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An evangelical preacher led nearly a 1,000 followers from the United States deep into the jungles of South America. By the late 1960s and early 70s the streets of America erupted in violence and civil strife. I know it's wrong, but I just can't stop thinking about Jack's line- live together, or die alone. Wasn't it leaked that Jim Jones did work with the CIA and that during the mass suicide,and British SAS units were in the vicinity on a "training" mission? Actually, your post is just a vague rumour and a tenuous thread linking it somehow together. What would be the point in mentioning the CIA connection and that the British SAS units were in the vicinity unless you felt they were somehow involved in this tragedy?
An epic document of the struggles and triumphs that unite us all, HUMAN takes viewers on a journey across the globe to uncover the essential truths about what it means to be human. One such subject is love, a phenomenon which has driven and defined the human experience since the beginning of time. In a time when bitter conflict seems to dominate every corner of the globe, HUMAN is a refreshing reminder of the bonds that connect us all. Astounding sceneries of nature, people's hardships as they are working in harsh environments at hardest jobs, just to make some money to eat. I was over whelmed by the presentation of human emotions so naturally and powerfully in this documentary that I cried myself at several places. The second volume of this video, is as emotionally raw, and as confronting as the first volume.
The third volume of this doco, portrays many more of the diabolical complications and the dilemmas that the human condition has contracted and even then, that only scratches the surface. Our human intellect has enabled our scientists to create the Hubble telescope, which opened an astounding view right across the Universe; and left us all utterly dumb founded. This is an amazing accomplishment: The music--haunting and inspiring, the scenery--mysterious and powerful, the people--all too human, happy, pained, hopeful, despairing. Rather than making me feel better about humanity, this movie simply reinforces the realization that people are very basic creatures. In 1936, a family of Russian Old Believers journeyed deep into Siberia's vast taiga to escape persecution and protect their way of life. In 1978 their location was discovered by a helicopter pilot, who was flying a geological group into the region. A hard, solitary life of nothing but the fundamentals in a very beautiful environment, surrounded by cats and bears, and one horny old peg-legged geologist. There are a number of documentaries from Vice that I don't care for, but I really enjoyed this one. I am a bit amused at the doc slipping in the sponsor's logo (The North Face) here and there. Somebody has to pay for the cost of making this doc including flights and posting it for free on the internet. Go into the woods in Central Ontario in the winter after a snowfall and the silence can be un-nerving. I said it before on this site, not too long ago, that I've started using this sort of imagery of a vast, frozen, empty wilderness, with mountains and the whole bit, to help me get to sleep at night. I'm impressed - this 70 something woman lifting tree trunks and carrying them around, sawing her own firewood, smiling through it all?
At the beginning,The filmmaker rides in a helicopter along with a goat and a rooster to the taigas in Siberia. The footage takes the viewer into into the great unknown; a frozen world dripping with harsh beauty and isolated magnificence, where we meet an incredibly hardy and humble woman named Agafia. She exudes a zest for life, despite the loss of her entire family, and her endless toil to survive on her own.. I'm guessing her unwavering faith,always keeping busy, and the love for her animals, keeps her sane. Maybe if he'd been willing to do more for himself, and her, or as much as he could do, considering his disability, she'd have eventually taken a more favorable view of him. I happened on it entirely by accident about 6-8 months ago, not from a self-help book or anything. I suppose you missed the map in the documentary clearly depicts Agafia's home, in Siberia, in the south of Russia? Vice sails to the North Pacific Gyre, collecting point for all of the ocean's flotsam and home of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch: a mythical, Texas-sized island made entirely of our trash. As long as it's existed, the middle of the Gyre has been a naturally occurring point of accumulation for all the drifting trash in its half of the ocean.
The problem with plastic is, unless you hammer it with enough pressure to make a diamond, it never fully disintegrates. Thomas was intolerable---his constant cussing, and use of the word 'like' along with his complete lack of any kind of insight can only make me wonder why he would be included in this project.
There were too many wild, suspect numbers quoted by people who clearly don't know the difference between a million and a trillion.
They might have gotten a little hysterical after a few weeks at sea but I don't think they were being over emotional, apart from the snotty kissing scene maybe. Amazing 3 weeks on a boat with food, company and fresh water how did you make it true mental fortitude. I actually think the movie got the message through in the end (and for some unexplainable reason I liked all the fun characters).
Now I am so glad the nonrenewable oil is going to run out.Not glad that my children might starve to death, but at least I won't be around to see it. It can't be polycarbonate plastic as they claim; it's density is higher than that of water and it would sink, not float. With all the crap we eat and the fact that most of our surfaces are covered in urine and feces, it's a wonder we haven't died off from disease. We are aware of the plastic situation but you forget that there is a price to pay for having nice things and modern technology and plastics is one of them. I see in your video you yourself are using plastics to hold some of your supplies in and other stuff that just would not be made without your so called evil plastics of the world. Would you be satisfied if we go back to the caveman era without all the new modern technology ? A documentary about how to take a serious subject and totally **** it up by turning it into a reality style 'road'-trip for a bunch of nobodies! I think this was a good doco because ultimately it makes you think about the fact that there is a whole lot of crap floating around in the ocean - as a direct cause of human consumption and globalisation. 32yrs ago Carl Sagan warned of both garbage and plastic waste especially in the area of Hawaii, but what is the answer, in the case of plastic waste what do we do with it, I agree with what OCmackdaddy says but it's not the total answer. When I was growing up the school system and the media really stressed that 'we shouldn't pollute or litter because some things like wrappers and plastic bottles aren't biodegradable' and by law can write you a ticket. With all the laws surrounding the environment in the public sector, how can the Government be so ignorant to such things? The narrator in this film is a 20 something braindead i*iot whose sole descriptive vocabulary consists of " fkng" this and "sht" that.
