And now imagine that it can be built anywhere, by anyone, out of the things society throws away.
A visionary in the classic American mode, Reynolds has been fighting ever since to bring his concept to the public.
Shot over three years in the USA, India and Mexico, Garbage Warrior is a feature-length documentary film telling the epic story of maverick architect Michael Reynolds, his crew of renegade house builders from New Mexico, and their fight to introduce radically different ways of living.
A snapshot of contemporary geopolitics and an inspirational tale of triumph over bureaucracy, Garbage Warrior is above all an intimate portrait of an extraordinary individual and his dream of changing the world. The whole thing looks very much like the typical "green"-back-to-the-roots-of-mother-nature ranting.
Just to note, tigerpred must have done as some of those New Mexico politicians were doing in session [sleeping]. He never suggests this is how the entire world should live, just that we need to study and develop more sustainable ways of living for a better future for everyone. I am not looking to revolutionize architecture or save the planet, I don't have the patience for people like James or the government flunkies this guy had to try and forcefully enlighten. I don't want my place looking like a garbage dump with windows though, not making fun but you have to admit some of those houses looked horrible. It's funny how things that save the planet get so much resistance and then things like Genetic Engineering get the green light. Old tyres and plastics are dangerous as they are decomposing, i wouldnt advise anyone to use them in construction projects. However We are still studying to see how well these homes would withstand A NY winter and solor is not such a great thing in Upstate Ny due to cloudy days interrferring with enough sunlight, We are testing out wind power though and other forms.From an Engineers point of view these have no reason not to do well in warm dry sunny climates. I am so much hoping we can find enough data to support actually build one here in Ny on my property I live on now.
If you have any serious questions or doubts just google him and you will see tons of exciting detatiled info. What any critic should do is read up on what this guy has to offer and then support him in anyway you can. Not really a 'direction' for humanity because it does not address the needs of the indifferent and incompetent masses living in multi-millions of people by the square mile. I probably should of mentioned for the sake of those who are not so familiar with Achictectual and Engineering structures and building sites that : There is more than Just the actual construction of a building. Let that comment eat away at bruise your over inflated ego, You know it will so don't fight it. This is a great example of what an individual can do with a good idea and the courage to see it through. Hat off to Mike for his unselfish act for showing and helping people to attain a sustainable life style.
For instance, the house he built in India could simply be prefabbed in pieces on a controlled site from foam and plastics or other light weight materials, a foundation dug and the whole thing flown and dropped on site in mere hours.
I don't want an 'earth ship' for a house, but I do love the concept of off grid sustainability, thermal masses, solar energy in both heat and electricity, wind power, cistern well, garden and small livestock.
How can we beat down a person so giving, so resiliant,so true to a cause,being our world ,and us in it ,in fifty years he will be a model for a midset narrow minded fifty years ago,The documetary featuring Jaques Fresco ,another documentary that made me so sad ,for the system we live in ,each to their own if it does not hurt or adversely affect people,good positive attitude ,intelligence,fit muscles,and mind,not lazy at all,Like Mike i do not think raging at the system is a good use of energy,,? If you watched the doco JAMES, you'd hopefully understand that its about developing better ways to live with the environment.
His biggest achievement is going against bureaucracy that I can tell you from first hand experience is Don Kihotes fight with windmills.
Well James and Jay, at least this guy is trying something new and actually quite realistic. My thoughts from what you said lend me to share with you that I too have been held up from actually trying out one of these homes on my existing property was due to the Building codes.
I have not seen this Doc before and it shows the darker sides that Micheal has had to face. I am wondering as we speak if their isnt an old existing law that allowed the settlers to build their log cabins and their little stone and morterless shelters our Settler Ancesters first lived in, that might exempt newer codes?
I suppose with the going green all over the world one might get such projects passed as Micheal showed us he did under project of green as a market sample. But the whole "War" the GArbage Warrior is fighting seems not to be the building but the allowance of building. It might take alot of people to continue a battle one battle at a time against the system before we have our rights to freedom of building restored. According to the numbers below, it should be noted that before 1750 we stayed a bit below 500 million for MILLIONS of years. It`s like a snoball rolling down a snow covered mountain, as it rolls it grows bigger and rolls faster till it eventually becomes an avalanche.
