The film was shot almost entirely in 1974, but spent decades tangled in ridiculous lawsuits.
I told her that the scene was entirely real, borrowed directly from the frames of The Times of Harvey Milk. What can I say about Claude Lanzmann’s Shoah that the film doesn’t already say for itself?
If I were to pick a best film of the bunch, it would be 28 Up (but last year’s 56 Up was damn fine as well). This documentary page contains some of the best, hard to find,  full version documentaries ever produced.
Narrated by Peter Coyote, OUT OF THE BLUE is widely considered one of the best documentary films ever made about UFOs and was directed by celebrated filmmaker James Fox.
THRIVE is an unconventional documentary that lifts the veil on what's REALLY going on in our world by following the money upstream -- uncovering the global consolidation of power in nearly every aspect of our lives. OZ Encounters is the remarkable eye-popping one-hour documentary that features extraordinary UFO sightings and encounters. One of the few scholars able to read and interpret ancient Sumerian and Akkadian clay tablets, Zecharia Sitchin (1920-2010) based his bestselling The 12th Planet on texts from the ancient civilizations of the Near East.
They've been seen in our skies for decades, but eye witness accounts have been locked away.
This is an award winning short film, winner of Best Short Video Category at the 2012 International UFO Congress."Craft of Unknown Origin" is a 30-minute documentary that examines the subject of UFOs. Since the 1940s, thousands of people have seen, photographed or claimed to have been abducted by UFOs. There are a thousand things which prevent a man from awakening, which keep him in the power of his dreams. On a dark and lonely road in the mountains of Mexico, Carlos Diaz had an encounter with UFOs that changed his life forever. Mary Rodwell is Australia's leading authority on extraterrestrial phenomena, her son Chris Rodwell is a vet, a man of science and self-confessed alien skeptic -- their relationship has reached a critical point and something has to give. On April 6, 1966, students and teachers from Westall High School (now Westall Secondary College) were completing sports on the main oval when an object,  a grey saucer shaped craft with a slight purple hue about twice the size of a family car, was seen. Go on a voyage of discovery that leads from the oldest known temple in the world to a prehistoric cave map, to a common belief shared by key ancient cultures, all of which were aware of the star system Cygnus' unique place in the cosmos - and it's significance as the spirit path to heaven. This documentary describes a mountain of evidence supporting that extraterrestrials are in fact real, the truth could very well be that humans have extraterrestrial origins!
A look at ten of the best evidence UFO cases of all time, as chosen by a collection of the world's most prominent UFO researchers.
EBE Award Winner - This film represents an important chapter in Ufology and Disclosure history and is considered by many to be an underground classic.Join UFO investigators on this historic occasion, as they meet for the first time with High Ranking Russian Military Officials and Representatives from the former KGB, at the Russian Anti-Aircraft Academy of Defense in Tver, Russia, to examine UFO evidence collected by the Russian Government in a free and open detente as Russia officially joins the UFO disclosure movement. This ground breaking series of bonus interviews comes from the DVD release of the film UFOs The Secret History and presents an examination of the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis -- the notion that some UFO reports are probably explained by extraterrestrial visitation and why contact may include the alarming notion of Alien Abduction and how an advanced culture might strategize contact with an emerging civilization. Discover the facts behind the Governments secret mission "Stealth Mission - CURIOSITY," and the legitimate validation of ancient intelligence on Mars. With the latest mad cow reports and the re-call of all Tylenol products, more Americans are becoming fed-up with the FDA and beginning to live a  healthier, organic lifestyle. Forks over Knives– This was my second favorite documentary and it really helped me understand the importance of a plant-based lifestyle (raw vegan).
The film follows the journey of  numerous sick patients with large zip lock bags full of prescription medicine. Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead– Recommended by a facebook friend, this documentary takes you on the journey of an Austrian man as he fasts from solid food for 60 days. Food Matters – This documentary was probably my least favorite to be honest but  it was still eye opening. Pingback: Top Documentaries On Living a Healthy, Organic Lifestyle: Part 2 And Giveaway Time! Last August, filmmaker Morgan Spurlock of Supersize me, led to the Current Tv show Top Best 50 Documentaries to See before You Die. Always stresses the choice of Hale jury sorter to include only productions list story-based or issue-based, similar to what we all know as "documentary", discarding and then, for example, experiments of Andy Warhol and Chris Marker. We've put together a list of our ten favorite cancer documentaries of all time, in the hope of inspiring and educating those who need it most. These films help to push the boundaries of what's possible, expose the potential dangers of conventional treatment and provide natural and time-tested solutions.
