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And now imagine that it can be built anywhere, by anyone, out of the things society throws away.
A visionary in the classic American mode, Reynolds has been fighting ever since to bring his concept to the public. Shot over three years in the USA, India and Mexico, Garbage Warrior is a feature-length documentary film telling the epic story of maverick architect Michael Reynolds, his crew of renegade house builders from New Mexico, and their fight to introduce radically different ways of living. A snapshot of contemporary geopolitics and an inspirational tale of triumph over bureaucracy, Garbage Warrior is above all an intimate portrait of an extraordinary individual and his dream of changing the world. The whole thing looks very much like the typical "green"-back-to-the-roots-of-mother-nature ranting. Just to note, tigerpred must have done as some of those New Mexico politicians were doing in session [sleeping]. He never suggests this is how the entire world should live, just that we need to study and develop more sustainable ways of living for a better future for everyone.
I am not looking to revolutionize architecture or save the planet, I don't have the patience for people like James or the government flunkies this guy had to try and forcefully enlighten. I don't want my place looking like a garbage dump with windows though, not making fun but you have to admit some of those houses looked horrible.
It's funny how things that save the planet get so much resistance and then things like Genetic Engineering get the green light. Old tyres and plastics are dangerous as they are decomposing, i wouldnt advise anyone to use them in construction projects.
However We are still studying to see how well these homes would withstand A NY winter and solor is not such a great thing in Upstate Ny due to cloudy days interrferring with enough sunlight, We are testing out wind power though and other forms.From an Engineers point of view these have no reason not to do well in warm dry sunny climates. I am so much hoping we can find enough data to support actually build one here in Ny on my property I live on now. If you have any serious questions or doubts just google him and you will see tons of exciting detatiled info.
What any critic should do is read up on what this guy has to offer and then support him in anyway you can.
Not really a 'direction' for humanity because it does not address the needs of the indifferent and incompetent masses living in multi-millions of people by the square mile. I probably should of mentioned for the sake of those who are not so familiar with Achictectual and Engineering structures and building sites that : There is more than Just the actual construction of a building. Let that comment eat away at bruise your over inflated ego, You know it will so don't fight it. This is a great example of what an individual can do with a good idea and the courage to see it through. Hat off to Mike for his unselfish act for showing and helping people to attain a sustainable life style. For instance, the house he built in India could simply be prefabbed in pieces on a controlled site from foam and plastics or other light weight materials, a foundation dug and the whole thing flown and dropped on site in mere hours. I don't want an 'earth ship' for a house, but I do love the concept of off grid sustainability, thermal masses, solar energy in both heat and electricity, wind power, cistern well, garden and small livestock.
How can we beat down a person so giving, so resiliant,so true to a cause,being our world ,and us in it ,in fifty years he will be a model for a midset narrow minded fifty years ago,The documetary featuring Jaques Fresco ,another documentary that made me so sad ,for the system we live in ,each to their own if it does not hurt or adversely affect people,good positive attitude ,intelligence,fit muscles,and mind,not lazy at all,Like Mike i do not think raging at the system is a good use of energy,,? If you watched the doco JAMES, you'd hopefully understand that its about developing better ways to live with the environment. His biggest achievement is going against bureaucracy that I can tell you from first hand experience is Don Kihotes fight with windmills. Well James and Jay, at least this guy is trying something new and actually quite realistic.
My thoughts from what you said lend me to share with you that I too have been held up from actually trying out one of these homes on my existing property was due to the Building codes. I have not seen this Doc before and it shows the darker sides that Micheal has had to face. I am wondering as we speak if their isnt an old existing law that allowed the settlers to build their log cabins and their little stone and morterless shelters our Settler Ancesters first lived in, that might exempt newer codes? I suppose with the going green all over the world one might get such projects passed as Micheal showed us he did under project of green as a market sample.
But the whole "War" the GArbage Warrior is fighting seems not to be the building but the allowance of building. It might take alot of people to continue a battle one battle at a time against the system before we have our rights to freedom of building restored. According to the numbers below, it should be noted that before 1750 we stayed a bit below 500 million for MILLIONS of years.
It`s like a snoball rolling down a snow covered mountain, as it rolls it grows bigger and rolls faster till it eventually becomes an avalanche. OK now regardless of how inaccurate those dates may be below, we should all come together and follow Michaels lead. People everywhere else seem to be exploding with kids, are we really going to wait for government to step in and limit the number of children a person can have, or are people going to wake up? 70% of our big fish have been fished out in the past 50 years, animal suffering is worldwide (my thing is more to stop animal suffering) at the hands of humans. I just hope we leave some species alive when we wipe ourselves out, I don't see the kinds of change needed in order to save ourselves happening.
If that is how you perceive my message, I assume you are not able to grasp the concept of birth colntrol (yes we have 100% effective options). You'd most likely opt for that rather than abotrion, what gives us the right to spill our species troubles on other species? What makes you think you will be one of 500m, and not one of the 6.5bn extinct ones, if the government is to decide who lives and who doesnt.