OK now regardless of how inaccurate those dates may be below, we should all come together and follow Michaels lead. People everywhere else seem to be exploding with kids, are we really going to wait for government to step in and limit the number of children a person can have, or are people going to wake up? 70% of our big fish have been fished out in the past 50 years, animal suffering is worldwide (my thing is more to stop animal suffering) at the hands of humans.
I just hope we leave some species alive when we wipe ourselves out, I don't see the kinds of change needed in order to save ourselves happening. If that is how you perceive my message, I assume you are not able to grasp the concept of birth colntrol (yes we have 100% effective options).
You'd most likely opt for that rather than abotrion, what gives us the right to spill our species troubles on other species? What makes you think you will be one of 500m, and not one of the 6.5bn extinct ones, if the government is to decide who lives and who doesnt. Your sub divisions will prove to be an example of this, to the world who are also making the same mistake. Well done Michael Reynolds,I would love to do something like your doing except in away to please and serve Krishna and not just for gratification . I have seen Park benches and posts for signs that look as if they are made of recycled or melted plastic .Plastic planks .Could these be made and use to build instead of the timber ? There are so many problems in the world and whilst we defy Krishna Our Karma will create more problems. This documentary is inspirational, not only for Reynolds persona and vision of a more humanistic future; but for all his creative and hand work.
I do hope people be inspired by this documentary, because in history what made our lives change for better are people like Reynolds and friends. Maybe he should do it on the Indian reservations because laws are different there aren't they? Also I just want to mention that out of all the 'environmental' type documentaries I've seen, this is one of the only ones that provides a solution to the average person and if applied on a large scale it can have a global impact. I'm concerned about one issue if I were to embark on the 'off the grid' lifestyle, how would I connect to the internet without paying a company for it?
We're living on a beautiful planet and as a human race we've been here for thousands of years. Greedy organizations have perverted our past legacy for a quick and disregardful fix to our new suggested needs.
Today we're at the threshold that can't be reversed if we don't stop consuming the way we do as a human race.
I would have thought that by now some giant corporation or even better a science student has not manufactured a prototype for the replacement of plastic. Plastic is almost as perfect as you can get, not for the environment, but there is biodegradable plastic. I really agree the points this movie makes, but it is like the movie tries to sabotage itself.
The first problem may never be entirely eliminated, the latter will eventually resolve itself, as our species continues its rapid march to extinction. Funny how the description of this doc said, " that if we do not stop consuming…" Most consume because of as they put it "greedy" corp.
Increase the price of each product by 25 cents to add a value to the plastic container which can be refunded when the plastic is returned for recycling. Waxing and waning in popularity over the decades, the Klan is the proverbial phoenix, rising from the ashes to gain membership and popularity when it seems to be extinguished. This documentary exposes the shocking and little-known story of how the inhabitants of a small tropical island in the Indian Ocean were forcefully deported in order to allow for the United States of America to set up an offshore military base.
In this documentary, naturalist Sir David Attenborough investigates whether the world is heading for a population crisis. In his lengthy career, Sir David has watched the human population more than double from 2.5 billion in 1950 to nearly seven billion. Photographer Chris Jordan discusses his Midway Project; a fine art photography series documenting the tragic phenomenon of the death of the local albatross population due to excessive intake of plastic from the Pacific Garbage Patch. This is a film about discrimination and greed and about what happens when keeping up appearances is no longer necessary. Mubarak, then vice-president, was the only candidate to succeed Anwar al-Sadat after the then Egyptian president was assasinated in 1981. After seeing Vice sneak into North Korea, interview insane African warlords and delve into the most dangerous slums in the world, watching this threesome of children barely able to handle spending a couple weeks on a boat with all you can eat sushi was severely disappointing. There is no doubting this documentary is about an important issue but the presentation is terrible. Too bad this is so poorly presented, and that the guy with the glasses makes it totally impossible to show to the children who will inherit this mess.
Perhaps I’ve been spoiled by Nova, Frontline and PBS in general as to professional editing of a film. If there's anything I've learned over the years as a gamer, it's to approach films and TV shows about games or gaming with extreme caution.
