Former Olympian and three-time Boston Marathon winner Uta Pippig offers advice and inspiration to NOVA's runners throughout their training. I am person who runs marathon in morocco but the possibilities are absent in morocco to practice sport so the film is good, it gives me some ideas to love my sport.
When you start running, please read and watch all you can on running technique and posture..
We all respond to music - whether clicking our fingers, humming along or dancing - there's something out there for everyone. Setting out on a journey that spans the globe and moves through the centuries, Goodall uncovers the elements that are shared by all styles of music.
Harmony - In the late middle ages western harmony started on a journey that would take it in a completely separate direction to that of the music of other parts of the world. Bass - For half a millennium instrument makers have been trying to construct instruments of all shapes and sizes capable of thudding, sonorous low notes.
BRILLIANT, puts the evolution of the scale patterns into context which personally is so valuable to me because to anyone who is self taught understanding that is precious information. Could only watch 3parts from first episode, it appears that Sony Music Entertainment has blocked other parts in my country. That cracks me up that the YT bot caught it for violation and I'd bet BBC licensed every clip they used, too. Don't get me wrong though, it's good to know the rules, it allows you to break them even further. Does anyone know who did the rendition of "Blue Skies" by Irving Berlin in the first part of this documentary? People who "object" to music theory and find it "robotizes" music are actually, and somewhat ironically, giving it more weight that those of use who understand it for what it is and find it a useful tool in our creative box.
He's not entirely wrong about music but I gots to disagree with some of the over-scripted simplifications re: melody.
The definition of musical 'modes' by the Greeks settled what ancient improvisers were reaching for all along with their few and narrow intervals. Tempered tuning is well-modern compared to the history of music, but it newly allowed for the playing of music in all key signatures. He does an entire section on rhythm and talks about how throughout time musical rules were broken. A complete understanding of music theory, in the correct order will give a person the ability to focus on the creative end, as they will not have to audition each separate note to see if it fits. Is that knowledge you are searching out or you already know it and are just wondering if you will ever see a doc that presents it properly?
Arctic Manhunt is a dramatic forensic documentary that attempts to identify the mystery man at the center of one of the biggest manhunts in Canadian history. On Christmas Day, 1931, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, with the assistance of aboriginal trackers, approached a rural cabin near the Arctic Circle. Some speculate he was a Chicago gangster connected to Al Capone while others suspect he may have been a murderer responsible for a string of unsolved homicides across the Great White North. Through skeletal remains and facial reconstruction technology, forensic scientists piece together a narrative of the RCMP's pursuit of the mystery man through the Canadian wilds, but their only hope of finding a positive identification rests in obtaining a reliable sample of DNA from the fugitive's remains. Arctic Manhunt weaves through time, taking viewers to the past where they imagine the events of the manhunt, and into the forensic labs of today where scientists work to close the book on this decades-old cold case.
Wondering why there was a time limit on how long before the body had to be returned to the earth. My then wife and mother inlaw stayed at a Bed and Breakfast when the old man ( hearing I was scandinavian ) asked if I ever heard of the Mad Trapper.
Well, he sparked my interest in the case and I've read just about all that is available - And I guess - I'm no wiser now. I feel sorry for this guy and think the whole story is slanted to protect the people involved in his death, and even after his death. Christine,go hide in your safe space and don't forget to take your meds.You are unqualified to judge any of these people and attempting to revise history to fit your own fantasy is futile.Why can't people just watch the film and can the political correctness?
Whoever he was, he was an extraordinary man who had great survival skills in extreme environments. And J Brokenheart doesn't seem to realize that dental technology hasn't always been what it is today. I agree with bungabunga Christine has missed some important facts namely the trapper opened fire without giving the police a chance to explain the purpose for their visit, he didn't even open the door. Hidden deep beneath the Earth’s surface lie one of the most destructive and yet least-understood natural phenomena in the world – super volcanoes. Normal volcanoes are formed by a column of magma – molten rock – rising from deep within the Earth, erupting on the surface, and hardening in layers down the sides.
This reminds me of a PBS "Secrets of the Dead" episode about the Krakatoa eruption in 535 AD or something like that. On a related note, some documentary (can't remember the name of it) was talking about a 'quasar' or something like that in the universe that has one of its 'jet like energy beams' pointed right at our solar system.
My point is that there is more than enough ways for humanity to die out, right up until the point where it's no longer an issue of fear, but rather of acceptance. The following 650,000 years of historic Earth climate data has been taken from the documentary “Inconvenient Truth” featuring Al Gore at 20 minutes 9 seconds. The purpose of the documentary “Inconvenient Truth” was to highlight the current dangers of extreme global warning due to excessive amounts of CO2 being introduced into the atmosphere from the combustion of fossil fuels. However inadvertently what this documentary showed was far more disturbing with regards to regularly occurring catastrophic climate events that result in ice ages lasting from 15,000 to 50,000 years on Earth. Temperature crash causes include, supervolcanic eruptions, asteroid strikes, or decrease in solar cycle output or a combination of all three. Based on the historic climate weather data obtained from the Antarctica ice cores, Earth is experiencing its longest period of climate stability in the last 650,000 years, 87,500 years. There were 16 small, medium and major catastrophic climate events in the last 650,000 years that that caused Earth's temperature to plunge resulting 8 times in either an ice age or an extended ice age.
There were 8 total medium & major climate events in the last 650,000 years that plunged the Earth into ice ages lasting from 20,000 to 50,000 years. Based on the overdue averages for a medium and major catastrophic climate event of 13,906 years and 57,656 years a medium or major catastrophic climate event is due at any time.
I thought the evidence for an asteroid creating the ice age 12000 BC was wrong and that they found that the ice core drilling samples contained fungus and not dust from an impact. Is the person whom got the premunition about the yellowstone caldera not infact you "Draw Vinette" or do you just happen too share the same last name?