I understand that there's always going to be a sense of judgement towards the so called "cool hipsters" from California, and yes the do excessively swear. Stop judging and being blind and open your minds to the pollution that is covering this planet and do something about it. I think we should discard this label language and refer to only people or men, women, boys and girls. Someone please remake this film sans the incredibly annoying, narcissistic, unenthused and seemingly uneducated people. The word is 'Wholesome' and this subject matter concerns young children far more than adults, It would be nice if they could watch it that's all.
This idea is a great one to document but this guys mouth is just as toxic as the waste he is documenting. This is an interesting topic but the way this documentary has been done is ridiculously crappy.
The bespectacled, hipster doofus nerd with the extremely punchable face and who can't seem to get through a sentence without uttering the F word made what should've been a serious documentary into one that I could barely get through. In all, it is estimated that alcohol-related violence costs the community $187 million each year. While the overall incidence of alcohol-related violent crime varies in each state in Australia, one thing is clear: the violence associated with alcohol abuse is getting more extreme.
I don't think this is a new epidemic, it's just that people are coming to their senses are realizing that alcohol is a major problem. At no stage marijuana was mentioned during any type accusation of illicit drugs being a large part of the violence currently happening in the night life entertainment as there are very little non alcoholic. I served in the Australian Army for ten years in what I believe in the two best fighting units with in the defence force, I can relate to the message this documentary is trying to relay however the point abouts the drug problem is a very important contributing factor. My girls saw "nothing wrong" with watching the loser get beaten into the ground, long after they'd fallen or passed out. These poor victims were hospitalized with concussions from being kicked in the head, over and over, while they were unconscious! When I used to witness fights at school, in the dark ages; the fight ended as soon as someone "lost". Madness: by all the cops risking it all for nothing, pub's open 10 hrs longer they should be , lives wrecked and nothing will change. Maybe i'm the exception, but I can smoke AND drink with no detriment at all, I know you'll over analyze me with your scary knowledge of everything, but really i'm fine. I don't see this as a problem that's specific to Australia at all, I see this sort of behaviours occurring everywhere where large quantities of alcohol is consumed.
Rap is not in itself bad, but the lifestyle it celebrates is being reflected throughout western culture in the young-adult demographic.
His attacker served little time in jail and in my opinion he should be paying Sam and his family restitution. I've seen Aussies in action myself, and was horrified because they literally tore up the place.
In their teens, my kids started using MSN, going back and forth having chats online, and right away I noticed how "vicious" some of the talk was, and I immediately limited their internet usage to strictly homework. All their friends behaved like that, much like the kids today, who torment others on FB and Twitter. More so than a long known "problem", it is a symptom of much deeper problems in our societies all around the globe. It's basically down to frustration with their position in societies they live in and alcohol amplifies the way they feel. Tasteless,crass, sensationalist and with a highly patronising tone that informs us via the medium of fear and infers that this film will be using this tragedy to try to further a political agenda we can all agree on by the time we have all been horrified enough by the consequences of drinking as much as the english do on a saturday night.
Red wine makes me feel "relaxed" But, but like you mentioned, I've noticed it can make other women become bitchy.
I'm an Aussie and have traveled all over world and have to agree with you about not just being an Aust.
I've seen US marines attempt to run riot in a bar an without our presents there they pulled there heads in and enjoyed the night. I have seen groups of tourist from other countries do the same here in Australia however my opinion of that nation as a whole may or may not alter because of certain individuals from that country's actions.
You mean, 'Good day' lol :-P Yeah the Irish are pretty horrible at it as well, same with Scots. I have on occasions expressed myself on this site using Aussie slang and most others seem to find it with the humor intended, may-be a history lesson on Australia and its heritage is in order.
I'm probably just digging myself deeper here, but it's like black slang in the states, it might sound kind of funny or cool at times but it's like an inside-joke that only a certain percentage of people will understand.
The United States proudly identifies itself as the major purveyor of peace and democracy across the world. The film contends that the same was true in East Timor, a region that gained the attention of the U.S. But both those who vote and those who do not vote are equal in their guilt through enabled silence. Even more so, those who vote claiming knowledge of their selection while abandoning their involvement soon after their act. It is the silent and willing masses that government agents rely on to step out of the way for those who's power has been presumed.
America is not God to decide our faith and we all know that very dog has a day and is just a matter of time.
Those who DO NOT vote are more culpable because they refuse a citizen's duty (to vote), even if to spoil it. It's too bad that the film maker totally distorted the conflict between Israel and the Arab nations. WWI--Western Imperial war largely fought over access and control of essential resources, mainly oil.