Your sub divisions will prove to be an example of this, to the world who are also making the same mistake. Well done Michael Reynolds,I would love to do something like your doing except in away to please and serve Krishna and not just for gratification . I have seen Park benches and posts for signs that look as if they are made of recycled or melted plastic .Plastic planks .Could these be made and use to build instead of the timber ?
There are so many problems in the world and whilst we defy Krishna Our Karma will create more problems.
This documentary is inspirational, not only for Reynolds persona and vision of a more humanistic future; but for all his creative and hand work. I do hope people be inspired by this documentary, because in history what made our lives change for better are people like Reynolds and friends.
Maybe he should do it on the Indian reservations because laws are different there aren't they? Also I just want to mention that out of all the 'environmental' type documentaries I've seen, this is one of the only ones that provides a solution to the average person and if applied on a large scale it can have a global impact. I'm concerned about one issue if I were to embark on the 'off the grid' lifestyle, how would I connect to the internet without paying a company for it? In Idaho, Louis meets military enthusiasts and right-wing patriots who are preparing for a global catastrophe, including trips to survivalists' store Safetrek and a mountain refuge for conspiracy theorists called Almost Heaven.
The fact that several self-proclaimed survivalists were also hippies and environmentalists is a recurring theme. Louis spends time with groups of (mostly) politically extreme people in the North West of America. These people are a little bit paranoic, although there is sometimes reason to suspect the decisons in the world elit (west first off all) are being pre-determened.
Not havin driving licence and telling that while being film is a proof enough to loose the licence, isn't it?! I believe in freedom of association, but I abhor hatred of others because of their color, religion, or ethnic background. A "City of Refuge", a place of protection from the onslaught of warring factions is espoused in doomsday scenarios.
I saw my past in this document and except for the Aryan Nation, I could have been in Almost Heaven.
That's one way of looking at it, but after researching the multiple end time scenarios that happened prior to 1978, it dawned upon me that the probability of these "hunches" by so called religious scholars was bunk. Another great example of the documentary technique of showing the extreme side of a political movement or ideology.
I understand what you are saying and I get where SOME of these guys are coming from but you have to admit it is a little over paranoid. Partaking of even the most extreme views to explain the paradigm in which we live, is educational, at the very least.
It takes away some of the credibility of the those who made this film; which is nothing new. Gotta amend my commend just a bit:) Watched the rest, and have to say how very impressed i am.
Is freedom more than the choice to live as you choose, in a place of your choosing, surrounded by like-minded people of your choosing? While it is true that the elite have an agenda that they are pushing, namely to stay in power by controlling what the average Joe thinks, does, and believes. Problem is people don't think for themselves any more.The problem is that children get bullied if they don't have certain things which puts the less well off parents under a lot of pressure to 'keep up with the Jones').
I've watched a few of Louis Theroux's documentaries now, this one is the best in my opinion. Aside from the Aryan Nation guys, all the survivalist people in this film generally seemed like kind, well-meaning people. However, I do not agree with their view of a cabal of puppet masters and a single NWO agenda that is plotting to kill or enslave their families, etc.
Nancy, the 16th amendment specifically grants Congress the right to lay and collect taxes from American citizens.
Furthermore, the word "income" as defined by the United States as GAINS (profit) which can only be attributed to a business and not an individual trading for services and labor. Additionally, the Federal Income Tax Code clearly states that it is "voluntary compliance" to pay the Federal Income Tax, yet when asked about this phrase, the IRS states while it is voluntary, they have the right to arrest you for not paying. Epicrus argument on happiness was to live a life where you were not dependant on others (i.e. The 'radical nut' hippie, Mike, had the right idea on what constitutes happiness in this life.
As i undrstand it (i'm not in US),the contribution via taxes was(and is)a voluntary action.
Hambone Littletail is a cointelpro troll who should be the first one to go "poof." Why don't you scrifice one of your children first you Georgia guidestone unAmerican piece of trash! Hambone Littletail is a cointelpro troll who should be the first one to go "poof." Why don't you sacrifice one of your children first you Georgia guidestone unAmerican piece of trash! A film based on current conditions in Chernobyl and Pripyat, where the Soviet Government tried to cover up a catastrophic nuclear accident - something the world had never seen before. Reactor 4 at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant had exploded releasing lethal amounts of radiation into the atmosphere. To this day many of the switches in the control room remain untouched, still in the same position they were the morning of the accident. As the reactor core was exposed, a plume of highly radioactive smoke continued to rise into the skies. Nuclear fallout from the explosion was initially spread hundreds of miles carried by the wind and clouds. The composer as the inane mental tangents of an opium addicted tropical fish, warm, watery, and nearly motionless.
I know what you mean, I felt like the whole thing was leading up to the real music to come. I was about to argue (in fact I wrote a comment and I deleted it), but you're completely right. As far as i understand it, the melted core materials formed solidified lava in the lower levels of the structure which would still give you a fatal dose many times over in a fraction of a second were you to somehow get within 10 meters or so. However, as long as he ingests nothing from the environment, all the guide has to do at the end of the day is take a shower and change clothes and he's clean. It starts off well and it ends quite well, but everything in between just misses the mark, in my opinion. This was nothing to write home about, just footage of how Chernobyl looked as of last year, like a set from "Life After People". The filmaker walks around holding a mini radiation metre up to everything to get a reading, that's pretty much all that was talked about. This didn't surprise me because I once watched a doc about how the locals (yes, locals) are paid for giving illegal tours of the site.