Well lets pay Al Gore and IMF global carbon tax, each and everyone of us, to save the planet from Co2. We (all human populations) should be monitored 24 hours a day, and have prison time if we don't recycle. We must make the hard choices and have forced population control, euthanasia, infanticide, humanly "put down" people with defects, ailments, cancer, or hereditary diseases like Mar-fan Syndrome or albino birth defects. Get a life all you climate deniers, actually we need less "useless eaters" as Henry Kissinger calls the citizens of the planet. An interesting docu-drama, better described as what we commonly refer to as a disaster movie. I enjoy crappy disaster flicks with laughably stupid science; I love science documentaries. Given the major mishaps the US government has let happened, or ignored, or funded with tax dollars, maybe that is why every election year so many of the people vote for the candidate who'll promise the most change. Steve Cowan set out on the road to follow the money trail, to find out who the government is really working for and if not the people what can be done to take it back. No matter where Steve traveled in California's central valley, often called nation's fruit and vegetable basket, he was surrounded by crops being sprayed with all sorts of insecticides, herbicides and fungicides. Just a thought here, but have it ever occurred to you that our fear of anarchy might be indoctrinated? Some of the best achievements of humanity came from different form of governments that I don't think could have been achieved by anarchy.
Here in the UK we have something called the "Mental Health Act", whereby, if an individual is deemed to be a potential threat to their own well being or the well being of society at large, then they can be detained for mental asessment and possible treatment.
Just look at Somalia, when the government fell, the crime rate went through the roof and for a while it was the most dangerous place to be on the planet. Well yes, a direct voting system for all citizens on all major policy decisions via their smart phones does have an overwhelming sense of fair play to it (it's like ancient Athenian democracy played out on an epic scale, but without the underclass of slaves that is, well hopefully!), but, unless the underlying problem of manipulative corporate media control is resolved, it would present the possibility of all manner of dangerous, ill-thought-out, knee jerk reaction motions being carried with disastrous consequences. However, as long as corporations can control the major media outlets, political progress will be compromised. Shared interest will work in a small group, I can't see how it could work with millions of people with different ideas and ideals. I agree, it probably only works for small groups, leaving aside what a threshold for a small group is. Sadly, the US supreme court came up with the fallacy that corporations are persons and should be allowed to spend without cap to help win elections. I didn't check that TED talk yet but as a Canadian, I can tell you I wouldn't want mayors to rule the world. I'd have to agree, it's definitely way too banal to be a conspiracy and is simply a matter of corporations blindly following the bottom line, looking for the best returns for their shareholders. Speaking as one of those pesky Georgists, I would say that it is really just part and parcel of what happens when you subscribe to an economic model where only capital exists.
As regards my comments on control of the media, admittedly the mainstream UK media are considerably more open than their American counterparts, but I wouldn't let that lull you into a false sense of security, as a lot of important stories still seem to slip through the net.
Anyway, I became disenchanted with the license fee and threw our TV out long before the Jimmy Saville scandal put the last nail in their credibility. However, it also has to be said that a large proportion of the population take very little interest in World news or politics and just pick up the odd sound bite in the run up to an election (that's if they can be bothered to vote), so you could argue a further form of media control in the general dumbing down and distracting of the electorate.
Besides, if you want anything remotely like representative government, it's your only choice. If corporations are people, some should get the death penalty and some should face life imprisonement, some should be deported. Corporations sure make the world a boring and homogenous place-if you've been to one Skanky McNasty's, Pizza Gut, Cambodian Tire, Fart Mart-you've been to them all, everywhere all over the world.
Also look at Turkey, only yesterday protests broke out, as leaked audio recording made it onto Youtube.
I always get the awful feeling that all our anti-government comments are dully noted and on file somewhere for future reference. Well yes, it's written into the definition of a corporation that their sole concern is to maximise returns for the shareholders, and to do that you need to show growth, so it certainly is one big concerted effort. However, on a more serious note, if we do allow the current game to run all the way to the end, the result will be by definition “fascism” and people do need to be made more aware of that.
It is for this reason that I would say the root of fascism is neoclassical economics, and the antidote can be found in the work of Henry George. I don't want my comments to come back and haunt me if I'm ever under scrutiny at a border crossing. Here in Canada we are represented by 5 political parties + 3 independent seats, in our House of Commons. I hate their "30 day unconditional guarantee", I've tried to take things back the next day and they've quibbled with me.I know if something is junk-just give me a 2 day unconditional no BS guarantee-no buts, please!
Money isn't the problem, rather it's that we've given the government the power to meddle in every facet of our lives.
When you allow government to regulate your very existence, you invite money to corrupt and pervert the system so that corporations, unions, interest groups, and anyone who wants to use government power for their own ends will dangle dollars in politicians' faces. Agree wholeheartedly, I'll keep doing it, speaking my mind in public.The governments are all corrupt to some extent, New Zealand being one of the least corrupt.
I agree with the overall message of this documentary, however some of the points they used to illustrate it just didn't sit well with me. When they brought up wind and solar energy, for example, I heard "Wind and solar energy are profitable business models and have the potential to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, but since the government wont give them subsidies, they are stuck producing just 0.5% of the energy consumed" I disagree with this point entirely. I also do not think that having the government pay for campaigns is a much better idea than having corporations do it. Maybe members of the public should give donations toward private investigators to snoop around politicians we feel are doing things unethically or illegally and then present the evidence and demand that they be removed from office and prosecuted? The pioneer spirit is strong with these Americans who are taking advantage of Odessa's reputation as home of the world's most beautiful women. Economic prospects in Odessa are poor, alcoholism is widespread, and women outnumber men almost 5 to 4. I live in Romania, just under Ukraine, and the geographical distance isn't that big, but maaan there's something so off about all of this that it seems like a million miles away.
I find this video rather sad, as that the women feel strongly that they have to find a husband and get married in order to feel fulfilled in life. I find it interesting that the young native man couldn't find a women because "They want everything and will give nothing in return", which is almost the identical lament of the South African and American men's point of view. I hope that at least some of the intellegent and capable women find a husband who will encourage them in a new society and support them in a much more fullfilling life than seems possible in their present country. Personally (because I find it abhorrent to reduce love to an irrational emotional commodity) that's exactly what I did, found it my own way, and proved to myself that true love really is a far greater thing, but it wasn't easy, and that's just me. When at last you think "Well ok, maybe 'sick' is too strong a word… but true love is a more noble pursuit than this" then good. Among our group of forty to fifty something YO professionals one of the men, Ben, I'll call him, divorced his wife of twenty-five years and in short order he was traveling in Europe. I can't believe that filthy PIG 'Arthur' compared those poor girls as a "used car," which he had to "test drive" before they were "parked my garage." A life of poverty and loneliness would be a picnic compared to a life of abuse with Oink. I don't know who's more pathetic, the men or the women----probably the men since they need to prey on younger, less affluent women in a culture that offers them little alternative. I dated a Ukrainian immigrant and she was a wonderful, hard working, beautiful and funny girl.