WWII--Blowback for the misguided choice made by rich European Monarchies to place a far right radical strong man in Germany (Hitler, who had lost democratic election in 1932) as a buffer against anti-monarchist threats coming from Russia. Stalin--After the failure of the Lenin's revolution, essentially attributable to Western economic isolation, the West gives support to this corrupt strong man as a way to plunge Russia into a long civil unrest, also keeping Russian oil off the international market.
At 165 pounds, and allegedly made from the skins of 160 donkeys, the Codex Gigas is the world's largest and most mysterious medieval manuscript.
Filled with satanic images and demonic spells, according to legend, the cursed text sprang from a doomed monk's pact with the Devil. Now, Nat Geo follows a team of scientists as they embark on an unprecedented quest to unravel the secrets behind the book's darkened pages. The Codex Gigas contains one full page – right opposite the devil portrait – of a towering Heavenly City.
The Codex Gigas includes mystical medical formulas for anything from treating ailments such as fevers and epilepsy to resolving practical problems such as finding a thief. I always find it amazing how people's perceptions of the devil have changed throughout the ages.
Its possible that the monk would have actually written the book AFTER being walled up in a cell. All references to Satan in the Bible are a reference to the processing of information through our five physical senses and the love that flows between our hearts, generating our conviction of conscience is the spirit of God. For additional insight, the second best source that I know of is a book called "The Third Measure of Meal" written by frank jakum in 2010.
However, the book states that without a significant conviction of conscience, one will construct a belief system to facilitate rejection of the understanding and its implications to the status-qo. The guy who owns the book didn't have enough money to pay higher insurance premiums and no one else gave enough of a damn to lend it to him.
It is significant to note that the Bible itself states that it would one day be understood and this is in clear recognition of the fact, by the Bible itself, that it would not be understood until that day. This is recorded in Mark 4:21-25 but the understanding requires a significant conviction of conscience to engage. Yes, because of the way the Bible has been handled by many over the course of its long existence, it is easy to assume that it will never be understood.
Your comment admits to a misunderstanding about the term "Theory" (as used by scientists rather than folks on TV, etc.) In science, a Theory is used to explain facts that have been observed, and it is only a tentative explanation.
I don't mean to sound condescending or mean, but i simply don't believe your assertion that carbon dating has been dis-proven. When you say "sounds like god to me" that implies you have stopped trying to find Truth and rather have fallen back on something akin to "i can't explain it, so God did it".
I love how all these supposedly non believers find their way here to bash God and Religion. I hate how the religious apologists can't use logic or think straight because of their beliefs.
IF your version of 'God' were possible it were true, you'd have to pray for me, have your laugh, then pray for yourself. I second the questions already asked to you by over the edge, can you show some proper evidence to back anything you've claimed? There are so many questions unaddressed by that investigative duo another book could be written to fill the gaps.
Quite simply, some tangible proof that the 'skygod' is NOT a myth in the same realm as leprechauns, unicorns, witches, trolls, werewolves, and the like.
Which in the context of satanism and jbeckham360's assumptions and assertions, makes her 'here to bash religion due to some, 'Satan love' inspired agenda' claim as absurd as her claimed knowledge on Satan pumping certain people. Those who still argue about the existence of God, and by God I mean the GOD that most religious and non religious people agree about, are missing the boat that exist between the two sides.

For too long, in my opinion, science has refused to incorporate and promote the research on consciousness because it defined it in the realm of religion or spirituality, un-provable. It is my opinion that this kind of research can only benefit those who are extremely divided in what being is. I recall a line I liked in a doco about Francis Bacon I think it was, where he was frustrated at university, because there was an ongoing debate over how many teeth horses have. Science hasn't touched the realm of spirituality or belief systems, because (as far as I'm aware) they've found nothing quantifiable or testable and repeatable, and so the scientific method can't be applied. Personally, here's one problem I have with the idea that we each determine our own reality. I tend to think there is one reality, and we each have our individual interpretation of what our senses tell us, our own perspective on it.
I also think whatever we wish to imagine to fill those gaps with is fine, as long as it stays just that. I would say a theoretical approach to science is inevitable, always was, that's why I call it a play.
For those who have known me as az, they would remember that my theme has always been non religious, but then again i would support the phrase "consciousness may be the ground of all being".
If this was in fact the actuality of our reality, then I see no religious implication in that as it would concern every single being there is.
You may think it is rubbish, but I invite you to read or listen to some of the scientists who are supporting the possibility of that notion. Things are good in BC, not my favorite season at the door, but I feel lucky I have a warm apartment, food, money, love. I'm not sure if you've noticed, I've not usually commented on the conversations about consciousness and matter. I have watched and read just a little, on subjects getting into the same ball-park, like the Fabric of the Cosmos by Brian Green, multi-verse etc.