The filmaker only interviewed one older man named Ivan, who had returned to live on his farm. There are some disturbing photos of deformaties from radiation contamination at the very beginning.
Another thing, of course the Soviet Union and the rest of the world was lied to about the gravity of the situation; do you remember years ago, when the President of the Soviet Union was trotted out once in a while in front of the tv cameras, and he didn't say a word and appeared to be DEAD?
Sure would be a good documentary if someone could find out more about the 23 firefighters that prevented the fires from causing a bigger explosion, and the hard ships they faced in the days following their sacrafice.
Despite the tragedy that happened to all those people and to the earth, Tchernobyl now looks like a photographer playground. I only relate this to you as many people have unjustified prejudice about the effects of radiation, mainly as a result of sensationalist media, and I mean pictures of 2 headed snakes and deformed babies which over the years have been proven false. There is no evident correlation with any increases in prevalence of any known radio induced cancer or other diseases displayed by people in Cornwall, or people like pilots and cabin crew who spend a lot of time at 37,000 feet. If radiation is as dangerous and unnatural as the anti atom folks claim then there could be no life on this planet, as radiation is beaming through everything everywhere (even in the vacuum of intergalactic space) at an incredible rate. The thing to remember is radiation from nuclear reactions is what keeps our planet warm at the core, and what provides the energy for our forms to hold entropy momentarily at bay. Wow Amazing I had to read twice to just comprehend what you said and I still feel lost lol I dont feel very smart right now . Oddly beautiful, quietly powerful, recent autumnal, observation of nuclear facilities in Chernobyl, Ukraine, evacuated since 1986, still highly radioactive.
For many years, scientists have recorded record high temperatures in the region, and spelled out the very real threats of the resulting glacial melting.
Does the human race have the power to affect change in Antarctica and, in turn, save the rest of the world from assured environmental catastrophe? The Antarctica Challenge is an enlightening lesson in the ongoing global warming conversation.
Also known as the torture doctor, Holmes designed his own building, complete with torture chambers, where he rented rooms to unsuspecting victims visiting the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago. Threaded with on-location footage from Holmes' past haunts, such as his childhood home in New Hampshire and the Philadelphia courtroom where his trial was held. Although the facts in this case were indeed presented correctly, I feel that the movie had to have been made some time ago as it most resembles documentaries dated in the 1970's.
Whether the Cherryvale murders were exploited in the "Texas Chainsaw Murders" or "Last House on the Left" movies, there have been many cinamatic efforts to portray maniacal families. A thinly veiled imitation of the Benders was used in an episode on "The Big Valley".(ME TV) Nick neatly got the "hammer from behind the curtain", and fell in love with "the girl". Those bitches are dumb why do they care if there great grandfather or whatever he is got murdered im sorry but he wasnt a good person live by the sword die by the sword.. Since the onset of the AIDS pandemic in 1981, medical researchers from all over the world have been searching for a means to prevent and cure the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). The filmmakers speak with several activists and medical researchers beginning with Damon L. The importance of education and open dialogue are common themes throughout Stopping HIV: The Truvada Revolution, which emphasizes the negative impact of judgmental attitudes towards sex as well as disparities in health care based on race and financial status.

You can get all kinds of other STD's from multiple sex partners of course, and none of them are fun either. Would have been nice to seem som evidence that HIV causes AIDS and preferably included in the evidence the correlation to the lifestyles of the patients. Well, clearly the relationship between HIV and AIDS is one open to debate and investigation. Why would anyone think that no disease would use sexual activity as a route of transmission? Pretty sure he is not serious or delusional, first it was NASA can't send rockets in space on the Pluto documentary, now this, next he will say the moon doesn't exist on a moon doc or propose that the earth really is flat. Besides we're only talking about protection only against HIV; that is if the drug even works. Looking at Freddie Mercury's last video, it's hard to tell the different between death by AIDS and AZT poisoning!
Historical observational documentary series following a team who live the life of Victorian farmers for a year.
The project is based on the Acton Scott estate in Shropshire - a world frozen in time, lost in Victorian rural England. Working for a full calendar year, Ruth, Alex and Peter are rediscovering a lost world of skills, crafts and knowledge, assisted by an ever-dwindling band of experts who keep Victorian rural practices alive.
The team move into a Victorian smallholding on the Acton Scott estate that has not been used in nearly half a century. I think people who find it boring and unexciting are a sad testimony to what our society produces.
I gotta go my microwave popcorn is burning and we are about to watch the DIE HARD HD blueray full series in super quadrophonic blariopera sound.
