject to racial and other illegal segregation.
But in Burns, Oregon, the Bundy gang is getting coddled by the FBI and local police, who are using only the velvet glove. Dwight and Steven Hammond have made it clear, through their attorney, that they just want to turn themselves in and serve out their sentence. One pro-FBI observer argued: “The FBI is working closely with state police, and FBI officials are busy establishing a public information office in Burns. In those days, fascist organizations depended on farm sector operations for their growth and for building their reputation as reliable strikebreakers. This was titled in English translation as A Small Circus, but the original German title tells us more: Bauern, Bonzen, und Bomben sounds more like farmers (ranchers?), bureaucrats, and bombs in German. The accusations focus on a rivalry that came under renewed attention in May, when a meeting of biker groups at a Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, Texas, ended in gunfire that left nine people dead.
My second favorite part is when the winner releases their first single, then, approximately one month later, nobody gives a crap. The Hammond family has said that they have nothing to do with the Bundy-led action, and would like the outside agitators to leave. There is also the question as to whether these “sovereign individualists” would be willing to pay taxes to the federal government, a practice which they regard as heretical, even though it is solidly anchored in the U.S.
Fascist goon squads beating up desperate peasants in rural Southern Italy was an indispensable source of fascist growth in Italy overall. The FBI instead hopes to get a better handle on the situation over the next few days.” Lame excuses.
Two suspected Bandidos were charged in that killing, according to prosecutors.Portillo took charge of the national organization for several months in 2015, when Pike was sidelined due to surgery, but both men at various times had ultimate decision-making authority over Bandidos criminal activities nationwide, according to the indictment.
In April, Bandidos members from other parts of Texas and New Mexico arrived in Odesa, Texas, at Portillo’s direction. Perhaps their real concern was how Trump and Cruz could respond in a presidential debate if they were asked about their blatant ties to armed militia seizing US property.
Seems like a bit of an overkill to me,” Dwight Hammond said Saturday outside their home.
The group also maintains a formal taxation scheme that supports the criminal defence of members, the indictment says.

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