I can't reconcile us making our own reality with random events that happen to us, unknown beforehand. Surprising to me that the book, the Codex Gigas, isn't more widely known culturally and academically (at least I don't recall it coming up in conversations). It's evident today that corporations raise and spend huge amounts of money on the political campaigns of the presidents and congressmen. The founding fathers were very concerned about the use of political power to benefit special interest groups, what they called factions - small segments of society that had their own selfish concerns that didn't relate to the benefit of others. The system of "interventionism" that we have today serves the interest of the lobbyists and they represent the international corporations, because they have influence. Have we allowed corporate power to influence the creation of laws that fail to benefit the people? Most of what you say is so true, but to just sit back and say well that's just the way it is is like answering a question with "because". In the 80's when money was falling from the sky in bucket fulls i hit my 15, minutes of fame and made bunches of money, lived right on the ocean, I mean right on the ocean. This conversation isn't going anywhere i just thought i would post some truth instead of the fifty cent articulate words on a ten cent budget that i have to work so hard at.
One good thing about TDF as apposed to YouTube, on TDF Avatars get to know Avatars and now and then a personal conversation is in process and the rest of us get to ease drop? I still think about some of the Avatars on TDF back when, remember Oz he was a trip and always had some good input. I have a daughter that went to university to study finance, something she was good at as I was a self employed electrician before my heart attack and she had done my books since she was 12, by the time she was 15 she was an expert in tax, I obeyed her every word, so when she got her A levels off she went to university to formalise what she had done in the past for me with a degree, after two years she said to me "dad I have learnt a lot more since just doing your books, there is another level to all this and it is corrupt, they force boom and bust to just strip people of assets, the whole system is destine to fail" she then said " I am not dishonest enough to continue and I want to change my degree to just maths", I was shocked but after knowing just how clever and good she is I said "ok my love you do what you feel is right", she had done enough to get a diploma in finance but she then changed her degree to just maths and managed to achieve that, she now works for a major bank as a credit analyst so at least one bank has one person that will do their job honestly. Anyway she woke me up and I then watched every vid and read all I could on our financial system and she is as I thought spot on and dead right. People from the higher cost state drove to my state to buy goods and others from my state drove to the higher priced state to work. What was happening there between those two states on a personal level is no different than what companies are doing. I propose that had the explanation for this disaster been accepted , as you suggest universally , then the entire worldwide insurance system would have reassessed all high rises with people in them ? And Yes, they are trying to save a Buck, BECAUSE if the CEO and board members do NOT, they ALL get fired !
The only reason Capitalism has worked so well, is because it broke up the centralized nature of things into parts. So, also if your Corporation is not automating with Cmputers and Robots (saving money through labor costs and efficiency) your Corporation will FAIL, because the Corp across the street ( so to speak ) DID automate and so MADE MORE MONEY.
We will all try to be honest, yet find out that you can not be honest in a system that is designing itself away. Some are starting to write books about automation and the hidden secrets that no one wants to admit to. Now of course Marketing has developed and no longer are a pair of paints just a pair of paints but now they are "Jordash Jeans" And now some of us don't even bother to make and sell anything we just crap shoot on paper money itself. I've heard of Stan, and there is Denny Klein and a few others who claim to easily extract H from water. 1) A few power elites pumping Oil making a few families rich which the earth Burns and Radiates? 2) Or the unleashment of clean tech of abundant energy with no limits other than our imaginations and everyone benefits, even our mother earth. This is a tidle wave of super clean, efficient wonders of tech that we will marvel in just as they marveled at the State Fair that exhibited electric Light bulbs for the first time lighting an entire city. The original Book had Silver Slippers, but the powers that be changed it to Ruby, thus distracting the real story which was about Dorthy in Dream land, wishing to save the family farm, going to a Wizard which was nothing but a man behind a Smoke and MIrrors Fear machine. It was Toto, a simple dog that pulled the curtain back, explaining that even a lowly DOG can reveal the great Oz and the Great Hoax.
It does appear that the current system is trying to place the burden of technology induced unemployment on the unemployed themselves. The blood that runs through David Rockefeller is the same blood that ran through Grand Father John D. To give you a little of my background, I remember the 1990s and i could feel things change though there wasn't much you see, hear, smell, or measure. Very precarious, but in 1990s the economy seemed strong and crime was greatly reduced following the '80s, My job allowed me to earn a good living but there was always an apprehension concerning the future. The super rich OWN the media--all of it--except the little bit on internet that struggles to survive. Not to mention that all 3 towers went down like an implosion, and the owner got rid of his asbestos problem; Cheney got his profitable wars, Israeli's Sharon got American military might on his side, and all the other signs and symptoms of sheer evil, greed and sheer stupidity which has brought on global warming and thus all species to the brink of extinction. Greed should be decreed a crime, and people with insane amounts of money and no conscience-- and all other psychopaths-- must be hospitalized for life in a very secure mental home. Me, too, and all the others who know you can't have economic growth forever on a finite planet. And there's always the work of helping others, healing others, teaching others, protecting everyone from the violent, etc., etc. And there're are too many people on the planet to survive, and we're also increasing global warming.
It is a Nationalized Public School system, and that is what they are trying to do with America's Medical System, to nationalize it. In America, the Insurance system is ALL corrupt and inefficient, but at least it is not run by the Government. THe BEST method, is to have a single payer system, but that the single payer is not run by a corrupt govnt. I'd hardly call anything in the USA remotely socialistic, or equitable, never mind communist. Ah, well, our corporations politicians have figured out they can socialize their losses, so there's that. That's why the Koch Brothers give funding to major universities with strings attached that basically allows them to pick who educates these students. I agree that the Rockefellas, Rothsschildren Koch-a-roaches and the other selfish, self-centred mega-rich thugs need to change.