Excellent recontruction of Victorian life - it must have taken a lot of effort to get all the origial tools, accomodation, equipment to keep the authenticity. Wouldnt it be terrible if, at the 'wrap' party, someone accidentlly threw a cigarette butt into the barn - and everything went up in smoke - ??!! OMG it reminds me so much of my parents winery and I have to go there next week :) Shoot me where I stand!
After all it delivers exactly what it promised: Insight into the english farmer's life in the victorian era with all its revolutionary progress in mechanics and industry.
If you want boring drama,eco-vegan nonsense or insight in stranger's personal lives then this is not for you.
I recommend this for people wanting to learn some history, this isn't about modern lifestyles and hippy fantasies. The reason for that, is because Victorian Farm came "first" (well okay Tales from the Green Valley is first) so they don't "quite" know each other as well as they did then. Quite enjoyable, though my favourite is still the first - 'Tales from The Green Valey' - I do have concerns about the accuracy and the historical knowledge of the so-called historians that participate. Lovely, but twenty minutes of that histrionic, supercilious woman eventually ruined it for me. GGGaaaddsss these used to be free and were a great source of docents, reenactments, and demonstrators. Upon checking its content we decided to add it to The Educational Documentary Websites we have been compiling here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. You can for instance use the " Documentary List "  tab to view a catalogue of all the documentaries they have published there so far. Imagine that it needs no expensive technology, that it recycles its own waste, that it has its own power source.
Thirty years ago, architect Michael Reynolds imagined just such a home - then set out to build it. He believes that in an age of ecological instability and impending natural disaster, his buildings can - and will - change the way we live. Reynolds rhetoric of "Global Warming." That's not to say however, that I personally don't think we've had no effect on the planet, whatsoever.
He should watch some of the docs on this site and see what the world "owners" would think of him and his pursuit. To make pizza you need yeast, flour, water, olive oil, and cheese, all items he can grow, or in the case of water, collect.
I own my own farm and the home my parents built here is falling down, my dad knew how to build a home but knew nothing about foundations. There are things that are dealt with as professionals such as Grading and water supply and waste, Lighting and maximum usage of location , direction. I wonder if that person knows how dangerous the building supplies used in their home right now is ? Basic principles are orientaiting large glass surfaces to the south where in colder part of the year you have solar gain and only small openings towards the south to minimize energy loss- light passes through windows, gets absorbed by internal surfaces and gets radiated from these surfaces in infrared spectrum which does not pass through glass and is trapped inside (greenhouse effect). It stores solar energy during the day and emits it during the night resulting in a much more stable temperature. The concepts and design principals can be carried over and multiplied in efficiency into modern materials and architecture. The average modern person has turned to the Ficus as the only house-plant they don't kill within a month. Developments have to start from the ground up and that is what the documentary is all about.
If a building utilizes passive systems for maintaining indoor climate as much as it can it can dramatically reduce energy needed to operate the building.
Since when did we need big McMansions with a freezer stocked full of pizza pockets anyways? We would still need farming, but would have to change our entitlement mentality the USA has. One of my best mates is an architect so I think i'll have to collar him and ask him what he thinks about the stability and longevity of a home made from Tyres.
For me the film was all about How to get passed beuracracy and that more people need to start staking their claim for their own liberal rights for pursuit of happiness and fight back the control the towns have had on code enforcements.
A helpful site for insight and info is the link I posted above in comment 34 thanks to Micheal in comment 31 .
With about 2 billion fertile people on the planet, we could give birth to just a single child the next 3 generations And say with twins and what not, that alone would reduce the world population to just 250 million.
It is the allocation and subsequent waste of resources, the current paradigm actually encourages wastefulness. And then in 1750 is when we started increasing mortality rate along with advancing in medecine, prolonging health. The purpose was to stimulate the economy with a bunch of controversy, with nobody really getting into trouble. China has it right in regards to reproduction, I don't support China at all but population control, they got it right. You are a great pioneering environmentalist how about sharing and teaching these better ways of doing things with as many people as possible .How did you get on with the wells and water butts ?
The old adage fits: You've got to help a bunch of people get what they need in order to get what you want. However, in these buildings, tires are filled with earth and there is no room for water to stay stagnant in them to become home for mosquitos' eggs and larvae. Sure these earthships aren't perfect yet, but it's a lot closer to perfection than your current home in a lot of ways.
The focus is on families and groups (or a horrific neo-nazi church in one part) which believe in and prepare for a 'New World Order' - a very interesting and funny documentary. Or, as another assomption, these guys just don't want o accept that thetechnology is making the world connected. I just wish there was somewhere like that here where you could just opt out if you wanted too. I am fortunate that I took the failure of prophetic fulfillment as an indication of false teaching.
He has such compassion for humanity whilst being unafraid to shine a light on its many idiosyncrasies (including those that may be deemed dangerous or immoral). Cannot say that i can relate to a global culling of population, as who would be left to wait, hand and foot, on the global elite? If there is any freedom in those things, then that man is freer than most of the population on this planet.
That being said the answer is not to segregate ourselves from society or to arm and train ourselves for some war.
I'm British and 44 and see a whole new generation being bought up and you're right,it's all about money and lifestyle that makes you a 'success'.