Marriage has always been a form of prostitution, which is why prostitution is illegal in most states, because it rocks the foundations of marriage. And you hit at the underlying premise that marriage is a contractual business arrangement and if anyone doesn't think this is so------I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn. This is something like buying things (girls) at a shop center, watching through the mirror, and comparing prices. These Odessa women live in squalor with very little chance to augment their social position. These uninteresting international men are social rejects, either past their prime or clearly unappealing to the opposite sex for various reasons attempt to find mates with the only people that will have them; the desperate. All you critics of this doc sound like a bunch of jealous,lethargic losers trying to hide hehind some impractical high flying philosophy.Worldly people looking for love is like trying to grab a butterfly. Lets not feel bad for the women, it a conscious decision to go to this kind of events and enroll in this kind of service. Sex in eastern Europe, Russia, Ukraine is much more transactional in value (mind set wise, money play much larger role then emotional happiness), there is a reason why a lot of strippers and prostitutes internationally from Ukraine and Russia.
It must be very nice to be an enlightened Sage-all knowing and all seeing.PS-Except in your own back yard. Jesus this makes me sick as a guy who is romantic raised with a feminist mother and having two sisters in America.
If I had money Id go romance a girl show her how to respect herself how to stand up for herself fly her somewhere better send her to school and say "your free now go do something amazing your free." These guy's suck so bad I am so disgusted.
It's sad really that your so repugnant so despicable you can't even get laid in America so you go use people in some other country. Sad for this men that have to travel across the world to find a soulmate or should I say a lustful toy!!! Some of the girls in this video are nasty ugly and these guys could probably get better in their own country.
Maybe it's just me, but did any one else notice how much Tony (the one the other guys were jealous of) looked like David Berkowitz (Son of Sam)?
It is heart breaking to see woman being used this way as commodities for pleasure seeking activities.
Once I really got to know him I was totally hooked and we've lived together for 5 years now.
I was rooting for Julia who seemed genuinely nice and wanted a real father for her daughter. If you're in your fifties, chances are you know what you're doing, just not sure of what you WANT.
What that girl with the light brown hair said was 100% true - why would you travel half way around the world at great expense, and not have the courtesy to be a gentleman and introduce yourself to the girls. I heard Eastern European women will clip your fingernails and toenails for you and massage your aching back. Men were reprogrammed to stop being real men and women were reprogrammed to put up with more and to expect more.
One guy says he'd like to find a woman that can be his best friend..uhm, how can she be his best friend when she can't even understand and speak English? The mysteries that lie within the center of the Milky Way serves as the basis for enticing documentary. The film opens by tracing the historical discoveries which have led to our present-day understanding of the Milky Way.
In the 1990s, aided by highly advanced telescopic technologies, two groups of astronomers formed observational stations in different parts of the globe in order to further understand the contents and activities that lay at the center of the galaxy.
Featuring insightful footage of these renowned scientists at work and a wealth of gorgeous space photography and animations, this film follows the continuing journey for knowledge that was set in motion by Jansky all those years ago.
Some galaxies, such as Galaxy 0402+379 , appear to have two supermassive black holes at their centers, forming a binary system . Since measurements began in the 1950s, scientists have discovered that there has been a decline of sunlight reaching the Earth; they called it global dimming. But according to a paper published in the journal Science, the dimming did not continue into the 1990s and indeed since the 1980s scientists have observed a widespread brightening. The film explores the theory that pollution is shielding the oceans from the full power of the Sun, and disrupting the pattern of the world-s rainfall.
It reveals that we may have grossly underestimated the speed at which our climate is changing. I know that US has been doing many unpublished projects to reduce the climate change effect since 50s. I cant believe more people havent noticed this.ANYTIME there is a clear blue sky in the morning,within hours there will be a BARRAGE of planes spraying long vapor trails into the sky. This IS happening.Dont take my word for it.Put your cell phone down,urn your tv and computer off and look out the window once in awile! I personally have heard many theories about these trails from those that are aware that this is happening,and while I'm sure there is a potential for many insidious purposes,I think that the reason that makes the most sense to me is that we DO have a serious CO2 problem,and that the we HAVE to make these clouds to avoid a drastic rise in temperature! AND the're doing it everywhere,NOT just over big cities.THAT tells me that we have a serious problem. No matter what BS you hear,the fact is that CO2 DOES increase the "greenhouse effect",and the earth has a LOT more CO2 now BECAUSE OF US. Also,does anyone REALLY believe that all these factories belching fumes into the air NON STOP every day,year after year are NOT changing the atmosphere? And a LOT of the countries of the world are burning fossil fuels at an ever increasing rate.This CO2 is having the effect of thickening the atmosphere and HOLDING IN the infra red radiation WHICH MAKES THINGS HEAT UP.
Sadly,some of you are choosing to believe this isnt happening,and that "its just a scam that Al Gore made up".
BUT,global warming IS happening.And as usual,we,the public are being offered only 2 choices to this crisis,BOTH of which are false!
The 2nd choice we are being given is to admit its happening,but to accept a "Carbon tax" that would crush the small businesses of the world,a "Cap and trade" tax that would be a completely crippling tax on the poor and middle classes. BTW--- BOTH are false choices,because neither deal with the ROOT of the problem---the burning of FOSSIL FUELS. In fact,most of us in the States and the western countres are USING MORE,and the rest of the world wants to be JUST LIKE US. Missiles,rockets,tanks,trucks,jets,tankers---ALL need OIL to work.Cutting back on oil to "save the planet" is not viable for the military.You CANT fly a B-52 with solar power!

No---besides having to rebuild and renergize our factories homes and cars,we'd have to rebuild our ENTIRE military from scratch. Docs like this are dangerous, there is no absolute scientific proof and they are scare mongering with shots of Ethiopia and lines to the affect of 'you ain't seen nothing yet.