The so-called 'founding fathers' were a truly remarkable group of idealists who set the world on fire. Voting does nothing the polititions are already bought before we pick anyone the whole election and campaigning is a show not and election.
Keywords als Tefinancieren, Oorlogen, Future en Farm worden zeer vaak in links naar de website gebruikt.
If you are new to the docu-game or identify yourself as a knowledge junkie, Top Documentary Films will satisfy all your urges. The public broadcasting network that brings us knowledge and interesting production when other channels can’t get over their Big Bang Theory re-runs. Their in-house video content is top-notch, so when it comes to their Documentary section, you can’t expect anything less.
Check out the subreddits for Documentaries, Lectures, Science Documentaries and Art Documentaries. They would build a new community free of oppression and violence and it was to be their paradise on Earth, but outsiders threatened to expose the dark side of their leader.
War in Vietnam, civil rights marches and political assassinations played out on television. Terrible, sad, and devastating for so many - the victims, the few survivors, and the rest of us.
Before you dismiss the Jim Jones and CIA connection, maybe you should actually do some research on a subject before you call BS. Through a series of more than 2000 interviews conducted throughout 60 countries, director Yann Arthus-Bertrand successfully expresses the collective human experience in all its forms - from deeply personal and wounding stories of poverty, domestic abuse and anguish to tales of love, joy and the euphoria of being alive.
He simply creates a safe and welcoming environment where his camera can capture a range of honest reactions to oftentimes challenging and profoundly intimate topics.
The director did a wonderful job, I cannot even imagine the scope of work that it takes to travel to these areas, capture images that have such staying and impacting power for the viewers' mind. It left me with so many emotions: sympathy, empathy, joy, sadness, appreciation, and lastly-love and hope for humanity. People tell their stories with a conviction and a passion that will resonate with anyone who has engaged life as they have. At a basic, functional level, the vast majority of people are no different than bacteria; they live to eat and reproduce. The more we collectively are able to eat, the more we reproduce in an endless cycle, unless checked by disease or conflict. Human suffering stems from that effort to consume in an environment that cannot meet the needs of the growing numbers, since an unchecked population will always grow to a point where it overwhelms production. If food is not limiting then the needs shift to other consumer items and desires, resulting in conflict rather than starvation and disease as the balancing force to limits our numbers. They ended up in a dwelling in the taiga, in the Abakan river basin (Khakassia), 250 kilometres from any settlement. The geologists got in contact with the family, but the Lykovs decided not to leave the place. VICE crew travels to Agafia to learn about her taiga lifestyle and the encroaching influence of the outside world.
Even out there, the sweet, honorable woman couldn't altogether get away from a man chasing her, poor thing.
I think the trick is to find some sort of imagery that works well for you, in particular, something that you like. Once upon a time, flotsam circled into the middle of the Gyre and (because up until the past century everything in the world was biodegradable) was broken down into a nutrient-rich stew perfect for fish and smaller invertebrates to chow on. Over time plastic will photodegrade all the way down to the individual polymers, but those little guys are still in it for the long haul.
Its not surprising though, we treat each other like garbage why should we treat the planet any differently?
And sure they're not scientific professionals but they are making a point and getting out there to create some awareness for the cause that they believe in!!!
This crap is disrupting the flow of the natural environment around us, so what are we going to do about it? Yes I understand that it's a good practice to teach children to keep their environment clean, but ticketing citizens for 'polluting' is ridiculous, it should be up to the manufacturer's to make biodegradable products!!
Look at the actual point of the documentary and look around the necessary stuff that is blinding you from the main point.
I had originally though it was because it was salt water, thus more dense, but even then it doesn't work out.
The language was sloppy for a doc and it is sad that these young men and women have to see what their predecessors have left for us. But now doctors, police and paramedics have called "time", warning that alcohol-fueled violence has reached crisis levels. The latest figures show that each year as many as 70,000 people are involved in alcohol-related assaults.
Four Corners also reveals there's a growing body of evidence that shows a link between binge drinking and brain damage.
Alcoholism has run in my family (and many others) for ages, violence and abuse has always been along with it. But it sure did used to bring out the sharp-tongued and angry in me, and I was probably pretty lucky. All nations could make a special interest report on near on any society problem be it drugs, alcohol, obesity, crime rates and the list could go on endlessly, that does not mean than other nations and cities around the world don't have the same issues.
But to be fair, they had their own language before the English forced them to learn their language. But does this self-promoted image match up to their actual policies and military engagements throughout recent history, and is warfare actually a befitting means to achieving peace?
The mercy of the world poor and disabled lies is the hand of Good who will surely come to our aid. German war is not a US conflict, per se, but America plays with both sides to its advantage. Using ultra-violet fluorescence imaging, handwriting analysis and a re-creation of the text, forensic document experts attempt to uncover the cryptic truth behind this ancient Devil's Bible. Once considered the eighth wonder of the world, the Codex Gigas stretches three feet long and weighs a hundred and sixty-five pounds. Although no people can be seen in the Heavenly City, it is a symbol of hope and salvation, a contrast to the portrait of the devil on the opposing page. The Devil’s Bible has 600 pages, which is 310 parchment leaves, all made from donkey skins.