We need to bring children up with a set of new morals and other ways of being successful without money.
He's compassionate, funny, instantly likeable and really gets to know the people he talks to. Their hearts are more or less in the right place, but they've been listening to their own rhetoric for too long and they've let their fears and suspicions get the better of them. This properly enacted amendment overturned the ruling that you had noted, which had only concerned the WAY in which Congress could tax, not whether it was allowed to. And in exchange, he just made a pledge to defend his community if it was attacked, which seems sensible. Half the people he interacts with don't realise how clever he is, or aren't sure if he's serious. In the control room, Leonid Toptunov, a young but senior technician, begun an experiment which led to an extremely unstable reactor configuration.
Chernobyl, located 82 miles North of the Ukrainian's capital city Kiev, was once a small town located in the far west of the Soviet Union. It also gives a good explanation of radiation and how relative - but real - its dangers are. You could walk through most places for hours quite safely, but if you stayed in a relative hotspot for too long your dose of radiation would be approaching significant levels, the hotter the quicker. I tried to make it work for him, I really did, but at best I think he had the right idea, but the wrong notes. Found a small bit of info, but i suppose everyone involved and who would have heard their accounts before they died would also have died. Me,I'd prefer the 2hr deep,technical movie,but there's plenty of those out there and on this site on a vast amount of topics.
In that case I'd advise never going to Cornwall in the UK as there is roughly 8x average background radiation there due to radon gas seeping out of granite.
Bitterly cold and long considered uninhabitable, the region is also ground zero for an environmental crisis which only amplifies with the passage of time. Rising sea levels could spell doom for most of the planet’s coastal cities, setting off a string of events which may likely decimate infrastructure, produce ever increasing human casualties, and inspire greater occurrences of severe weather conditions such as tsunamis and hurricanes. Penguins have been forced to seek out higher ground, and the warmer water temperatures are killing off their main food source of krill.
The film points to the Montreal Protocol as a prime example of man’s capacity to promote a reversal of these conditions. While the situation is dire, and the results of inaction are perilous, the film leaves us with an inspirational message that each of us can play a role in charting the survival of our planet. Instead of reenactments, it's mostly cheesy voice-overs and repetitive stock footage of cobblestone streets, courtrooms, etc. This is a documentary called "murder hotel." The one in the picture isn't online free anymore, you can pay for it on youtube.
This VICE documentary introduces viewers to Truvada, a medication that may be the first effective tool beyond condoms in preventing the spread of HIV.
Howard Grossman, the former director of the American Academy of HIV Medication who has been in the field since the dawn of the pandemic.
Representatives from New York's AIDS Healthcare Foundation and Harlem United are just a few of the interview subjects that help shed light on the current state of HIV treatment in the United States in this frank and honest short film. It would have been great to have heard some solid evidence and science on how a drug can inhibit HIV from growing in the bloodstream, but unfortunately we don't learn anything. So far all the evidence I have ever seen were the numbers from the CDC, published by someone who thinks that AIDS is not caused by HIV.
However, this documentary was not even talking about that- it was stating that this drug (really two generic drugs I assume in one patented pill) will stop an HIV infection.
In my line of work I have to get tested for it fairly regularly and if I test antigen positive I will get barred from that job.
One country I know will, in general, grant you a visa to work if you have 'passed' the Hep B virus (are no longer infectious), but not if you had syphilis say when you were 17 and had gotten it cured decades ago. Seems the rich will get first pick at just about anything and that the doctors in this doc serving them are raking in a bundle. The fact is, I don't consider myself a prude or a moralist but if you're talking about casual sex with multiple partners as a lifestyle, can you tell what's so great about that? People start to go for looks, aesthetics, youth, and become callous or indifferent toward the inner soul of a person.
Wearing period clothes and using only the materials that would have been available in 1885, historian Ruth Goodman and archaeologists Alex Langlands and Peter Ginn are going back in time to relive the day-to-day life of the Victorian farmer.
Its buildings and grounds are cluttered with antique tools and machinery collected by the Acton family, who have lived on the estate since the 12th century. Ruth explores the challenges of Victorian cooking by making preserves ready for winter and cooks her first meal on the range.
Sometimes there isn't a flash and a bang, there's only the quiet thud of work horses trodding along the Brittish country side. Was hoping it would be like the one they had in the US on pbs where there were more interpersonal problems. The vibe is drastically toned down and seemes quite like they are only just acquaintances, whereas in The Edwardian film they seem much like close friends and comrades. There's talk of producing another series along the same lines, but since Alex Langlands is now a member of Time Team, not sure if that's going to happen any time soon.
I draw to your attention the episode where Ruth has a tin bath - *in her bedroom* - given that betrays a very modern attitude to privacy and that every single person I have asked about this - most of them who have little or no interest in the past - 'where would you take a tin bath in the 'old days' - the answer - as was mine - 'in front of the fire in the kitchen - the warmest room in the house' - *and* you don't have to carry jug after jug of hot water up the stairs, either! I'm sure they would get a good laugh at the fact he spent 35 years of his life and thousands of dollars of his money on this useless quest only for him to die and no one give a f--k about his work or make any progress with it. I dont even mind building with tires, bottles , whatever- I can always plaster over it with stucko and no one would know the difference. Micheal is truly a sincere dedicated man, set to help make the world a better place for all of us.