I'm confused- i understand both global dimming and its partner in crime global warming but this program suggests that a rise in temperature would melt the greenland ice,if that were to happen wouldn't all that fresh water turn slow down the gulg conveyor belt brinnigin temperatures down in the northern hemisphere? Still stymied by the intellectual dark-age we seem to ‘hope’ to remain in, and the knee-jerk negativity of so many. Perhaps rather than knee-jerk irritation at admittedly alarmist approaches of the media (though arguably an alarming scenario worth consideration – precautionary principles and all that), it is certainly worth following up on peer-reviewed science and views (or are counter-conspiracists suggesting these outlets are conspiracy publications?). On the other hand, it’s a lot easier to remain ill-informed and simply refuse education, go about our selfish insular lives. To put the ominous volcanic CO2 emissions into perspective, volcanolgists estimate volcanoes currently release 200 million tonnes of CO2 annually. Did he take into account the mass amounts of smoke sent into the atmosphere from the 911 world trade center towers?
I merely pointed out the fact that the information you enlightened us with is absolutely false. Conflicts with writings from the 70s on the topic of the sub sahara which found there was a man made link, namely agriculture practiced poorly. The Sahara became a pure desert due to farming of cotton there, which used extensive amounts of fertilizer and pesticide. Since 1873, the Global Elite Has Held Secret Meetings in the Ancient Redwood Forest of Northern California. Now, for the First Time in History, an Outsider Has Infiltrated Bohemian Grove with a Hidden Digital Video Camera and Caught the Ritual on Tape. Second, he claims they're worshipping a statue of Moloch, who is represented in literature as an owl. Jones is deliberately twisting the facts in order to fit his preconceived agenda that these people are devil-worshippers.
I find this disturbing not because of "satanism", I find it disturbing that high level politicians create policy behind closed doors.
Like everyone else has said, Jones disgustingly distorts all of the ancient religions and practices that he filmed. Alex Jones always refers to the owl statue as a depiction of Moloch but he never explains why.
With alot of focus on the owl statue I thought Jones was going to go on and talk about how the owl is a symbol of wisdom and a recurring icon the whole NWO, Illuminati conspiracy. Please read 'DMT: The Spirit Molecule' if you want some more answers, or look for the film.
If it is true, that people who have a 'spiritual moment with god' or some form of enlightenment whether naturally or through the use of substances, may come from this organ. If a porn star can't become a certified EMT then a psychopath shouldn't be allowed to control public policy.
I do care if politicians running the world are participating in secret activies that contradict their proclaimed faiths. 1) Governments should be able to lead private lives but when it comes to meeting with other world leaders there should be full transparency. I normally don't bother to preach to people but I find it really disturbing when people spread this type misinformation making it seem like true intellectual are atheists and everyone else is silly for believing that there is a Creator.
The illuminati is real and these policy makers are corrupt from top to bottom but we do not have to be AFRAID of these people. You know your right i was thinking the same thing the locals look stoned of the butt( must be some real good bud there) and also dosn't jones look like in the begining if the doc. Have you ever wondered why any of our so called "Christian" leaders have never told us about this place or what's been going on here.
The video speaks for it's self, whether they are sacrificing REAL children or not doesn't change the fact that we don't need our leaders engaging in occult practices. As mentioned in other comments here, pre recorded music and fireworks, this is a tourist attraction. They discussed such restricted security yet there was zero footage of any altercations with security. Each glacial period is followed by an interglacial period in which temperatures rise and the ice retreats. Conversely, when ocean temperatures raise, more CO2 escapes into the atmosphere where it traps more solar energy.
As for the Pole Station it doesn't look like we Americans will be making the trip this year. One thing caught my attention: If the global cooling due to the orbit of the earth is due to start again in 1500 years and the global warming trend of increased CO2 is projected to reach the level of other inter-glacial periods as measured in the past (1000 ppm in 1000 years), wouldn't they sort of cancel each other out? As stated towards the end, the earth will survive and life will adjust no matter what happens.
I understand that using up our resources in an unsustainable way in a one way trip to poverty and hunger for people and will put stress on much of the environment, but as for destroying the planet, I think humans give themselves too much power and credit.
Another liberal story, just in 2013 it has been reported that Greenland has gained, not lost miles on it ice sheet. According to a poll conducted by the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies (April 2013) only 49% of Americans believe global warming is caused by human activity. If science has no clue what is going on, then where did you get the proof about an impending ice age? You cannot pump billions of tons a year of co2 into the atmosphere and say it does no harm. I did look up abiotic oil theory and all I could find were those woo sites you seem to visit. For a less hypocritical approach try saying that without wearing and using hundreds of products made in China. I like this documentary as it points out that earth (and it's climate) is a dynamic system. Maybe one day our scientists will address that question rather than regurgitating the politicized "manmade" global warming agenda.
Earth has weather cycles yes and so does the sun, Why people do not think pumping CO2 and other gases would make no difference at all boggles my mind. Fossil fuels are also limited so its never too soon to try and ween ourselves off them, Might be good for our general health too and our children's pockets, who knows what the price of fuel will be in 10 yrs. Earth has weather cycles yes and so does the sun, Why people think pumping CO2 and other gases would make no difference at all boggles my mind. The only thing that will save us is when the oil runs out and we are forced to switch to renewable (which we could already do if we really wanted).
Also,when the 30 billion barrels runs out,will be lucky to have any clean drinking water left.By then the great lakes will be on borrowed time. What will really end us is capitalism, when corporations have billions in the bank and blow up a mountain or rip out another rain forest just to add another billion, now that's insane!
Yup your right, if Mother Earth was watching us from the moon I'm sure she would call humans termites, grinding up, blowing up, consuming everything in site, killing everything including each other and rearranging everything that took millions of years to create. With good coach­ing, discipline, and lots of group support, as NOVA shows when it follows 13 generally sedentary people through a training regimen designed to prepare them for an ultimate test of stamina and endurance. And veteran Tufts University coach Donald Megerle guides them week-by-week through an onslaught of physical and psychological challenges. In this series Goodall looks at melody, rhythm, harmony and bass to establish how music is made and how it comes to reflect different cultures.
From walking to dancing, from clicking our fingers to tapping our toes, we are all programmed to respond to rhythm. It discovered chords, and, over the next seven centuries, began to unlock their harmonic possibilities. Only with the arrival of the synthesizer did they succeed in producing a rival to the mighty organ. Just when I think the guy is getting too complicated for me, he sums it up in a way that makes me get what he was saying.
