With iOS 7’s release, a few of Apple’s apps that I abandoned long ago got a reprieve; mainly due each app’s stark redesign from their iOS 6 predecessor. You’d think the Related tab would display similar movies to the one selected, but in fact it lists content (e.g. At the top of the Featured view you’ll find options to filter by genre and search for a movie. One downfall of iTunes Movie Trailers is that it’s not a archive of past movies, so trying to search for anything that was released before the mid to late 2000’s typically won’t get you far. Previously dubbed “Top 25,” the Top Charts view offers four lists: Most Popular (most popular trailers), Box Office (top box office performers), Rotten Tomatoes (movies in theaters with the highest Rotten Tomatoes scores) and On iTunes (top performing movies available on iTunes).
Sometimes there’s a specific movie I want to see, where other times I’m just curious as to what’s currently showing. If you’re browsing by movie, you’ll find the same showtime dates at the top, followed by a list of movies in alphabetical order. In a nutshell, the Favorites view is where you can easily access your favorite theaters and movies. The Movie tab separates movies that are in theaters and in iTunes, and seeing the same movie in both sections isn’t uncommon in my experience.
Speaking of investigating, it took me a few minutes to figure out how to access a movie in iTunes from Favorites. Within the iTunes ecosystem I keep a wish list of movies I’d like to rent, and would love to see iTunes Movie Trailers get implemented into in some manner. As you switch between iOS 7’s default apps, you’ll notice that share a similar trait–nearly of them feature a stark white design. Navigation in iTunes Movie Trailer remains relatively unchanged, short of the lack of physical buttons metaphors stripped away in iOS 7 (as a whole).
If you haven’t done so already, I recommend giving iTunes Movie Trailers a trial run as your movie companion.
This past weekend, we set up a projector in our family room, finally replacing our old and outdated TV with a blown speaker. In this article, I am going to talk only about inspiring movies especially of 21st century (not action-type movies like Avengers or Bourne Legacy or mind-twisting movies like Inception or Prestige). The movie is about a rich born man whose parents were killed by some thugs during his childhood. The story of the world’s youngest billionaire.Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg creates the social networking site that would become known as Facebook, but is later sued by two brothers who claimed he stole their idea, and the co-founder who was later squeezed out of the business. This movie must be watched by every teenager who wants to start off his career with a set-on mind. A promising young drummer enrolls at a cut-throat music conservatory where his dreams of greatness are mentored by an instructor who will stop at nothing to realize a student’s potential.
Never ever back down in your life, no matter how many times u fall or how many challenges u face (just remember why u started it). The Best Horror Movies Database App is the perfect companion to help you select the best horror movies to watch online. The Best Horror Movies Database App features over 600+ ( and growing ) top rated horror movies, cult horror movies, and classic horror movies of all time featuring great directors such as George Romero, Francis Ford Coppola, Alfred Hitchcock, Roman Polanski, Takashi Miike, Sam Raimi, Dario Argento, James Wan, John Carpenter and others! With The Best Horror Movies Database App, you will never run out of the top rated horror movie suggestions to stream online or top rated horror classics to watch right on your device! Please note that only the Android version has Netflix, Amazon, and Vudu links to the movies. Whether it’s from lack of interest or uncertainty about what’s available in the App Store, they stick with what’s provided to them and go about their business.
Those familiar with Apple products may know that movie trailers have been part of the company’s bag for quite some time, and I often enjoyed firing up Front Row on a Mac and checking out trailers for new movies. Trailers) view displays a grid of movie posters, that, when tapped, provides information that’s divided into two or three views: Details, Showtimes (available if the selected movie is in theaters) and Related. In my experience, trailers streamed very well, and looked great on my iPhone and iPad regardless of being in HD or SD. I like the notion of being able to go back and view trailers for older films, but iTunes Movie Trailers isn’t a substitute for IMDb, which picks up the slack very well in this department.
I like the removal of the 25 limit, which offers more choices (typically capping off at 50), but compared to its iPhone counterpart, the view isn’t as informative. In either case, the In Theaters view is where to get the job done, as you can switch between two tabs–Theaters and Movies.