The Raid is a short, 20-minute documentary that sets out to understand not World of Warcraft itself but raiding in the game. Through Ciderhelm, Johnson became acquainted with raiding and how to play a warrior from an endgame perspective, stating, "I was probably the most hardcore tank in Deadmines you could imagine, using all this crazy theorycrafting that, level-wise, was way above what I was doing." From there, it was only a matter of time before Johnson found himself raiding -- and with that, trying to explain to his friends and family what exactly it was that he was doing with all his time. From there, Johnson says, it was a year and a half of organizing and planning before he got the nerve together to create a Kickstarter campaign to fund the film.

The film begins with an artful and dramatized montage of several different players preparing to log into WoW for a raid.
The Raid covers a range of topics like competition, achievement, and community, all of which root into the individual motivations players have to raid. There are only two notable shortcomings I observed in the film, the first of which is that it's actually a little too positive. The other shortcoming is a relatively minor narrative conflict that most raiders won't notice. A leak shows that Verizon refuses to fix copper landlines if you won't upgrade to fiber. Imagine that it needs no expensive technology, that it recycles its own waste, that it has its own power source. Thirty years ago, architect Michael Reynolds imagined just such a home - then set out to build it.
He believes that in an age of ecological instability and impending natural disaster, his buildings can - and will - change the way we live. Reynolds rhetoric of "Global Warming." That's not to say however, that I personally don't think we've had no effect on the planet, whatsoever. He should watch some of the docs on this site and see what the world "owners" would think of him and his pursuit.
To make pizza you need yeast, flour, water, olive oil, and cheese, all items he can grow, or in the case of water, collect.
I own my own farm and the home my parents built here is falling down, my dad knew how to build a home but knew nothing about foundations. There are things that are dealt with as professionals such as Grading and water supply and waste, Lighting and maximum usage of location , direction.
I wonder if that person knows how dangerous the building supplies used in their home right now is ? Basic principles are orientaiting large glass surfaces to the south where in colder part of the year you have solar gain and only small openings towards the south to minimize energy loss- light passes through windows, gets absorbed by internal surfaces and gets radiated from these surfaces in infrared spectrum which does not pass through glass and is trapped inside (greenhouse effect).
It stores solar energy during the day and emits it during the night resulting in a much more stable temperature. The concepts and design principals can be carried over and multiplied in efficiency into modern materials and architecture. The average modern person has turned to the Ficus as the only house-plant they don't kill within a month.
Developments have to start from the ground up and that is what the documentary is all about.
If a building utilizes passive systems for maintaining indoor climate as much as it can it can dramatically reduce energy needed to operate the building. Since when did we need big McMansions with a freezer stocked full of pizza pockets anyways? We would still need farming, but would have to change our entitlement mentality the USA has. One of my best mates is an architect so I think i'll have to collar him and ask him what he thinks about the stability and longevity of a home made from Tyres. For me the film was all about How to get passed beuracracy and that more people need to start staking their claim for their own liberal rights for pursuit of happiness and fight back the control the towns have had on code enforcements. A helpful site for insight and info is the link I posted above in comment 34 thanks to Micheal in comment 31 . With about 2 billion fertile people on the planet, we could give birth to just a single child the next 3 generations And say with twins and what not, that alone would reduce the world population to just 250 million.
It is the allocation and subsequent waste of resources, the current paradigm actually encourages wastefulness. And then in 1750 is when we started increasing mortality rate along with advancing in medecine, prolonging health.
The purpose was to stimulate the economy with a bunch of controversy, with nobody really getting into trouble.
China has it right in regards to reproduction, I don't support China at all but population control, they got it right. You are a great pioneering environmentalist how about sharing and teaching these better ways of doing things with as many people as possible .How did you get on with the wells and water butts ? The old adage fits: You've got to help a bunch of people get what they need in order to get what you want. However, in these buildings, tires are filled with earth and there is no room for water to stay stagnant in them to become home for mosquitos' eggs and larvae. Sure these earthships aren't perfect yet, but it's a lot closer to perfection than your current home in a lot of ways.
Our planet didn't need to be protected; life was flourishing on its own, with its own agenda.
The introduction of the concept that we're living one life and disappear subrogated the spiritual knowledge of the ancient - that we're passing life through ourselves from the past to the future.
Pollution is becoming a devastatingly huge problem that will endanger humanity for generations to come. Capitalism's greedy god and comfortable life have its high price, we as human race should know that a long time ago.