People discovered what sounds good or is musically useful and wrote it down in a common language - that of music theory. All it is ever meant to be is a description of convention - if you come up with something new then it's added to the book. Equal parts criminological exam footage and creative re-enactments, this episode of Pure History Specials offers a stylized, moody investigation into one of Canada's greatest unsolved mysteries. They were there to question an unknown trapper about vandalized trap lines but were met with open fire instead of answers. Criminal profilers offer additional insight in an effort to fill in the details of who this fugitive was, and what he was running from. Only the Alaskan Indian has a favorable respect for the man: "His ability to survive shows he was somethin' else!" The man is said to have started out with only petty theft in the midwest, as the story goes. One doesn't run away to the far corners of the world because they're afraid of being fingered for petty theft. In my mind the police came into the situation with the best of intentions and reacted in a manner that anyone of us would have responded. In the summer paleontologist Mike Voorhies traveled to the farmland around the Midwest town of Orchard.
Voorhies’ digging revealed the bones of 200 fossilized rhinos together with the prehistoric skeletons of camels, lizards, horses and turtles.
Only a handful exist in the world but when one erupts it will be unlike any volcano we have ever witnessed.
Basically it linked the fall of Rome, the epidemic of bubonic plague and the rise of the Dark Ages to a sudden global climate change caused by that one event. Actually, I really enjoyed the program, if for only as a reminder to all of us that life is precious, and at best precarious, regardless of all our attempts at stability in an ever changing environment. But, can anyone office-holder, with the way things work, or don't work in the Washington DC, keep their promise to represent ordinary Americans? The search for answers begins in a supermarket because before getting into energy, or foreign policy, Steve thought to start simple. And according to the State's department of pesticide regulation, over 100 million pounds of these chemicals, many extremely toxic, are used each year in the central valley alone.
There are still isolated tribes being found that proves humans can live a life in harmony without authorities and laws. That said it would be nice to have more independent MPs, and move away from party politics. Politics and government are a simple fact of life in any sizeable gathering of people, however surely it is what you do with them that can be judged to be sane or otherwise.
Moreover, since corporations in America now appear to have the rights of a citizen (I still find this very hard to believe that such a thing could be passed, a bit like Caligula and the "noble Incitatus"), then it does beg the question as to whether we can now legitimately speculate on their mental health? I don't know if you have a similar facility in the USA, but if you consider how high a score some corporations would attain in a psychopathy test, along with a very jaded track record of causing environmental damage, economic carnage and worse, then you might have reasonable grounds to have them arrested for everyone's safety. Just look how easily the electorate are swayed by sound bites without so much as a cursory investigation into what is actually being asserted. The only way to fight it is from the ground up, by doing that which the corporate types clearly do not consider us capable of doing, namely educating ourselves and spreading the word. Though personally i'm not sure yet if the examples you give would not be possible without government.
A nation state that have been used to authority would probably turn into a violent turmoil in case of anarchy because the moral standards are hugely set by the authority rather than individuals. It's also not in the sense of a consciously evil entity that is usually forwarded to explain it. I have a wicked computer collection made out of random bits, I think most people are scared to be smart.
Even the hallowed BBC with their license fee, are not immune to political and other outside influences, the top job at broadcasting house being historically a rather political position, and all Director Generals live in fear of the corporate newspapers running a “DG must go!” headline. I personally think the best approach is to regularly check the coverage between all the major news outlets, from Fox and CNN at one end, the Beeb and C4 in the middle, to RT and Al Jazeera at the other. I recall first becoming aware of the disparity of news coverage between the US and UK media when I was living in New York, back in the days before web TV channels when they could barely stream music, and that was entirely down to the fact that I was flying back and forth to London regularly and was in a position to notice which stories were being buried and the different angles being adopted. I used to say that if you listen very carefully when a party political broadcast comes on air, you can hear the faint sound of millions of sets of knuckles scraping the carpet as the disinterested lurch about the room looking for the remote. I can't bear to watch them for very long, as I tend to get cramp in my jaw from cringing, but I do find you can usually get a pretty good summary of what they've been up to from Abby Martin's show on RT, as she seems to keep an eye on them.
It never occurred to me that the problem (suspending for a moment the specter of cheating and graft) of lobbying by super-rich corporations could be diminished simply by making campaign contributions illegal.
Today's legislature looks more like Rome's Senate before Caesar took over than any sort of democracy. Unfortunately, if land (including all natural resources) is allowed to be treated as just another form of capital, meaning it can be privately owned and monopolised, then its misappropriation becomes the number one goal of the corporations.
I've no doubt you speak your mind and you have every right to say what you want when you want to say it.
Remove the government's ability to tell you what to do, how to do it, when to do it and you'll also magically remove money from politics.
And politicians of both parties being the spineless scum that the are, won't resist the temptation.
It's not stopping the right of people to support candidates they like with financial contributions, but rather cut back the size and scope of government.
The use of the government "tool" cannot be trusted in the hands of the people, which is why the framers of the Constitution limited its power. Wind and solar are expensive ways to get energy, they only produce energy intermittently (when its daytime, when the wind blows). I believe there should just be a drastic reduction in the amount of money politicians are legally allowed to receive in campaign contributions, in total as well as per donation. Men are in such short supply that many girls, some as young as 18, signup to join one of the numerous marriage agencies.
One of these is Julia, 27 years old, whose situation is typical of many of the girls in the catalogs. I find it sick how some of these men parade around girls "watching the goods", preying upon the need of money and a husband, living their own spring break searching for the fulfillment of fantasies. Also, I find it amusing that all of those men think that the women are helpless and genuinely interested in them .
In fact travel as a single in just about any country (where most citizens can't afford to get out) long enough and you will be ask to get marry, man or woman.
But, guys, see how far you get if you insist on finding love, for loves sake, without any transactions.
But I ask you all, do ANY of these people (on either side of the equation) appear to be looking for that?
Of course there are other venues, one can go hiking, skiing, bowling, shopping, or at church. But, the women in this video seem to be aware of the predatory nature of some of these men, so I'm relieved to see that. This video made me miss her a little bit because the women in it reminded me of her sweet and good qualities. Some are looking for sex, most simply want a pretty women to give them the attention they never received back home, boosting their insecure ego. GET REAL,its sex and money that makes the world go round whether its here or over there,its all the same. As someone who came from Russia originally in US now, this women will go over to US and divorce the guy as soon as they get first opportunity.
