In so many ways, the music festival is an unrivalled party: sun, drink, music, women, and dancing.
Whether it's a depraved society or the most fantastic live musical acts you crave, these music festivals have your name written all over them.
Burning ManIf you’re radically self-expressive, sick of societal norms and looking for a party like has never been known, Burning Man is definitely the place for you. PukkelpopThis annual music festival is one of the largest ones to be held in Europe in Hasselt, Belgium around mid-to-late August. CoachellaIt’s hardly surprising that one of the world’s best festivals is conducted in none other than California – home to never-ending sunshine and peace-loving hippies. GlastonburyPerhaps the most well-known of all on this list Glastonbury consistently wins our ‘Best Festival Award’ time and time again. The reigning king of New Year's Eve festivals, the Falls Festival has become a very important event on the Australian music calendar. This weekend the UK hosts festival heavyweights such as Creamfields, Reading and Leeds and the Notting Hill Carnival. Those who were fans of the more eminent bands in rock music from the last century can find the next best thing at Festwich, in the way of tribute acts. The Big Feastival is the product of acclaimed chef, Jamie Oliver and musician Alex James of Blur.
The Bestival Festival’s line-up is absolutely huge with at least 50 acts confirmed for the 4 day stint. Those who want to get a taste of the best entertainment Upton Snodsbury has to offer can visit Snodfest in Upton Snodsbury Park on the 15th of September.
The Annual Fressingfield Music festival caters to an entirely different audience than most of the other music festivals, namely, lovers of jazz and classical music.
Hosted in Nevada’s Black Rock City this week long festival is fuelled by a variety of goals (10 governing principles to be precise) which are further fostered by attendees (who are also participants in the process). Held within a large enclosure of fields and woodland it has an attendance rate as exorbitant as 1,80,000 and more. Held in late April of each year, this three-day music and art bonanza entertains some of the biggest acts in music and hosting over 20,000 people each year. Organized and executed in the exquisitely beautiful Portugal (around late August) the festival’s backdrop is magnificent to say the least and considering it features elements of paint, sculpture, video art, installations and cinema aside from just music it is possibly the most dynamic too.What started out as a regular psy-trance festival has broadened its horizons deeply  both artisitically and musically. With an exceptional organizational committee, a line-up which cannot be compared with any other and a crowd of at least 185000 people each year, this 40 year old festival is magnetic to say the least with most one-time goers vouching to return in the future.
The event sees two sets of lineups perform simultaneously in Victoria and Tasmania, before swapping on New Year's Eve.

This weekend the Edinburgh Festival Fringe wraps up and over in Ibiza the closing parties are about to get underway, but don’t panic, there is plenty still going on in terms of festivals, events and activities.
From the 1st to the 2nd of September, St Mary’s Park will be the venue for a host of bands paying tribute to such legendary acts as Bon Jovi, ACDC, Oasis, Guns ‘n’ Roses and the Arctic Monkeys. Bestival includes a diverse range of internationally known performers such as Rizzle Kicks, New Order and Iceland’s post-rock legends, Sigur Ros.
Headliners include Spiritualized and Martha Reeves and the Vandellas, appearing on the 7th and the 9th respectively. There will be 10 hours of live music and a variety of foods from various local establishments. And, whilst Australia mightn’t boast an top-tier music festival in the vein of Glastonbury or Coachella, we are blessed with very capable, year-round music bashes. 2014 will be its 44th year and with Prince, Metallica and Outcast rumoured to be potential acts for the June event, it’s bound to be another amazing show.However, it is also worth pointing out Glastonbury is one of the most expensive festivals in the UK. These principles include everything from radical self-reliance to ‘leaving no trace’ – which has participants leaving the festival grounds in a manner befitting to how they found it.
The beauty of Pukkelpop is that it’s only goal (which it continues to annually fulfill) was, is and remains providing wide, amazing ranges of alternative music spanning all genres from rock, pop, dance and hip-hop to punk and heavy metal.
Its popularity has grown with startling precedence in the last 3-4 years and we doubt it will leave this list for another 10 at least! The entire experience is one permeated with a sense of mysticism, alternative thoughts and spirit as well as a keen respect for the environment by powering the entire festival on wind and solar energy as well as vegetable oil. The festival is skipped every fifth year to allow the grounds some time to recuperate (2012 will not have a Glastonbury) but on all other years the five days of merry-making is well anticipated despite consistently rainy weather. Also on stage will be a variety of talented local performers including various Prestwich comedians and DJs.
The long list of other classic acts scheduled to perform includes 1980s favourites De La Soul, Gary Numan and Adam Ant.
For the live music portion of the experience, those attending will get to see The Chris Whiting Band, Tom Forbes, Skewhiff, and Hitchhiker. The festival days will be from the 25th of September to the 29th and the performances will include two full operas complete with orchestra. A standard ticket for the five day event will set you back ?215 (that’s around A$400) but if you’re serious about festival-going it really is worth it.Should you find yourself travelling abroad without the means of purchasing a ticket, you can always take advantage of a bank transfers from travel bureaus like Travelex.
Basically, a ‘progressive and contemporary’ musical event with ‘something for everyone.’ Notable music events in the past include The Prodigy, RHCP, Neil Young, Radiohead, The Pixies etc. Every year tickets and infamous for getting sold out in less than two hours as well as the registration process rigorous.

Choosing between the two sites usually sees the masses gravitate to Lorne, but the Marion Bay campsite has absolutely stunning placement overlooking the water…perfect for summer, so consider it.
Among the bands performing will be Bon Giovi, often billed as the UK’s best Bon Jovi tribute band. Every musical genre is represented with tracks from Emeli Sande, Orbital, Sister Sledge and the Gallows.
Festival-goers who desire variety will get it here as there will be street theatre and family entertainment available as well.
Among the performers will be Meng Yang Pan, Arborea Musica and Vox Cantare, Badinage and Singers, and the Commonwealth Orchestra. The 2012 Bestival will be held from the 6th of September to the 9th at Robin Hill on the Isle of Wight.
This includes Circus Ronaldo, a Belgian comedy and theatre troupe performing in a circus tent.
Also performing will be Whole Lotta DC, performing songs by Australia’s best rock band, Guns or Roses and Higher-on-Maiden. Festival-goers may also peruse local goods at the Big Feastival’s Artisan Food Market where they will find foods from several nearby farms.
Music is not all the Bestival will have to offer as there will also be Nomad Cinema, a pop-up cinema, and Bestival Blocos, which is the Bestival’s own carnival parade. Kid British will be performing their own brand of ska and dancehall at the E20 Yellow Bus Stage in the Wellington Street Bus Market. With origins firmly rooted in student peace movements, Exit is still run by a non-profit organisation with a social mission to help the youth in the Balkans.Exit offers both a standard four-day ticket for ?95 (around A$180) and also an all-in-one travel package that includes tickets, transfers and accommodation for a reasonable price. I’ve done lots of the other UK festivals and had a brilliant time but getting a ticket for Glastonbury is amazing.
Anne Sutherland-Smith says: February 25, 2014 at 7:53 pmBekah, congratulations on getting your ticket! AboutI’m Anne Sutherland-Smith, travel blogger and spreadsheet queen.I love the process of planning our travels and want to help inspire you to plan and travel with confidence.

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