Typically, I’d say sorting in this manner is a smart choice, but the developers have put all the movies beginning with “the” together in the “T” section, which is both odd and confusing.
Theaters are added in the theater details subview and a movie can be added by tapping the share icon and choosing the Add Movie to Favorites option.
If you tap a movie in the On iTunes tab in the Top Charts view, the iTunes Store view automatically pops up with options to buy and rent (if available). Specifically, if I add a movie to my favorites, it’d be neat if it was immediately added to my iTunes wish list once it became available. Each icon meshes well with Apple’s sense of design in iOS 7, though some of the changes aren’t necessarily better. The bottom navigation bar allows you quickly jump before views, and feature the translucency effect I’ve become quite enamored with. Granted, I’m a big fan of IMDb, which I use frequently–but I don’t find the app to be as nicely laid out as iTunes Movie Trailers (perhaps that will change when the app receives its iOS 7 refresh). Likewise, if you previously used the app and deleted it at some point, this may be an opportunity to revisit iTunes Movie Trailers. It turned our whole family room into an at-home movie theater and has me stopping to reflect back on my favorite movies from the past year I want to now relive that they’ve come to DVD and Blu-ray! Since my family does not watch R-rated films, you won’t find any R-rated films on my list. I have to say, last year brought a few unusual romance films and some awesome adventure films. There will be no SPOILER content in the list related to story twists or problems faced by them during their career (problems can be faced by your will power alone). During his childhood, he was always afraid of unknown entities and darkness but now, he is ready to take down villains of the city by himself.
Biopic movies are always inspiring cause everyone wants to know true story behind famous personalities especially movies like “The Social Network” ( yup ! The story revolves from his college life uptill his present paralyzed body, it deals with his love life and ideas regarding the concepts of creation of universe and time. For your convenience, the Android version provides the movies' Netflix, Amazon and Vudu links for movies you can watch on these accounts. Don't worry, with The Best Horror Movies Database you will find the top rated horror movie releases you've missed by searching by the current year.
On a dark night, gather everyone around your tablet for some horror thrills and create spooky memories with your friends! Ever loved a film and wondered how you can find similar movies?* View movie scene photos* View DVD cover details* Watch top rated feature films right on your Netflix, Amazon, or Vudu accounts online. I, on the other hand, only use a few of Apple’s apps for which alternatives are available and stash the rest away in a folder. Beforehand, I was using a combination Wigglehop, Fandango and Google for all my theater going excursions, but now Apple’s all-in-one movie app offers nearly all the information and features I’ll ever need.
This review isn’t focused solely on the app’s redesign, which would, admittedly, be a very short review. Since Front Row was axed in Lion (10.7), I now use iTunes Movie Trailers and my Apple TV to get my trailer fix.
Details is where you’ll find most of the good stuff, such as a plot synopsis, MPAA rating, Rotten Tomatoes score (if available), trailers, gallery and film information (e.g. Showtimes is a great way to find local showtimes for multiple theaters all at once, allowing to quickly determine which theater and what showing is right for your moving going venture (I’ll discuss navigating showtimes further in the In Theaters section). Searching for movies works as you’d expect, except the app doesn’t support auto-complete, which is a bit disappointing. In the iPhone version, movies are displayed in a vertical list, which is a big improvement because you can see a great deal more information about a movie (e.g.
When searching for theaters, iTunes Movie Trailers displays theaters (left) that are closest to you, but you can select a specific location or theater by tapping the Change option and then entering a zip code, city or theater. Each movie showtime is indicated by the green or blue line on a timeline, which usually includes the actual showtime. Unfortunately, you can’t sort or search for movies in this view, but that’s available in the Featured and Top Charts views. Interestingly, the Theaters tab displays content in a horizontal grid of movie poster icons, separated by theater, which is unique to the app. While in Favorites, you’ll have to navigate to the Related tab in the movie info view and select the movie in question.

For me, iTunes Movie Trailers is the first place I go when I know there’s a trailer I want to watch.
On the iPad, every feature and view is useful, but the trailer watching experience is much better simply because of the larger screen real estate. This compliation includes 25 of my favorite movies that came to theaters in late 2012 or 2013 that are available to rent now or will be in the next few weeks! Following his ideas, he joins company of a group named “League of shadows” with same ideology, but their methods are cruel and inhuman.
The best moments of the movie are depicted during the last parts ( I will not spoil that !). The Best Horror Movies Database App offers the database of top rated horror movies of all time searchable by year, decade, actors, director, keywords and more! With The Best Horror Movies App you can download horror movies from the largest library of top rated spooky classics for those moments when you don't have a network connection. There are many reasons why I opt for third-party apps, but anyone that visits an app review blog, such as yourself, probably doesn’t need must explanation why they’re often much better.
For instance, if you’re using the app on a Saturday, the first list you’ll see is movies that were released the previous day. Previously, this view displayed the theater’s name, address and phone number, but now opts for drive time, distance and general directions. Tapping a movie will display movie information and a trailer at the top, along with showtimes displayed below (divided by theaters).
But, I quite like it because you can see theater and movies currently playing all in a single view. It’s bit more complicated than it should be, and would make more sense to call out the fact that a movie is available in iTunes–perhaps with a banner of some sort. Granted, iTunes Movie Trailers had a dark theme in iOS 6, but so did Podcasts and it received a white makeover. Overall, there’s nothing complicated about iTunes Movie Trailers, and I found it to be a breeze to browse and watch trailers, check what’s coming to theaters soon and find times for local showings.
Having that ingrained in me already, it’s now become my de facto app for all things new movie–unless I want to see a cast list, in which case it’s back to IMDb. No matter what your favorite genre of movies might be, there were a lot a great films released last year. The story revolves from his poor childhood days in Pakistan to becoming a professional boxer.
The Best Horror Movies Database App will keep you entertained with hours of horror movies at your disposal! Compared to the iPhone version, this view shines on the iPad–opting to separate released dates in horizontal sections, with movies displayed vertically. Newly released movies often have a lot of showings, which makes it very difficult to differentiate in this setup. Between the two, I find a ticket stub to be a better representation of a theater, but perhaps that’s just me. A few I missed in theaters and can’t wait to rent and watch them from the comfort of our own home with a bowl of popcorn! I love to travel and have been known for planning trips specifically to hit the roller coasters! The Best Horror Movies Database App also offers the largest library of only the top rated and legal horror classics to watch or download right from your phone or tablet! Also, if a search doesn’t return anything, there’s no indication–minus the spinning wheel being no longer present. Those wonderful Apple developers thought as much, which is why you can tap a timeline to view a full list of showings, which is where you can also get options to purchase tickets (opens Fandango app or website) or add a showtime to your calendar. Featured, on the other hand, uses the star icon well to represent the view, but the I disagree with the change from its previous moniker–Trailers. The iPhone version offers a theater information view that’s useful, and is nowhere to be found in the iPad version, which is unfortunate. It’s the first view you see when firing up the app, but I find no reason why for the switch–especially when the view is still labeled “Trailers” in the header.

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