If you live in a hot climate but is cold during night time it makes sense to have an accumulative wall in the south instead of large glass surfaces.
1 the concept of using a hollow brick substitute is nothing new, been done, romans were substituting hollow clay pots for aggregate in the pantheon to render their concrete dome lighter 2000 or so years ago. Long long ago (100-150 years) The entire state of New York was a clear cut sprawl of homesteads. Typically they want organic farming methods much like what was used in the 17-1800s, and that requires a ton of land.
Apart from trash for which it is always better to reuse than recycle concerning energy he mostly uses local building material. The way we have built our homes for so long have made it near impossible to just build with our own means. From there we have 4 more generations of a single child birth, followed by 4 generations of 4 children pr couple.
But in `02 I nearly got killed by a speeding drunk driver which left me paralyzed with plenty of free time to look at the situation from a different point of view. FREE adoption for a few generations should drastically reduce population enough to allow us to focus our efforts more towards science and technology.
Did you filter the water with home made carbon like charcoal and a cloth ?would that work?The whole world needs these answers .Even so called safe tap water has many unsafe ingredients ,I think commercial water filters do too and also the rain . Mr Reynolds self belief, commitment, and determination won through regardless of the politics and what ifs .

When the crew got outside of themselves and went overseas to help others, their protagonists learned of this service and could not be seen as holding back the visionary success. In 1978, Hal Lindsey prophesied in his book "The Late Great Planet Earth", that armageddon would begin.
If Europeans want to risk totalitarian government without the ability to resist that's fine but don't mock those that value freedom enough to be willing to die for it. While it is content-light, and does marginalize to an extent, it also humanizes most of the individuals represented.
They spend every last hour and dime accumulating military surplus trinkets and fortifying their homes for an absolute worst-case scenario that is a long shot at best. Sorry, but you are still legally obliged to pay your taxes, and unless the NWO consisted of 42 out of the 48 then-existing states' legislative bodies, you might be a bit paranoid. He conveys everything unsaid with a quick cheeky look to camera or fleeting dumbfounded expression on his face.
However nearly 1000 miles from Chernobyl, Sweden was the first country to detect that something disastrous had happened. The scenery is going to change now that they will build a new sarcophagus over the old and decaying one. Oh, and don't ride on a civilian aircraft, at 37,000 feet the radiation from space becomes 35-40 times the ground level average. Don't get me wrong, The Chernobyl disaster remains the worst accident in human history, It brings me much sadness to think about those firemen who initiated the regaining of control over the situation, and indeed everyone globally who has ever been effected in any way since. Almost all of them come from the sun, the next biggest lot from space, a few more from the earth and lastly the artificially created kind. With the help of assorted geophysicists, scientists and ornithologists, the documentary The Antarctica Challenge attempts to piece together the mountains of evidence which suggest that warming temperatures and rising sea levels have not only changed the face of the icy continent, but threaten life and land all across the world. Enhanced exposure to sun’s ultraviolet rays is blinding the area’s seal population, starfish are unable to reproduce, and even the common fly is in danger of extinction.
Enacted in 1987 as a coordinated effort amongst most of the international community, the agreement called for a vast reduction of the substances which cause ozone layer depletion. That true story reads like a Hollywood movie, and I can't believe nobody has actually done one single movie or doc about it. The PrEP approach to prevention involves HIV-negative individuals taking anti-HIV medications in an effort to reduce their risk of contraction should they come into contact with the virus. The audience is walked through the PrEP exam, which involves a mouth swab and blood work to test kidney function and for STIs. I understand how irrational and bigoted that is but there is nothing I can do about such regulations other than work in other countries that don't have them. That antigen lasts for life and that particular country will ban on the fact that you had gotten it even once in your life. Whatever one's orientation, it seems very unhealthy to me on many levels; psychological, spiritual, and physical. As incoming tenants, they help thresh the previous summer's wheat crop, their first experience of steam-powered machinery.
And the team must learn shepherding skills the hard way as the first livestock arrive on the farm - a flock of Shropshire ewes. Wacky reality shows are akin to a modern day coliseum show - I guess sometimes I need drama. I think that this series was very professional and much more entertaining than cut throat reality where everyone treats one another like garbage.
As for coffee, coffee beans generally grow in volcanic soil, he has an extensive greenhouse to house his plants, once you have the beans, making coffee from them isn't that hard, even if he grinds them by hand. Don't get me wrong this guy is my hero in many ways, but I wanted to hear more about the heating and cooling systems, water collection systems, sewage treatment systems, and especially the self sustaining green power they said they were able to build directly into the house cheaply. I will need to build something to live in soon and would love to utilize some of these techniques. If any one knows how I could contact these people or get some more indepth info on these ideas let me know please.
