For this list, we're taking a look at the films that center on the sport of American Football and are making our choices based on a mix of how memorable, popular and successful they are. Shane Falco was once the star QB of his school team, but he choked during his final college game and failed to break pro.
After a plane crash claims the lives of the entire team, Marshall University rallies to ensure their football program can continue. When two brothers start coaching rival peewee football teams, it leads to one of the most well-known family sports comedies of all time. Another true story, this telefilm shows the friendship between Brian Piccolo and Gale Sayers. The Uni President has to find a new coach, new players and a way to convince the NCAA to allow the team to play. When ex-pro Quarterback Paul “Wrecking” Crewe gets sent to jail, the prison warden decides to hold a game between the guards and the inmates. Despite being too short and too weak to make the team and too thick to get into the school, Rudy never relents. The film starts with two segregated schools, one black, one white, being forced to join into one. Following the high school team from Odessa, the drama highlights the importance of each game to the community.

For this list, we’re taking a look at the films that center on the sport of American Football and are making our choices based on a mix of how memorable, popular and successful they are.
But when the starting players on the Washington Sentinels strike, Falco finally gets his chance to redeem himself. Despite a rough start to the season, the team holds on to win their first home game of the season.
Of course, the Giants win on a last minute play and the brothers are brought closer together. A relationship that transcends race, their friendship is tested when Piccolo gets cancer, ending his career and leaving him terminally ill. He gets special teaching to meet Notre Dame's standards and trains for years as a tackling dummy until he's finally allowed to play one game. After starting QB Cap Rooney injures himself, the team is left with career long benchwarmer Willie Beaman. The community coming together around the team following a tragedy is powerful stuff to watch, and something the real NFL didn't experience until the 2009 New Orleans team and that's part of what makes this historical drama, based on true events, stand out. And while the film made a slight loss at the box office, it still managed to work its way into many people's hearts.
The portrayal of the teammates isn't overly soppy, but does show the genuine affection between the two men in a gentle and effective way.

Beaman starts to show immense talent, which blossoms into cockiness, meaning the coach, Tony D'Amato, now has a quarterback controversy on his hands.
Plus, one of the plays featured in the comedy, called the Annexation of Puerto Rico, was actually used by the Carolina Panthers in 2011.
Both the true parts, and the fictional scenes, are extremely moving viewing so it's no wonder it's been called one of the best made-for-TV movies ever. This film doesn't only show viewers that some dreams can come true, it also gives us some great shots of Wahlberg exercising on the streets. It was that same grit and hope that helped Rudy become the first person to be carried off Notre Dame's field. Though not as epic as watching Denzel rail coke and then fly a jet, here, he still delivers a performance with gravitas and class.
Because, you know, sports movies, never really show us someone running around in Philadelphia… not that that matters, we're here for the football after all! But through inspirational speeches from Bad Santa and hard work, the team rallies to make the semi-finals.

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