THIS LIST IS IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER however if you are serious about finding your answer to cancer we highly suggest watching them all. This follows the story of a young science-writer at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, who risked everything by blowing the whistle on a massive cover-up involving a promising cancer therapy.
Crazy Sexy Cancer is a personal diary styled documentary created by actress and author Kris Carr.
Food Matters sets about uncovering the trillion dollar worldwide 'Sickness Industry', and exposes a growing body of scientific evidence proving that nutritional therapy can be more effective, more economical, less harmful and less invasive than most conventional medical treatments. Cut Poison Burn is a searing film that illuminates the grim truth about America's so-called War on Cancer. This thought-provoking film explains, with frank and open honesty, the pioneering work of Dr.
Rethinking Cancer is an educational documentary that provides a rare look into the journeys of five men and women who used natural therapies to overcome cancer and other serious illnesses. A sobering documentary about the danger of modern day healthcare and the merits of the often discredited Gerson Therapy. Filmmaker Steve Kroschel goes on a 52-day journey to find evidence supporting the effectiveness of the Gerson Therapy, a long-suppressed natural cancer cure. The video covers the failings of conventional treatments and how cancer can be successfully healed with dietary treatments and natural supplementation.
While the pink ribbons campaign has done a lot to raise awareness about breast cancer, this film uncovers the real truth behind it all.
With modern lifestyles, people are exposed to multiple carcinogenic agents on a daily basis. The "C" word is something no one ever wants to deal with in life; it is one of the leading causes of death in society today. Documentaries present a fantastic way for us to learn about our world, a way to raise awareness and sometimes even the ability to expose corruption and atrocity. Supersize Me is one of the top 10 documentaries in terms of the impact it had at the time as it tried to draw attention to the unhealthy fast-food industry and particularly McDonlad’s. At the time of its release, Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth was considered a highly enlightening call to arms. This entry to the top 10 documentaries is a documentary about physicist Stephen Hawking featuring biographical interviews with friends and relatives along with an overview of his works. One of the must-see documentaries if only for the controversy it caused at the time, but also because of the fascinating time-capsule character study of Michael Jackson. Crumb, by Terry Zwigoff, is a documentary that examines the eccentric Robert Crumb – artist, illustrator, musician and founder of the underground comix movement. In this unusual 1994 documentary series we follow four different individuals in extraordinary circumstances – a bank robber, a terrorist, a bullied school child and a gay man trying to cure himself through Christianity. March of the Penguins is the highly-popular French documentary film which follows emperor penguins of Antartica on their journeys between the ocean and the mainland.
Jesus Camp is a 2006 Oscar-nominated documentary that unconvered teens being taught to go into trances, crusade and even die in the name of Jesus. Enemies of the People is a fantastic documentary that exposes atrocities and genocide in Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge.
Film has meaning, it has purpose, and The Thin Blue Line is an inarguable case to that point. Non-fiction films, or documentaries, were the original form of movie-making, in which a camera was used to simply capture real moments of life being lived.

The films producers traveled around the world to investigate some of the most famous UFO events on record.
Weaving together breakthroughs in science, consciousness and activism, THRIVE offers real solutions, empowering us with unprecedented and bold strategies for reclaiming our lives and our future.
The result is an amazing cross-section of case studies from all walks of life: farmers, bank managers, wedding photographers, nurses, doctors, children, housewives. Drawing both widespread interest and criticism, his controversial theories on the Anunnaki origins of humanity have been translated into more than 20 languages and featured on radio and television programs around the world.
Credited with the ability to hover, land, take off, accelerate to astonishing velocities and vanish.
He is an award winning film maker with a background with the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. Drawing from a number of credible UFO witnesses and UFO reports, the video is crammed with diagrams, as well as 2D and 3D animation, that accurately visualize the strange vehicles that these witnesses report seeing.