Spending money to support all these "green" inspired items and environmental protection documentaries is pointless.Also it's playing into the hands of your enemy. An area of the Pacific Ocean has become so choked with floating garbage that ice breaker ships are often needed to travel through the area.
I like this site because there are subcategories, making much easier to find programs that are of interest to me.
This could have been done excellent, but quite a few things knocked it down from being decent to watch.
After watching Garbage Island I concluded this was no more than a home movie with three annoying 20-somethings stuck on themselves and unable to present a coherent voiceover narrative in spite of one claiming to be a TV professional.
Be it cinematic game-to-film monstrosities like the Street Fighter movie or sensationalist "documentary" garbage like the fifth estate's Top Gun, there always seems to be a disconnect between the people operating the camera and the subjects they're trying to portray. What raiding is, how it's different than in other single- or multi-player games, and what makes it so compelling are all touched on by the documentary. He admittedly is not much of a gamer but says that a fascination with technology, culture and virtual worlds is what led him to explore MMOs like Second Life, Age of Conan and World of Warcraft. Kickstarter is a website that works with artists to raise community and funding for creative projects through a pledge system. Johnson has incredibly high standards for production quality, which come from having spent the last six years working as a professional actor in stage shows, film and commercials in New York City.
The film is still not finished and the version screened at the premiere apparently had to be shipped overnight from New York to Johnson's hotel to accommodate some last-minute edits. The sequence is pure fan service and likely to win over even the grumpiest trade chat troll with enjoyable caricatures that every raider will recognize. The most heartfelt (or sappy, depending on how you look at it) moment is when one of the players romantically compares the community of a raid team to the fellowship of a village. A good documentary, in order to be objective, needs to present multiple counterpoint arguments so that viewers can see the entire story and then make their own conclusions about the content they're viewing.
Though it doesn't detract much from the film, the excitement from the raiders sometimes seems unwarranted if the audience is not familiar with the story and lore of the boss encounters. The project was inspired by us and developed for us, and even if we're not necessarily the main audience the film was intended for, Johnson's love for the subject matter is very apparent in the film's narrative. I'm sure they would get a good laugh at the fact he spent 35 years of his life and thousands of dollars of his money on this useless quest only for him to die and no one give a f--k about his work or make any progress with it. I dont even mind building with tires, bottles , whatever- I can always plaster over it with stucko and no one would know the difference. Micheal is truly a sincere dedicated man, set to help make the world a better place for all of us. If you live in a hot climate but is cold during night time it makes sense to have an accumulative wall in the south instead of large glass surfaces.
1 the concept of using a hollow brick substitute is nothing new, been done, romans were substituting hollow clay pots for aggregate in the pantheon to render their concrete dome lighter 2000 or so years ago. Long long ago (100-150 years) The entire state of New York was a clear cut sprawl of homesteads. Typically they want organic farming methods much like what was used in the 17-1800s, and that requires a ton of land. Apart from trash for which it is always better to reuse than recycle concerning energy he mostly uses local building material. The way we have built our homes for so long have made it near impossible to just build with our own means. From there we have 4 more generations of a single child birth, followed by 4 generations of 4 children pr couple.
But in `02 I nearly got killed by a speeding drunk driver which left me paralyzed with plenty of free time to look at the situation from a different point of view.
FREE adoption for a few generations should drastically reduce population enough to allow us to focus our efforts more towards science and technology.
Did you filter the water with home made carbon like charcoal and a cloth ?would that work?The whole world needs these answers .Even so called safe tap water has many unsafe ingredients ,I think commercial water filters do too and also the rain .
Mr Reynolds self belief, commitment, and determination won through regardless of the politics and what ifs . When the crew got outside of themselves and went overseas to help others, their protagonists learned of this service and could not be seen as holding back the visionary success. However for the past 100 years we've made a tremendous impact with our footprint due to the growth of world population and the industrialization of our everyday life.
The generation before mine says its up to the generation after mine to fix the environment, only one of the major issues the world is currently facing to ensure our survival. Obviously the film and research are valuable, but is it possible to do it in a sustainable way?