It is both the old and new testament (typical bible) as well as more esoteric stuff like exorcism rites. The content of it could be summarized without compromising it's real message in just a couple of minutes. The bible's only description of the devil is that of a snake, fast forward 2000+ years, and you get David Grohl in the 'Pick of Destiny'.
As hyped as they are about it, I still kept waiting to find out that it was a fake so they didn't need gloves. I'm seeing more and more of these docs where the so called "experts" are handling all these artifacts with no regard or respect and NO GLOVES!!
Thus, the "war in heaven" between Michael and his angels and the dragon and his angles is a reference, in a consistent figurative language,to the opposition between our hearts (a unifying perspective) and our heads (an individual perspective).
The "angels of God" is a reference to the influence of our conviction of conscience and the "angels of Satan" is a reference to the influence of our mechanical reasoning by which we justify avoiding the inconvenience of our convicting conscience (create belief systems). But when what it is actually talking about happens, then we can understand that what happened was (and is) what the Bible is talking about. Great thing about science is that every so often a paradigm shift occurs, and our way of understanding things sometimes drastically changes in accordance with it. I use logic everyday and my logic knows who Satan is and what his poser atheist come to forums for. Yes you should apologise for your christian beliefs, then look up the meaning of apologist.
There is also a world unified philosophy that sprouts out of the changing scientific approach to life through the generation.
Then came quantum research and the experiments that changed the reality of particle physic (or should I say unphysic). I welcome the pioneer scientists of such new approach towards reality, those who dare think science can be unreal. I will suggest to Atheits and Theists to leave the argument aside, you'll never win it, not that way. It is very interesting and not coming from lunatics and the research is growing exponentially. Seem to me matter is on the chopping block by many new theories including the holographic universe. Me, you and millions are sitting in the bleachers watching the scene not knowing exactly how it's going to end. These corporations also spend huge amounts of money hiring former government officials to lobby congress to pass laws that mainly benefit their interest. So they wanted as much as possible to restrain the ability of the general government to engage in that kind of behavior.

Some say that what we need is a lobbying reform to keep the lobbyists away from lobbying, but that is not the answer because lobbying is petitioning the government and we have the right to do that. One, if we had the right people in Washington, the right members of the Congress, who would not yield to the temptation of being influence by money, but that doesn't seem to happen. I believe him to be a very astute , moral person and again, I believe that what he stated about the corrupted economy through multinational corporations to be true as he understands it. I am no genius but it IS obvious to me that the Jobs are going DOWN, yet efficiency and profits are going UP. Disinfo: USA is not different from the world when it comes to driving on the right side of the road.
I don't think all those 'robots' are going to rush out and purchase the latest 'gee whiz' gadget or even food, clothing, or transportation. NO, just the idea of MONEY will become a fable we will teach in school as the kids laugh at how it USED to be done. Hum, if no one does something about it, it may well be because there ain't much to do about it? I remember the toys but by the time they made the movies I had long since lost interest in toys. It's just that I knew that the USA was on a downward slide and I envisioned this dystopian United States. There is no bands of roaming cannibals or even ubiquitous zombies hungry for cerebral rape and pillage. Yes, corporations have bought the political system and the politicians simultaneously extort money from corporations. Voor het beheren van de inhoud wordt het Content Management System (CMS) WordPress gebruikt.
Vimeo’s lack of cat videos is more than fulfilled by its collection of utterly gorgeous and high quality videos. Hulu’s documentary collection might not be as big as some of the above sites, but it does offer documentaries in HD. Out of this turmoil thousands of Americans flocked to hear the sermons of a charismatic preacher named Jim Jones. As a result, viewers come to realize that the need to share and to be understood serves as another essential uniting trait of our species. I cannot even imagine how hard the whole process was but I'm sure it was all worth it at the end. This forced investment of surpluses eventually creates technologies that allow society to (a) support greater numbers and (b) advance to higher levels of reproduction. Could be a small tropical island, flying along in interstellar space in your own little ship, whatever makes it peaceful and quiet and gets rid of the world. This means that except for the slim handful of plastics designed specifically to biodegrade, every synthetic molecule ever made still exists.
But the pleasure is spoiled when someone can't refrain from saying what I'm going to call "bad words." I'm really not a person who makes a lot of an occasional word, but here I was watching the beautiful dolphins, imagining being there, and it's all spoiled, having to listen to the garbage coming out of that young man's mouth. We can all make a small difference, buy a green shopping bag for $1, re-use a plastic coffee cup in cafe's.