As someone from Russia living in US, i no longer date russian speaking women (Ukraine, Russia, ettc). Women who will go to this events are gold digging by definition(those sappy stories about bad men in Ukraine is total BS, but guys are poorer there and women are more transactional), if she is gold digging she already has a plan how to get most out of it, once she hooks in the guy, he is toast. I feel like these girls' standards are so low that men like this are actually attractive to them. Then I met HIM and at first there was no chemistry, (from my point of view-not his) but what a nice guy!!!
Both parties are agreeing to it as adults, although I'm not 100% sure if that young black-haired girl really wanted to be there, thanks to her mother! Whether they're truly representative of the typical Western man seeking adventure and romance, or whether this group was chosen because it made for good television I really don't know. Asking these women about their cooking and cleaning skills before what they want in life, what pigs. This breathtaking swirl composed of gas, dust, and billions of stars has remained largely elusive throughout history, but its secrets may hold the key to understanding much of what remains unknown about our universe. That history began in the 1930s when American physicist Karl Jansky identified the Milky Way as a source of radio static for Bell Telephone Industries.
Becklin was stationed in Hawaii, while astronomer Reinhart Jensen studied from the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics in Germany. Their quest is occasionally thwarted by the limitations of current technology, a challenge they overcome with impressive cooperation and ingenuity. There can be no cycle to creation if energy cannot be trapped (stored) and instead merely evaporates away. What caused the dimming to go down and what effect will it have, if any, on climate change? There is evidence that dimming caused the droughts in sub-Saharan Africa which claimed hundreds of thousands of lives in the 1970s and 1980s. My personal opinion is they stopped the warming but they sacraficed some lands like Africa and half of the Asia but it will not be enough to save the world I guess. Some of these planes leave normal contrails,but many of them leave GIGANTIC trails behind them THAT DO NOT DISPERSE OR EVAPORATE.
The immediate effect is a lowering of the temperatures,and the second effect is precipatation the next day.
The rich people will be able to afford these taxes,and the businesses will just push the costs onto the consumer.
Relative to a 50 billion tons anthropogenic output of CO2 per annum, volcanoes generate less than 0.5% of the human derived output. The models that have the most catastrophic changes in them will be the most interesting and will be the one that are published.
Geological survey states that human activity produces about 135 times as much co2 than volcanoes annually.
We are having more violent storms, droughts, and wildfires due to climate change and it is costing billions. Members of the so-called Bohemian Club include Former Presidents Eisenhower, Nixon and Reagan. Each Year at Bohemian Grove, Members of This All-Male Club Don Red, Black and Silver Robes and Conduct an Occult Ritual Wherein They Worship a Giant Stone Owl, Sacrificing a Human Being in Effigy to What They Call the Great Owl of Bohemia. I can't believe any rational person would watch Alex Jones and think he is telling the truth about everything.
That our "great christian leaders" would be attending these rituals and (apparently-perhaps supposedly) taking part in homosexual behavior. As PC812 correctly stated, Moloch is normally envisioned as a bull-deaded diety, not an owl.
When the cremation of care ceremony takes place at BoGrove it is a pro-christian ritual in which brotherly-love and christianity defeat paganism, converting the druids away from bloody sacrifices. Fluoride is the perfect enemy and we are taught through media in school that is what saves our teeth from rotting. If these secret meetings do in fact affect policy then I certainly do have an issue with that. Because Bush + the 'Jesus Factor' helped him win a second term in office and his supposed faith helps to sway public opinion so if he's participating in anti-Christian rituals that renders BUSH a liar and hypocrite to the highest degree.
Now maybe you realize the amount of infiltration the NWO has over Christianity and it's leaders in this country. If that is so I didn't mean to insult you or say your religion would still do something like this.

What's so funny is the fact that not only is this as obviously poorly conducted ritual with symbolism that that isn't even correct within the system (exampli gratia, the masculinity of the owl as demonstrated in the ritual --which should be considered female as per Lilith. Jones has always used his paranoia-act-induced conspiracy theories to keep the dough rollin' in. A reenactment of a tradition (I'd rather not call it a ritual because that would imply there was something evil about it).
If you knew anything about Bohemian Grove ( which you obviously don't) you would know there is no way for him to just whip out a camera and start filming. I expected a lot more shit in it, the entire show was like watching theater in Broadway but with a froggy acoustics. While I would not advise anyone to believe everything you hear in this film, you must admit that there is certainly something strange going on. Pretty rude to ask someone's opinion with an insane leading question and then make fun of their answer. With so many factors at play, each swing of the climate pendulum has produced its own unique conditions. They found that from 2003 to 2009, Greenland lost about a trillion tons, mostly along its coastlines. Using the base of 250 ppm, you contend that our present 350 ppm can also be attributed to natural causes outside of man-made CO2. I have a co2 ppm meter and out here in Los Angeles the ambient ppm never goes over 310, its around 300 most of the time.
Even when oil runs out, the planet will suck up all of that nice delicious carbon into plants and trees which future people will use for energy causing all of that carbon to be shoved back into the atmosphere along with the heat capturing abilities of forests and cleared land.
As a matter of fact I know of 4 other friends that have these meters and show the same readings. Fossil fuels are on almost every major celestial body in the Solar System, never could figure out why.
Created in cooperation with the Boston Athletic Association®, which granted NOVA unprec­edented access to the 111th Boston Marathon®, and Tufts University, "Marathon Challenge" takes viewers on a unique adventure inside the human body, tracking the physiological changes that exercise can bring about.
NOVA's runners range in age from 22 to 60, and they come to the endeavor with a wide range of medical histories and backgrounds. In this film Howard looks at the common rhythmic patterns that have been used by musicians from all cultures, from Brahms to rappers, from the founders of Cuban son to Philip Glass, from Stevie Wonder to Fats Waller.
In this film Howard looks at how western harmony works, and how, in the present day, it has fused with other forms of music to create new styles. Although I found this doc interesting and I do my best to educate myself with the theory of music I've always found it somewhat complicates and robotizes music. I emailed Goodall's PA, who told me to contact the doco's producer, who in turn informed me. Over the next 49 days one of the largest criminal searches in Canadian history ensued, taking the RCMP above the Arctic Circle where they had to endure harsh weather conditions on top of firefights with the mysterious fugitive they were pursuing.
Despite photographs and fingerprints, police agencies across North America failed to identify the mystery man time and again.
Super volcanoes, however, begin life when magma rises from the mantle to create a boiling reservoir in the Earth’s crust.