As the human population continues to grow and expend more and more of the Earth’s resources, so too grows Garbage Island. Throughout the series a crew from NOVA strive to discover the forgotten secrets of the long-forgotten engineers and architects.

An important message totally ruined by a very unprofessional production and presentation…liked the Captain though. Then to find out that there is nothing that can be done about it is also a disappointment too. World of Warcraft in particular has received plenty of positive and negative attention, but in recent years, there has been an increasing movement among geeky creatives to try their hand at explaining the game and the phenomenon of its popularity through all sorts of projects.
Some of the topics might seem rudimentary to actual raiders, but that's because the target audience of the film isn't raiders but rather their friends, family, and any other outsiders who struggle to understand what it is that we're doing within the game. Johnson started exploring Azeroth for the first time as a warrior and before he'd even left Elwynn Forest, his curiosity led him online to find information on how to play the game properly. The film was funded through Kickstarter pledges, alongside donations and support from the Tankspot community and the Ventrilo hosting company, Typefrag. He's an entirely self-taught filmmaker, learning almost everything he knows about the craft from reading videography blogs.
Johnson says he is getting close to a final product, though, and the film will be ready for release after a few more tweaks.
I strongly recommend seeing the film just for the opening alone, which speaks strongly of Johnson's understanding of players, and his inside experience with raiding in the game. He captures video of the players during boss encounters on webcams as well as using in-game footage with the UI displayed (so we can see how players see the game) and without it. Very little counterpoint appears in The Raid, yet when I talked to Johnson in our interview, he mentioned some of the topics that could be explored. The footage of Valithria Dreamwalker and the Lich King fights in particular present conflicting image to audio, and I foresee non-raiders wondering why exactly the players are cheering in real life when they're clearly all on the ground dead in the game. As for coffee, coffee beans generally grow in volcanic soil, he has an extensive greenhouse to house his plants, once you have the beans, making coffee from them isn't that hard, even if he grinds them by hand. Don't get me wrong this guy is my hero in many ways, but I wanted to hear more about the heating and cooling systems, water collection systems, sewage treatment systems, and especially the self sustaining green power they said they were able to build directly into the house cheaply. I will need to build something to live in soon and would love to utilize some of these techniques.
If any one knows how I could contact these people or get some more indepth info on these ideas let me know please. I can tell by that comment of yours that your on some superiority trip and as long as were making assumptions here I'm sure all if any of your friends think your a stick up, selfish arrogant prick. In any case a well insulated building is a must if you wish to have small or no energy consumption.
In other places bamboo or other forms would also be found, corn cobs, cord wood, all been, and done successfully, using far less energy in their manufacture as well. The issue is this; for a person to have adequate soil and other materials to be self sustaining they require between 5-15 acres of land, depending on local soil fertility.
Also hydroponics at that level of that quality is expensive and as a solution entirely leaves out the issue of livestock and stock feed. All the points you mentioned can be acheived if ideas are allowed to be tested and researched and then implemented in a modern way. In the meantime while he is still fighting he shows us a map with places here in the states that have no codes or that allow such things. Reynolds should be working for the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of National Defence.
And the threat below has escalated since.How much longer must humanity suffer before we look in the mirror and awaken to the fact of our explosion in population? I think that overpopulation is a threat due to democracy( learn history the way i did and you can see it to, we had wars in the past because of overpopulation), also the control can be achieved in your country simply by medical sterilization after u reach 2-3 children, not like in mine where people are fleeing the country or reach the conclusion that they do not want to bring a child to life in THIS conditions. Economy, profit and capitalization became more important than respecting our planet and an ancient knowledge to advance a new way of life. Civilization is plainly on an irrational course and the situation currently is close to hopeless. It was the human mind (way of thinking) that should be reseted a 100 years ago and than perhaps we should have a little chance. VICE has created a fantastic documentary about the dirtiest island in history – and perhaps humanity’s legacy? I feel like he was making more of a home video for a frat house than any type of show that would end up getting viewed by the public. That doesn't mean actual players won't have a reason to watch the documentary, though; raiders will easily be able to connect with the narrative of the film and the players featured in it.
His film shows expert polish, with lighting, sound, and camera work that go above and beyond what you'd expect from a first-timer.