I can tell by that comment of yours that your on some superiority trip and as long as were making assumptions here I'm sure all if any of your friends think your a stick up, selfish arrogant prick. In any case a well insulated building is a must if you wish to have small or no energy consumption.
In other places bamboo or other forms would also be found, corn cobs, cord wood, all been, and done successfully, using far less energy in their manufacture as well. The issue is this; for a person to have adequate soil and other materials to be self sustaining they require between 5-15 acres of land, depending on local soil fertility. Also hydroponics at that level of that quality is expensive and as a solution entirely leaves out the issue of livestock and stock feed.
All the points you mentioned can be acheived if ideas are allowed to be tested and researched and then implemented in a modern way.
In the meantime while he is still fighting he shows us a map with places here in the states that have no codes or that allow such things. Reynolds should be working for the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of National Defence. And the threat below has escalated since.How much longer must humanity suffer before we look in the mirror and awaken to the fact of our explosion in population?
I think that overpopulation is a threat due to democracy( learn history the way i did and you can see it to, we had wars in the past because of overpopulation), also the control can be achieved in your country simply by medical sterilization after u reach 2-3 children, not like in mine where people are fleeing the country or reach the conclusion that they do not want to bring a child to life in THIS conditions.
The bar codes used in the economic system was an indicator that the "Mark of the Beast" was at hand.
Still cannot get over the IRS raiding the bank account of a child, for 12 damn bucks no less..
Petty treatment of the majority of the population the world over would tend to make those in power a little nervous. We still have the power to exact change in this country with out the need for violence or extreme propaganda. Even if their worst fears do come to pass, you cannot prepare for every possible eventuality. While I believe the despicable, evil (and very REAL) New World Order should be the first ones to "go poof," for all their faults, the view that we need to reduce this planet's population is one that I (and a growing number of deep ecologists who have NOTHING to do with the NWO) share.
When guys start "orchestrating" a bunch of new age chordal "ohs" and "ahs" over a sinister pedal point, with not much else, the words that always immediately come to my mind are: He's being lazy. I am not saying that the radiation released did not cause a great many cancers, birth defects, etc. Obviously if you generate a lot in a small space that space will become very dangerous, or if the time spent in a moderate field is long, like acquiring sunburn for instance. Leading PrEP drug Truvada combines two existing medications - Tenofovir and Emtricitabine - ordinarily used to treat those already infected. Grossman also keeps tabs on potential Truvada side effects such as loss of bone density, decrease in kidney function, and gastrointestinal upset. I believe those numbers, so either HIV needs a destructive lifestyle to cause AIDS or maybe the lifestyle and HIV can both cause AIDS or HIV can not cause AIDS.
So I'm in a position, if I want to continue the work I do, where I cannot even have protected sex with condoms with the girl next door without at least some anxiety about STD's. I realize promiscuity is not the topic here, but you have brought it up intentionally or not. It did perk up when the guy talked about livestock that was suicidal lol If I can't have babymomma drama I guess a quirky character could be entertaining instead. Water can be heated by a solar heater which is very basic technology - water passes through black tubes covered by glass orientated towards the sun and gets heated. Power tools left and right crew o dudes, so his house have only a slightly lower expenditure of energy used in their construction. Just because our culture has evolved to the point that people find coffee and pizza and three and a half baths a necessity doesn't mean it was evolution in the right direction. So instead of imagining a world of robots and depopulation what about a world where things find a natural balance, through careful and considered access to natural resources.
Now the onsite preparation may take a bit more surveillance, but the results would be like building on site. Here u can see 3D,HD, however you want to call it all the documentary`s shown on this site.
I was a "survivalist" in that day, living on a mountain top on forty acres of land that was initially purchased to accommodate ten families. BTW, nothern Idaho gets blizzards just like Wisconsin and Minnesota, so that's no excuse to think they are not safe places. Nothing like some smug, smart ass euro-sissy to present an unbiased view of the Patriot movement.
First we have to start educating our selves and our children about the way government and economics works. Long live the Georgia Guidestones -- they should be the guiding principles for our generation or there will be no next generation to guide.
It's a very common and easy way to just shoehorn something in that could be considered half-a$$ed effective in a film with this sort of content, and I'm not at all impressed by it. As indicated in the Larson version, after Holmes was catured, he stated his physical features were becoming distinctly demonic.
When the FDA approved Truvada as a PrEP option Jacobs expected it would garner far more attention than it did. He notes these side effects often go away quickly if they are experienced at all, and highlights the overall benefit of patients coming in more regularly for STI and HIV testing, which not only keeps patients on top of their sexual health but enables a more open dialogue about sex between patient and doctor. However the case, HIV is not the (only) cause for AIDS and untill I see some real evidence either way, I will not support anyone in the matter and will advice AIDS-patients in my vicinity to not take meds for it, since the meds WILL kill you guaranteed and I don't see why HIV can cause AIDS when people without those lifestyles don't get HIV or AIDS even when thousands of businessmen have unsafe sex with heroine adicts.