And the best part is that since the energy is going at the speed of ligt and straight at us, there is no way of telling when it will hit us or has the shot been made altogether becouse of the time lagg. It's quite accurate in terms of expressing our current scientific capabilities, and predicting the potential outcome (not even the worst-case). The need for healthy food is about as basic as it gets and we don't usually think of whether it's wholesome or not as being affected by money and politics. Lot of these pesticides can easily contaminate our water and soil, so Steve wondered if the government is aware of the danger.
However that said there is nothing stopping people in the UK getting on a plane and flying to the Amazon and starting their own tribe or just living in woods in the UK. I guess it boils down to the old republic versus democracy debate, as to whether you have some fixed, or at least very difficult to change, basic laws that underpin and temper your democratic process, or whether you have a voting free for all and accept the possible consequences. This is where the battle will be fought, right here on the internet, as its challenge to their control of the media arrived so quickly that it caught them napping and they are still struggling to assert control over it. At least, I hope you realise that some anarchist make a distinction between 'to govern' and 'to organise'.
But of course, as any other animal on this planet, we are equipped with skills to live together in a rather peaceful way.
Clearly, some organisation or government comes with that, though the question remains, what kind of government? It just happens that because a company is made of multiple people without individual responsibility for it, it ends up behaving in a psychotic way. Also I would argue that an e-democracy could go ahead regardless of how many corporations exist, as we have a largely free media in the UK, where there are vocal voices from both the left and right.
As for where loyalties lie amongst their heavy weight political journalists, does anyone remember Jeremy Paxman being caught by photographers rushing round to Peter Mandelson's place first thing in the morning to apologise for Mathew Paris' outing of him live on his show the night before? Just keep in mind where the funding comes from for these organisations and the gaps in their coverage become quite understandable. These days, that sort of comparison is merely a click away and I'd strongly encourage everyone to take the time to do it. That said, I couldn't help noticing the difference in the recent coverage of Sochi between RT and Vice, who usually sing from pretty much the same song sheet.
Agribusiness could have served well as an example, but it ended up being a documentary about both issues and neither.
I also note that revolutions can be hijacked (e,g, Iran) but I share your glimmer of hope. Control of banking systems, the media, and political parties are all to be seen as good opportunities for growth and a healthy return for the shareholders, and, as the corporations grow, power becomes ever more concentrated in the hands of the few, so they naturally begin to network amongst themselves and you'll see things like the Bilderberg Group and the possible adoption of global strategies.
A government that is kept within its constitutional boundaries is one that will have very little influence over our day to day lives and is one lobbyists won't have an interest in contributing to.
Take back government and place it in the proper hands, as the founders of this nation did, restrict its use by restricting the USERS not he implement, and then you have something. The fact that they produce only .5% of the energy we use shows that they are not capable of reducing our dependence on fossil fuels in any significant way any time soon. I guess if I were in their position, I might settle for one of those old pathetic geezers if I had to live in a one room flat, subsist on potatoes & date the local drunks. So, yeah I guess if you're looking for a wife, I would recommend a Ukrainian :) Good luck girls and guys. They think they found a solution, and most of them not going there for sex (you dont pay 3.5 g just to have sex, in US you can get prostitute for much cheaper), they want family. Although I think the old guy in black had some game; definitely some class and self-control.
I bet the marriage agency could have handed them some basic dating advice material and they could have practiced it over the bus rides. They marry North American men, then two years later file for divorce and take them for everything they've got. Some of the girls were not only pretty and elegant, but quite intelligent and frankly way of the guys' leagues.
Which is a hint that they are gold-diggers and seeking a sugar daddy to drain his bank account. And the rest of the guys are on board,, American ladies are the worst no matter what degree they have or what their story is..
More than three decades later, acclaimed astronomer Eric Becklin helped to construct infrared technology which allowed his team to peer through the clouds of dust particles to uncover the center of the Milky Way. The speed with which objects swarmed and circled around this galactic center led to the possibility of a supermassive black hole, a theory further supported by the awe-inspiring imagery captured by the Hubble telescope.
Look at the new hollywood projects many of them are all about global disusters and this is not just individual films they prepare us to some possible consequenses. This monoculture caused desert conditions which quickly spread at the turn of the 20th century. I would suggest that everyone look up srmgi Solar Radiation Management Governance initiative.
If you're a homosexual pagan running for office that's one thing, being a homosexual pagan and running while masquerading as a happily-married straight Christian is something else entirely.
In Hawaiian mythology there is an owl god called Paupueo - however he is more concerned with chasing away dwarves rather than demanding sacrifice - so it's no great suprise that Alex Jones chose to omit that.
Alex Jones just got scared at the thought of American presidents not being nice, wholesome Christians. I think conservative Christians would very, very different about voting for leaders who participated in this type of stuff. We are only on this planet for a very short time, our understanding is miniscule, but at the very least, we should be able to understand that we are not at the top of creation. Of course I'm not a fanatical Christian that believes that almighty GAWD is frowning on this.
The druids did sacrifice human beings, we have scientific proof in the form of the remains of a sacrificed young warrior.
But you can't just cling to what you want to beleive in the face of strong evidence to the contrary and NO evidence to support your claim.
If this were a "Druidic" ritual, Cernunos or Pan shouild have been used to represent the Lord of the Forest), but also the poor camera quality which basically makes one unable to make anything of the atmosphere, the attire, and "the real human sacrifice". The whole point is that it's a secret society, and video taping is NOT allow, thus he'd get kicked out.
Fool before had been actors in the theater, then it became atheist, then it became stupid but it still in its raw form, fool. It is very distubing that our past Presidents and other leaders of various stature would be involved in an organization like this. Take, for example, the last interglacial, known as the Eemian, from 130 to 115,000 years ago. That's one reason scientists today are intensively monitoring Earth's frozen zones, including the ice sheet that covers Greenland.
The Farmer's Almanac has been right on about 80% of its weather predictions because it follows the solar output. What you fail to include in your math is that at 250 ppm the same natural processes were occuring. And it is how this sealed system deals with energy from the sun that is the important factor. I don't think they like they idea of such a large factor in climate change being out of they're hands. If not, what are the familiar melodic patterns composers of all types of music have fallen back on again and again, and why do they work?