We look at some of the most famous cases and establish if these contacts are merely hoaxes, hallucinations or legitimate. Thousands of eyewitnesses including journalists, scientists and even the Mayor of Mexico City also share this same story of an alien encounter with UFOs. Best Film, Best Historical Documentary, Best UFO Footage and The Peoples Choice Award - International UFO Congress Film Festival. It explores the MJ-12 documents and discusses the IPU (Interplanetary Phenomena Unit) of the military and much more. It is perhaps one of the best ever produced dealing with the UFO phenomena in a serious and detailed manner. One of the better UFO documentaries, reviewing several important cases as experienced and reported by airplane pilots and astronauts, including the famous Japan Air Lines flight 1628 incident on Nov 17 1986 and the New Zealand 'Kaikoura Lights' incident amongst others. Most surprising is the fact that the Ancient Advanced cultures of the past were aware of cosmic rays emanating from Cygnus, and for their being the spark which ignited evolution - the same spark which continues to alter our DNA right through to the present day.
This program includes filmed evidence from the Russian Military and the Russian Space Program, that proves that there is an unexplainable UFO presence in our skies.
This means  several date nights with netflix,  homemade popcorn, Holy detox tea and lots of writing on the laptop. This documentary is very scientific and historic as it shows how 2 scientists prove how a plant-based diet cures or can reverse the majority of deadly diseases.
Over 2 months, they ditched the meds and opted for a plant-based diet.  This movie inspired me. As noted Mike Hale on Arts Beat blog of the New York Times, you're not speaking of the best documentaries of all time: the selection starts from 1988, the year he came out The Thin Blue Line by Errol Morris, considered the "father of modern documentary". Luckily there is now so many places you can watch these films online instantly from the comfort of your own home. Max Gerson) for an in-depth examination on what is known about the causes of cancer and an explanation about the Gerson therapy, a natural approach to this illness. The film tells the story of Carr’s battle with a rare vascular cancer and focuses on her healing, in a spiritual sense of the word, rather than the illness itself. Featuring interviews with leading health experts who reveal the best natural healing choices you can make for you and your family's health. This thought-provoking documentary takes on the forces that have conspired to thwart meaningful advances in cancer research and treatment over the past century. Max Gerson, who showed us that disease can be prevented and cured with nutritional therapies. Featuring doctors, medical experts, cancer survivors and Gerson family members, the film uncovers the origins and health impacts of fluoride, mercury fillings and the link between brain cancer and MSG and aspartame. His travels take him from Alaska to Mexico with stops in San Diego, New York, Japan, Holland and Spain.
As the rate of cancer, infertility and other illnesses linked to environmental factors climbs ever upward each year, we must ask ourselves: why is this happening?
You might be shocked to discover some of the questionable companies involved in the campaign, where your money goes and how little is spent on prevention and natural therapies. Along with Laurentine ten Bosch, James founded Food Matters, giving people the tools (films, books, website, TV) to take charge of their own health.
Preventing and calming cancer could be as easy as adding a sprinkle of turmeric to your cooking, ordering a wakame salad with your sushi or maybe you are feeling a little more ambitious and want to try some medicinal mushrooms? We believe that your body is worthy of good care and that no one is more suitably qualified to care for it than yourself. The power of the documentary should not be overlooked and some documentary-films and TV series provide some of the best film and television making out there. Subsequently both the politician and the documentary has received flack for some inaccurate science and unfounded claims (and hypocrisy on the part of the creator), but this is nevertheless certainly one of the top 10 documentaries in recent times in terms of its influence alone.
The documentary follows the build up to the event as well as much of the fight itself and displays the formidable personality of Ali. A highly inspiring individual – despite near total paralysis and several other challenges throughout his life Stephen Hawking has contributed hugely to the world of physics and particularly to our understanding of black holes. While the documentary has been criticized for lack of objectivity and it is perhaps not an example of great documentary making – its one of the top 10 documentaries in terms of the attention it has had since.
The documentary shows how his personal life was reflected in his art and is considered a moving film and one of the top 10 documentaries by many sources.
The stories themselves are fascinating, but so too is the underlying message – by applying the dramatic structure observed by Euripides in the deconstruction of the stories – director Jessica Yu attempts to illustrate that a narrative dramatic structure underpins human experience. The documentary took a year for the two isolated cinematographers to shoot, but that hard work resulted in one of the top 10 documentaries and a slew of awards.
The documentary is so objective in its portrayal that it is praised by some fundamentalists (seeing the children as missionaries) and by those who this this as exposing the dark side of religious fanaticism.
In it, the journalist Thet Sambath gains an interview with Pol Pot’s second in command Nuon Chea after gaining the trust of former Khmer soldiers.