But I also imagine that if I engaged in unprotected sex with members of high risk groups for HIV the chances are good that sooner or later I will test HIV positive too. I don't believe in 'freedom from fear' regarding STD's, but I do want 'freedom from bigotry' when it comes to diseases that are of no threat to anyone. Ruth and Peter install a range in the cottage and take a trip to the canals to load up on coal. Still, not fair cause generations of practice and devleopment from child to adults passed on by parents is more relevant then most would think. When the owner came to investigate I wanted to see project runway and see him talk like that guy but alas he was just brief. Oh - and think they ditched the wrong people from the first series in favour of Ruth, Fonz et al because they're some TV exec's idea of 'good TV'. We obviously can't transform entire cities, but that doesn't mean we can't take steps and utilize certain techniques to help make the world a bit better.
And garbage for a house really, plastic bottles are and this is where it gets funny, photo-degrading, meaning they break more quickly in sunlight, and hey everyone remember bisphenol A, that plastic they use in water bottles that breaks down and disrupts the endocrine , heat and sunlight both prime factors in degradation, and sum o u foos wanna live in house made out of em. I am going to go out on a limb and say that the eco friendly people are not for a regression of slash and burn homesteading on a global scale. If anything the documentary just illustrates the how america and indeed many western countries have taken away your freedom of invention and problem solving to develop solutions to foreseeable problems. People around the world in even mostly developed countries live much more modestly than we, and they're doing just fine. I don`t want to argue, cause once we see what`s really going on, we can resolve the matter better than we could possibly imagine.
When you are fanatical in your beliefs, you can be made to see illusions as fundamental truths. You can't know what its all about by watching some clown with an agenda on a documentary meant from the start to belittle a large section of the American political scene. I'm probably being way too hard on the poor guy, though, because it turns out he's also the one who filmed, edited, and narrated it, lol.
Upon his execution, many of his trial witnesses fell victim to very mysterious and gruesome deaths. At least a few of them should have died from AIDS, even with a chance of one in a thousand to get HIV. Now, whatever exactly HIV is I'm not sure either (you know doubt know more than me), but it must be real, and the infections are highest among certain groups, and are limited to those groups (unless this all made up in some master conspiracy). It is also possible to use this system for low temperature heating most commonly utilized as floor heating. Even if the buildings in the documentary aren't perfect, at least they are something new and innovative, something sustainable and changeable. I do recommend this video though to prove we don't all have to be sheeple as a taxpaying entity the gov't wants us to be.
Yes we have some of the same issues here, bureaucrats and politicians and hoops, but we do not have a Michael Reynolds. So all I`m asking is that you please just hear me out, and if I`m wrong, so be it, but I think it might come to a surprise.
I`m betting several could be built every week to start setting up the American people to lead us into the next revolution.
Wariness of the threats to national sovereignty (and thus the integrity of the Constitution and the sovereignty of the People) present in many of the institutions of globalism. These filmmakers risked their lives to bring vital information to humans who want our species to survive. Things just don't add up and besides the CDC study from almost 3 decades ago that show that AIDS might have a different or more causes, I haven't seen any evidence about what causes what.
Think back before there was a cure for it- people were left with a devastating disease that could not be cured and could very well end up facing a death of insanity and blindness. Electricity from solar and wind stored in batteries though if it is possible I would choose to put power provided by panels in to the grid as it minimizes the investment cost + when there is access energy you earn money and when there is not enough sunlight you can take energy from the grid. Or tires that just loverly, everyone remember that old bit on simpsons the springfield tire fire. Despite the global warming argument, we are in a fuel crisis, as well as an economic crisis, and that requires us to change the way we live our lives day to day.
Developing and protecting two of our most important resources, soil and water, would be paramount in such a world. 3 decades and all I see are correlations and a bunch of loudmouths telling us to just believe that HIV causes AIDS, while the evidence clearly tells a different story. Now I know parents are thinking, "Well I have to raise them to get by in the world today and money is the most important thing." Well we made it the most important thing and we keep it that way by the way we prioritize. The fact that we're talking about money for protection against an STD is pretty unsavory and brings into the commercialization of sex.
And some u and this fool again wanna live and cook and breath in a house made o concrete n tires. Here is an idea, which has worked for many people in the documentary, and even people outside of it (Read up on cob housing!
Drive this car or no one will like you- buy these jeans or no one will go out with you- brush with this toothpaste or be ugly for ever.
This darwin award winning town u fantasize about were the firemen all u know not existin, cuz it'd be suicide to try put out a fire in a town made out of tires n rocks,n solar panels in the dessert.
The real problem with North America is its so static, resistant to change and new creative ideas, as soon as you try to warm people up to something new and earth-friendly you get slapped with the hippie stick, which is apparently a bad thing in the USA.
Video games, mini malls, drugs, cell phones and other gadgets, sports, etc., etc, None of these things really matter to us as a country or help make us better stewards but, how much time do our children spend consumed with these things?
God forbid anybody try to save a little money, a little earth, and get a little dirty in the process.
It sickens me how negative you two are, especially when you both refuse to watch the damned documentary. I bet you'll waste even more money and time in 35 years on this earth on things that mean even less to humanity anyways.

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