Overall, he says he's pleased with how the film turned out and excited to see how gamers and non-gamers receive it. It's probably the most enticing part of the film, and should Johnson be able to push The Raid to a feature-length project in the future, it's something I think viewers will want to see more of. It's in the latter form that we see some of the most engaging footage The Raid offers: cinematic, machinima-esque shots of boss battles in rich color that presents WoW in a manner that is probably a hundred times more epic than we ever get to see it. So it's possible that Johnson is keeping a few things up his sleeve for the feature length project he envisions.
I suspect Johnson will clarify these points in the film when he starts to screen the film to more non-raiders and gets feedback on how those sequences are interpreted. Water can be heated by a solar heater which is very basic technology - water passes through black tubes covered by glass orientated towards the sun and gets heated.
Power tools left and right crew o dudes, so his house have only a slightly lower expenditure of energy used in their construction. Just because our culture has evolved to the point that people find coffee and pizza and three and a half baths a necessity doesn't mean it was evolution in the right direction. So instead of imagining a world of robots and depopulation what about a world where things find a natural balance, through careful and considered access to natural resources. Now the onsite preparation may take a bit more surveillance, but the results would be like building on site.
Here u can see 3D,HD, however you want to call it all the documentary`s shown on this site. The topic that they are covering is a HUGE issue in todays World (Sadly enough) and could have been taken just a bit more professional. Johnson attributes the quality of his work to the advances in camera technology but also his own eagerness to portray gamers in a good light.
We obviously can't transform entire cities, but that doesn't mean we can't take steps and utilize certain techniques to help make the world a bit better.
And garbage for a house really, plastic bottles are and this is where it gets funny, photo-degrading, meaning they break more quickly in sunlight, and hey everyone remember bisphenol A, that plastic they use in water bottles that breaks down and disrupts the endocrine , heat and sunlight both prime factors in degradation, and sum o u foos wanna live in house made out of em. I am going to go out on a limb and say that the eco friendly people are not for a regression of slash and burn homesteading on a global scale.
If anything the documentary just illustrates the how america and indeed many western countries have taken away your freedom of invention and problem solving to develop solutions to foreseeable problems.
People around the world in even mostly developed countries live much more modestly than we, and they're doing just fine.
I don`t want to argue, cause once we see what`s really going on, we can resolve the matter better than we could possibly imagine. There are many ways of having fun and presenting something well, while having a serious undertone about the topic that you are covering.
It is also possible to use this system for low temperature heating most commonly utilized as floor heating. Even if the buildings in the documentary aren't perfect, at least they are something new and innovative, something sustainable and changeable. I do recommend this video though to prove we don't all have to be sheeple as a taxpaying entity the gov't wants us to be.
Yes we have some of the same issues here, bureaucrats and politicians and hoops, but we do not have a Michael Reynolds. So all I`m asking is that you please just hear me out, and if I`m wrong, so be it, but I think it might come to a surprise.
I`m betting several could be built every week to start setting up the American people to lead us into the next revolution. We'll also lose the ability our future generations to enjoy the quality of life that we were fortunate enough to have. Electricity from solar and wind stored in batteries though if it is possible I would choose to put power provided by panels in to the grid as it minimizes the investment cost + when there is access energy you earn money and when there is not enough sunlight you can take energy from the grid. Or tires that just loverly, everyone remember that old bit on simpsons the springfield tire fire. Despite the global warming argument, we are in a fuel crisis, as well as an economic crisis, and that requires us to change the way we live our lives day to day. Developing and protecting two of our most important resources, soil and water, would be paramount in such a world. And some u and this fool again wanna live and cook and breath in a house made o concrete n tires. Here is an idea, which has worked for many people in the documentary, and even people outside of it (Read up on cob housing! This darwin award winning town u fantasize about were the firemen all u know not existin, cuz it'd be suicide to try put out a fire in a town made out of tires n rocks,n solar panels in the dessert.
The real problem with North America is its so static, resistant to change and new creative ideas, as soon as you try to warm people up to something new and earth-friendly you get slapped with the hippie stick, which is apparently a bad thing in the USA. God forbid anybody try to save a little money, a little earth, and get a little dirty in the process. It sickens me how negative you two are, especially when you both refuse to watch the damned documentary. I bet you'll waste even more money and time in 35 years on this earth on things that mean even less to humanity anyways.

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