We should only be using plastics for things that are intended to last a lifetime, not water bottles etc. The idea of this documentary is the journey these guys take to find this island made of trash and their reaction since they are obviously the ones filming and at there experiencing it. Had friends go to jail, others get seriously hurt and one almost died and will never be the same again. His family by the way, were such good people and he is so lucky to have them looking after him the rest of their lives. I think it's important that there's a standard method of communicating so that we're all on the same page. Those are the central dichotomies addressed in the documentary short In Whose Interest?, a searing investigation of several key conflicts during the last half century and the crucial role the United States played in each of them. When Indonesia's lucrative oil and corporate structures were under threat by the promise of democracy in neighboring East Timor, they called upon the assistance of the United States in strategizing and supporting a militarized intervention. Conversations with haunted veterans and scholars of history highlight the contrasts between how a war is sold to soldiers and the American people, and the selfish economic reasons that really motivate them. No able person can imagine how such a powerful nation has nothing to do but to kill the weak based on the cruel Zionist agenda perpetuated by Evil Israel.
It is the only book that places the Old and New Testaments alongside violent, holy incantations.
This is a causation driven process of natural selection moving the human race from a base-level convicting conscience to one of increased motivation. I dare say some might take a given paradigm as dogma, as an immutable truth; but whoever does so ceases to be scientific altogether. I think its very funny how most scientist will publicly say they do not believe in God but privately will say they believe in a higher power because everything points to that. As I have listen to thousands of people talk about their reality in my life time, I have come to think that the normal human being would like to answer these questions. Antitheist666 and yourself, meditation etc [haven't heard from him in a long time, have you? The small town of Nelson has a nice ski hill, mainly local skiers during the week, thick powder, great condition, little wait. The real solution is getting the government out of the business of being able to pass out favors, so there is no incentive for the businessman to come and lobby the member of Congress. And a close detailed diagnosis of the sum of human history on this planet shows that democracy has very much existed in different forms in different times among different cultures at many points in human history. After all, a 47 story , steel high rise ( the infamous " building 7") collapsed not only through simple office fires, but also defying the laws of physics.
You better wise up and think up a new system, and it is not going to be Capitalism in it's current form.
Only in four European countries do they drive on the left side: Cyprus, Ireland, Malta and the United Kingdom. In such a tax system the choice of legal tender, be it dollars, pounds, gold, silver or bitcoins, is not important, as the focus is on returning value, taken from the common wealth by individuals, corporations and monopolists, back to the common purse. If we, the poor can't win fairness, then should we the poor just capitulate to crapitalism?
The thing I notice is that you seem to have your finger on the pulse, but keep up your voice strong. I like to think of it all as a very simple but very dirty process, or a process of transition, a shift from one set or rationale to a more mature(?) and adult reality though the children of anger seem to hold sway. On close examination, I notice that trees are far different though you would never notice unless you were there to measure the changes over the decades. But Corporations have a second line of defense, behind the politicians themselves, that prevents reform.
For me 'globalism' (you can contrast that with 'globalization' however you want) is what we DO want in a free world.
You live your life in a certain way, be good, truthful, clear, controversial, outspoken, support subtitles, shoot in HD and you might just, just end up in the documentary heaven, the place all documentaries someday hope to end up at. In November 1978 reporters around the world broke the news that Jim Jones and more than 900 of his followers died. He called himself a prophet, a savior who would guide, protect and watch over his followers. You witness some subjects as they beam with tear-filled eyes at the love that fills their lives with meaning. Many of his subjects are stark contrasts from one another either geographically, economically or socially, but the film allows us to recognize their similarities and celebrate their differences. I can only imagine how many insightful comments were cut, in the process of selecting the stories presented here. He is survived by his daughter Agafia Lykova who continues to live in isolation in her Abakan fastness. There was something a little hypnotic about the whole thing, too, like listening to a clock tick in an empty house. And making a crass remark that they couldn't believe they were eating a fish that had been swimming in a filthy ocean. There are enough documentaries with straight laced experts, scientists and political representatives and it's fantastic.
There are ways to make documentaries less boring and more relatable but this isn't one of them. What a massive waste of resources, these drunks are the reason sober people like myself are fearful of being attacked on a weekend night when walk home.
It's really all about the company you keep, I stopped hanging around certain groups, and presto, the bs stopped. This I think is the core problem.Too much internet and TV use and lack of good friends can cause one to lose touch with reality and most drink as we know to hide their problems. Take Guatemala, where their financial and military support led to the ousting of that country's president in 1954, the deaths of hundreds of thousands of citizens, and an end to a democratic revolution in the region. The ensuing conflict resulted in more than 60,000 casualties, and the severe repression of a people. This entire documentary seems like nothing more than a giant hoax played on this who participated in it, was well as those who watch it, including myself.
Since it cannot be proven that an understanding of the Bible cannot exist, therefore it follows that an understanding of it remains a possibility. You dumb satan lovers will not change any man or woman of Gods view or belief so go away, just go away with that just pumped the neighbors cat look on your face as Satan will soon be pumping you lol. Or gloat over what you believe will be other people's sufferings because of their different beliefs to yours? In turn, after the social bills have been covered, the remainder should be distributed evenly to all as a citizens income. Allow voluntary euthanasia, only allow the rich to breed and have large harems as in the past.
We need a system of local production and law, with a central global apparatus for the development, spread, and access of technology and education. However, what was good for Franklin, Hamilton, Jefferson, Payne, et al is good for the world. Some turned to the temple because they needed help, others wanted to serve humanity, but whatever they needed Jim Jones and his peoples temple seem to had it.