For example: When we talk about avoiding parallel 5ths and other theoretical "rules" it is only because people found them distasteful sounding not because at the time they were arbitrarily outlawed. Ending with the trapper's suicide, police found $2,400 in cash on his body but nothing to identify him or indicate why he was on the run. Almost 80 years later, forensic experts dig up the remains of the fugitive to try and determine his identity once and for all.
If the team of forensic sleuths say there was no identity, the whole crew from 1932 is not likely to be found guilty for their behavior. The sky will darken, black rain will fall, and the Earth will be plunged into the equivalent of a nuclear winter. This chamber increases to an enormous size, building up colossal pressure until it finally erupts.
Why is it that so many Americans seem concerned about the impact of money on the elected leaders?
And I am rather sure that the picture of humans as a fierce and violent animal is wrong and perhaps also intentionally made up.
I consider RT one of the best channels, but they still have to go on-message with the sponsors from time to time, so it certainly pays to surf about.
What I mean to say is that I wished they would have focused on the lobbying, and left other issues for another documentary. I'm going to write all the representative of my state and tell them I'm not going to vote for any of them that don't support a cleaner election bill. They both come with a lot of strings attached and aren't as environmentally friendly as they might sound.
I'm pro the idea of facilitating meetings between people who are in search of any form of relationship, but whenever money is brought into an equation, there will always be some form of exploitation, this goes beyond prostitution. The looking for a 'nice guy' is so very true - they are easy targets for those shopping lists. Problem for them will be when they bring her over US, she gets papers and dumps him , getting half his stuff. All I do know is that it made for some good laughs, and well, some seriously creepy moments. Interesting how the comments are favoring the 'poor women' in this doc and the men are slobs etc, but I think both parties are equally at fault or equally shallow. To be fair, it's a mutually exploitative process, the men are exploiting their beauty and the women exploiting the man's financial wealth. What accounts for the formation of this black hole, and for the immense power which permits it to illuminate our galaxy?
Alarmingly the dimming continues today, and Asia, home to half the world-s population is currently under threat.
He is thought to have been sacrificed during the time when Rome was closing in on the druids.
You'd think that if the elite were the professional Occultists that Jones and the rest of the paranoid community think they are, that they would at least be able to set up a scene without tacky light effects, unfitting music, and unenthusiastic speech qualities. But of course should something like that they claim happens this guy and all the reporters in the video footage would be swimming with the fishes long time ago.
They are shaping public policy that all of us as Americans will have to live with and that is simply wrong. A decrease in solar energy hitting the Arctic allows sea ice to form in winter and remain over summer, then to expand its reach the following year. This happened at a time when CO2 was at preindustrial levels, and global temperatures had risen only modestly. By 2012, summer sea ice coverage had fallen to a little more than half of what it was in the year 1980.
Ten years from now, when the whole global warming bandwagon has come off its hinges, you guys are gonna look like the earth is flat m*rons. Keep in mind, that this is the most densely populated, urban city in the world, with a ton of cars everywhere. 2 billion years of fixing carbon to hydrogen(anoxic or through anaerobic decomposition) does it really matter?
Fear of that which they cannot control yet they fail to prepare for what they know is coming. It started with 2 people banging different rocks together and saying "That sound good!" I taught myself music through the same means.
All the theory in the world will be of no help unless the ear connects with brain and instructs the fingers! They dramatize this dental information, but it's very basic knowledge for even a dental auxiliary. I think Christine is baiting us, there's no way anyone could leave a comment as inane as that and be serious about it. Is it because some of the policies they're making or lack of oversight that's affecting people's daily lives?
Anyway it is probably too late to reverse as this overpopulated world definitely brings out the worst in people. Humans being what they are, self-discipline is probably the worst way to have an organization function as expected. Even people like George Galloway can often be found on mainstream debate shows sat opposite a government minister. I feel for all the good people out there who fall victim to this materialistic and obscene society. The guys in this video should have asked the local Odessa men what the women are really like first. We'd be wise to allow increased immigration of women from the rest of the world to balance it out. With little doubt, Supermassive Black Hole at the Center of the Galaxy affirms that their continued efforts will provide an even greater understanding of these mysteries in the not so distant future.
His remains were found with very fancy jewelry and several ritual items, for this reason it is thought he may have been someone of importance, like nobility to the druids. And before you go saying" they would know he wasn't a member.", the guy who helped him sneak in knew some of the pass codes, so he WAS able to infiltrate. But with higher solar energy striking the north, temperatures rose dramatically in the Arctic. While the ice rebounded in 2013, the coverage was still well below the average of the last three decades. By playing what i thought sounded good, not by playing something in a way that i'm told will sound good.
We are not a tribe of 200 people anymore but thousands of millions competing for food and stuff. But there are also a lot of things we hate about the modern world, driving cars that pollute the environment, traffic congestion, expensive gas bills, politicians that largely ignore us, seeing food prices go up every month. Look at the big picture and see that life in earth is runing out and NASA is not a organisation to biring some damn rocks from Mars they try to find the best habitable place to make human colonies to keep human race. An undercover cop doesn't bust out a voice recorder or a walki-talki when in disguise, and neither could AJ just bust out a camera to film security gaurds. The effect was amplified by the lower reflectivity of ice-free seas and spreading northern forests. Analyzing global data from Grace, one study reports that Earth lost about 4,000 cubic kilometers of ice in the decade leading up to 2012. Through teaching myself music I found that I had already taught myself modes and scales and modified scales i had apparently came up with all on my own. If they are truly intelligent and all these great things that people are boasting about in the comments here, then they should move to north america where they can earn a good living and put their intelligence to work. Furthermore, for you to say this looks like a national park just shows how ignorant you are. The landscape channels the ice into many small glaciers that flow straight down to the sea. Any way, you may argue that anthropologist misinterpretted the remains they found, but I doubt it. The bohemian grove has been discussed in the news before, and the club itself has released some PR photos that include the giant owl. The old guy did seem to have some game, but totally lost me at the start with the used car analogy.
They have alot of experience with identifying things like this, religions of this type in this time usually did practice sacrifice, and they have other forms of circumstantial evidence to support thier claim. So it's pretty obvious to anyone who knows anything about it, that this video was taken from inside the grove. ALSO, if you study the workings of the occult, you will find that the cremation of care IS the same ritual that is used to sacrifice a child to Molech. In short, nothing you just said makes any sense, and you should stop polluting the atmosphere with your rediculous assertions.

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