If there are people who haven’t seen it yet, it is about President Al’Gore which tries to educate citizens about global warming.
Through exclusive interviews with high-ranking military and government personnel, this award-winning film supports the theory that some UFOs are of extraterrestrial origin.
They can reportedly alter their direction of flight suddenly and clearly can exhibit aerodynamics characteristics well beyond those of any known aircraft or missile - either manned or unmanned.
Friedman, who for the past 40 years has been the world's foremost investigator and lecturer on the UFO phenomenon, also credited with breaking the famous Roswell UFO case. They were: Air Force Generals, US astronauts, military pilots, commercial pilots, government and FAA officials from seven countries. What might be called the UFO era began at the end of World War 2, when american fighter pilots reported seeing small, fast-moving objects they called foo fighters.
Learn about messages received by Carlos Diaz from his UFO alien encounters and what meaning they may hold for us here on Earth. Insiders claim that even recovered spacecraft of extraterrestrial origin are studied and test flown at Area 51. The "UFOs: The Secret Evidence" documentary presents what the world governments really know about UFOs. There are people that question the authenticity of the MJ12 Documents which is simply typical skepticism and debunking.
According to witnesses the object was descending and then crossed and overflew the high school going in a south-easterly direction, before disappearing from sight as it descended behind a stand of trees and into a paddock at The Grange in front of the Westall State School (primary students). This presentation includes the most up to date images and telemetry from over six probe missions providing the widest coverage possible of the Martian surface. While working, I took some time to watch a lot of documentaries that some of my facebook friends recommended. Food Matters shows compelling evidence and the link between  food and many common allergies and diseases.
I’ve seen pretty much every health documentary out there and these were just some of my favorites that I feel have had the biggest impact when it comes to health and wellness.

These forces include the federal government, drug companies eager to suppress alternative treatments and powerful industry organizations that place profit over human lives. In the end, he presents the testimonies of patients, scientists, surgeons and nutritionists who testify to the therapy's effect on curing cancer and other degenerative diseases and presents the hard scientific proof to back up their claims.
Food Beware begins with a visit to a small village in France, where the town's mayor has decided to make the school lunch menu organic and locally grown. Colin Campbell (The China Study), Brian Clement (Hippocrates Health Institute) and Charlotte Gerson (The Gerson Institute).
Food Matters is an internationally acclaimed widely popular documentary about the medical and healthcare industries. Think of us as your nutritional consultants and know that we are here with you on your journey to a healthier life.
While the experiment is spurious (that much overeating of any substance would be dangerous), the film started a debate that has undoubtedly changed the industry for the better. Apart from this, what makes Enemies of the People one of the top 10 documentaries is the personal element – with Thet Sambath having witnessed the murder of his Father and the forced marriage of his Mother to a Khmer Rouge Coldier before escaping Cambodia himself in 1979.
In a three-year investigation, a German film crew dove deeply into the secrets of "Dreamland", Area 51, interviewing top scientists and security personnel who worked inside Area 51 and claim to have seen what can only now be described as alien spacecraft of extraterrestrial origin. Includes 44 original UFO film clips from around the world, most of which have never been seen until this feature documentary was originally introduced to the general public and also includes film clips from the archives of both NASA and the U.S. After 20 minutes the object - with witnesses now numbering over 200 - then climbed at speed and departed towards the north-west.
While there are many agendas associated with these damaging programs, evidence is now abundant which proves that geoengineering can be used to control weather. Below  is a summary of the top documentaries about the food industry, living an organic lifestyle and obesity in America. It discusses the foundation of soy allergies, e coli development and why many Americans are moving towards grass-fed meats or vegan lifestyles.
So here’s a list of the top 10 health documentaries of all time!Leave your comments on this post to share which health documentary was your favorite or to share one that is not yet on the list! His latest documentary, Hungry For Change, reveals how the diet and processed food industries are the enemies of permanent weight loss, vibrant health, and natural living. What I liked most from your list of top 10 documentaries was exactly the first on top, enemies of the people. I read that this documentary was included in science curricula in schools all around the world.
Robert Flaherty was filming 'real' subjects in their environment, but also was staging scenes with them to work better on camera and even building sets that would look better than the actual igloos in which his subjects lived.Documentary films have also had a central importance in propaganda and politics.
As the object gained altitude some accounts describe it as having been pursued from the scene by five unidentified aircraft which circled the object. In this documentary you will learn how the aerosols being sprayed into our sky are used in conjunction with other technologies to control our weather.