His devoted followers referred to him as "father." Many signed over their paychecks, possessions and even their homes. The man who lost his kid and the other one who saw his daugther the day she died, these were heartbreaking testimonies. Others offer that love must exist in concert with sex in order to thrive, while one elderly gentleman confesses that he gave up on his search to find a lover long ago, and has yet to take one even at his advanced age. I, on the other hand, probably need to fall to my knees and thank the Almighty that I have love and steadiness in my life, for which so many millions of deserving people in the world are clamoring but cannot achieve. Many philisophers, religious academics, and scientists toy with the notion of the so called HUMAN condition.
We need those, but we also need all sorts of perspectives at this point to show that this issue is truly affecting everyone. I seriously hope someone would do a better job of exposing this garbage island in a more professional and educated way. Another thing is it's probably not too much different than 15 or 20 years ago, (sharps, painters & dockers and a bunch of other clowns used to punch the s*it out of each other all over Melbourne) it's just there's a whole lot more CCTV and other surveillance to catch fights and whatnot.
Just use plain, standard English--there's more than enough (millions) descriptive words available at your disposal to express yourself. The Arabs could have done the same thing but chose to invest in attacking Israel and sending all their aid money to banks in Switzerland.
However it is true that your reasoning is supported by thousands of years of stumbling and bumbling and this is very strong "circumstantial evidence" supporting your comment. The picture on the left of the the devil deplicted heaven (not a close up- wish it had been) That showed me that the battle was raging as the scribe copied it. God created us in his image so he most definitely has a sense of humor and I am sure has laughed at a quote of Clint Eastwood before.
And what about a multinational corporation, is that even a citizen of any particular country? It will take a ton to change and it will not happen over night, but that doesn't mean don't do anything. Or Prof Jerry Woodall who found that an alloy of AL and Ga releasing H when dropped in water, but I digress) But your ideas find sympathy with me.
This would remove the pressure from our lives and all disincentives to improve our personal fortunes. By dominating the media, corporations have brainwashed citizens into equating the corporate concentration of power with their own freedom. We don't need to be saying, 'let's protect OUR jobs and OUR way of life' as if it were more important than the lives of any other peoples.
And I am sure they composed their documents with general principles meant for all humanity- despite even the hypocrisy. I don't think the government side of the equation is given nearly enough the blame it deserves for modern U.S. Human sexuality is celebrated and explored in all its diversity, and acknowledged as an extension of our basic and universal need to connect.
Also, apparently our exposure to heavy metals may have a major effect on our tendency towards violent behavior, something like a 30yr trend. The actions of the democratically elected president ran counter to the economic interests of the country's largest corporation - United Fruit - and the United States by extension.
I wish I had just gone and read about this thing instead of watching this stupid film, actually. Ron Hubbard of Scientology is listed as the most prolific writer in the Guinness Book of World Records, and of course the content related to scientology is hard to imagine one man compiling, much less the quantity of that content.
You argue that there is a third line defense, and that is the right wing assault on education.
They were bold, and we don't need to go back to any good ol' days- we can be just as bold by declaring a Global Bill of Rights and a World Court to protect those rights.
Former temple members accused Jones of physical and sexual abuse, mind control and forced drugging.
It is the pounding voice of empire in the face of human kind " nothing new under the sun ". Are you not another cog in the murder machine spitting out more consumer trash for the next generation to deal with? Oh and if you are visiting Melbourne, it's really nothing to worry about, just avoid King st and a few other hot spots after midnight. I pray for you after I laugh at you because your the only hypocrite here denying who gave you, your soul. If we are living in a Spartan social Darwinian dog-eat-dog cutthroat society, isn't it kinder to nip everything in the bud? In short, we Americans are experiencing the long overdue collapse of the illusion of capitalism and for some people this is life or death, but most people are not gonna feel it to the that degree. An engaged, critical thinking citizenry is the only solution to this problem short of letting the concentration of power continue until we end up with another revolution. In 1977, as media interest grew Jim Jones and hundreds of his supporters left San Francisco, California and set out for Guyana determined to build a new community in the South American country. Except to remember a still smal voice - death is over come and there is still a sacred place to weep. Religion is a fibre that holds it all together and disguises the truth that there is a doxology.
Are not drug makers who use petrochemicals and other synthetics just dumping more poison into our biosphere for later cleanup and removal?
The officials just need to think of ways to get young people more interested in other activities. Don't know enough about it but I am willing to help anyone who might give the banking cabal some competition. As long as I am poor, this communist is going to be an angry enemy of crapitalism and only death will shut me up.
To many false prophets and magic preaching a means without the attitude of a good creation. Or put another way, if we want to live then we have to contribute our efforts, talents, creativity and intelligence in sustaining the system.
The days of Independence are long since gone, the paper the Constitution is written on about as worthless as the paper of the dollar bill.
But freedom can never be rendered worthless, and to paraphrase Patrick Henry, the freedom of humankind is something worth dying for. The camera appears to be from the perspective of a holy God that is free listening to the lamentation of a people with out the freedom to choose.
Does unconditional love, really hold the key to the alleviation of suffering and inequality?

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