I recommend this movie for current vegetarians or beginner vegans who want to eat  a more organic, raw diet.
Burzynski and his patients endured a treacherous 14-year journey in order to obtain FDA-approved clinical trials for a new cancer-fighting drug and his groundbreaking medical battles have brought revolutionary cancer treatment to the public. It would only be a matter of time on how and when some Majestic 12 papers would make into the public arena.
While geoengineers maintain that their models are only for the mitigation of global warming, it is now clear that they can be used as a way to consolidate an enormous amount of both monetary and political power into the hands of a few by the leverage that weather control gives certain corporations over the Earth's natural systems. Upon completion, his treatment will be available the world over - sending a shockwave through the cancer industry. A place where we can access vital information by watching all of your favorite inspiring documentaries, expert interviews & recipe videos in one place. Even modern documentaries are still often focused on community organizing, exposing social issues and rallying viewers behind a certain political attitude or opinion. Bush era, and in some cases, advocacy films have become intertwined with the causes they depict in the minds of Americans. Not surprisingly, a few of the documentaries listed here are also considered among the best movies of all time - documentary or otherwise.This list collects all the most important, worthwhile and significant biographical documentaries from over a century of world filmmaking. Be sure to vote up your favorites and, if your #1 biography documentary doesn't appear on the list at all, add it at the bottom of the page.Some of the films on this list are among the best documentary movies on Netflix instant, so be sure to check if you're interested in seeing them.
Food MattersTrailer: Food Matters is a health documentary that discusses why our food is so important. It discusses why and how food should be our medicine and why pesticides, gmo foods, pharmaceuticals etc… All do not make sense and are not in the true best interest of our population. You will learn about the quality of food and how to differentiate the real health solutions vs. It shows you behind the curtain of the worlds most powerful food companies and why they want to hide from you the information and transparency of what’s in your food. It pulls the curtain back and helps you understand the importance of your food and how you can make the best choices in your personal life. Fat Sick And Nearly DeadTrailer: Fat sick and nearly dead is one of my favorite health films. Joe Cross is an Australian who is overweight, and is 2 cheeseburgers away from a heart attack.
He meets people with health issues around America and as he transforms himself he inspires others to transform themselves and their health as well.
Forks Over KnivesTrailer: Forks over knives quite literally discusses why you should be using your fork more often than your knife.
They talk about the causes of diseases and how the western diet is not nearly as beneficial as diets in the east. Real Dirt On Farmer JohnTrailer: The real dirt on farmer john is more of a story about how a farmer goes from farming using traditional monoculture methods to farming in a more sustainable way using permaculture and horticulture principles. You get walked through his journey and see his struggle but at the end you get to see how his persistence and dedication, and willingness to be weird, odd, artistic and outside of the box help him and help the co-op that he feeds fresh organic produce.
The Sacred ScienceTrailer: The Sacred Science is a documentary I just recently saw that I was really impressed with. They work with Shamans and healers to help heal them of their conditions ranging from Cancer, Diabetes, heart disease and more. In this film they not only help heal these people who are sick on a physical level but on an emotional, physical and spiritual level as well. They have a ayahuasca ceremony as well as use many herbs that I am familiar with and take myself.
It’s important to me because the amazon rainforest is one of the most medicinal reservoirs on this planet and it produces 25% of our oxygen, so understanding the value of it is crucially important to our future health and wellbeing, so we need to preserve it and recognize the value of it. It is deep, riveting, and makes you want to join a health tribe and continue spreading the message. Charlotte is an inspiring woman who has aged very gracefully and is worth listening too in this film.There are many other great health films, such as vegucated, earthlings, supersize me, King Corn and many more.
I just wanted to give credit to and share some of my favorite health documentaries that have inspired me to make better decisions in my health. You will learn something unique from each of these health films so I encourage that you watch all of them and share them with friends.
He believes that if we take care of ourselves and take care of our planet we can enjoy a much more sustainable, healthy and harmonious life.
Reply Elizabeth Weeks 3 years ago a simply awesome collection of collaborations very well done Reply Jeff Ferguson 3 years ago I have seen most of these and they are all worthwhile viewing. It took a bit of time to put together, I appreciate the comment Reply Pamela Devlin 3 years ago You've gotta watch Peaceable Kingdom!

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