More than 100 buildings in downtown Calgary are affected by the outage, which was caused by a fire that started in a manhole. Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi is urging people in the area without power to temporarily move to another location, as it could take up to a week for power to be restored. Calgary’s mayor, Naheed Nenshi, is urging people to make arrangements to temporarily move to another location. Police have set up a security perimeter around part of the affected area, but say people will be allowed in and out. Matt, a cook at Lord Nelson’s Bar and Grill which is just outside the affected zone, said his 16th-floor apartment has no power. He said emergency workers and roadblocks were everywhere when he left work Saturday night, and that it looked like an action movie.
There’s been no word about how offices in the downtown will be affected if the outage continues past the Thanksgiving holiday on Monday. Alberta Justice tweeted that it was still assessing how services would be affected at its courthouse, which is in the zone without power. The city says some upper floors in buildings may also lose water pressure due to the outage. An emergency information centre has also been set up where there will be food trucks, hand washing stations and places for people to charge electronic devices. About 30,000 people lost power in September when a series of heavy snowfalls hit the city and snapped tree limbs that pulled down power lines. The ice storm made walking kind of terrifying and a bit beautiful and a lot icy and pretty messy. We’d been expecting them to do so, in preparation, I had rather bizarrely boiled a bunch of eggs and cooked two frozen pizzas and some noodles. We sat in the living room for a while in the dark, trying to check things on our dying cellphones.
After a while, we noticed that, in the dark, in the winter, there’s not a lot you can do.
I tried to read with a flashlight, but it was getting colder and my instinct was just to give up and go to sleep.
By Christmas Eve, after 36 hours without heat, the house was starting to show its badly insulated age. Still, I think that after a year that, like most, had a few highs and a few lows, the four of us were glad to be together some place warm and bright. It was already late and our house would not be warm for hours yet, so we stayed put downtown. Retired Air Force mechanic Bob Osemlak demonstrates on Saturday the system he rigged up allowing him to use his Prius to power his house for two days during an outage caused by the great ice storm of 2013. He planned for a potential outage by installing an outlet on his furnace and ran the cord through the basement window to his hybrid electric car. He said if you only power the lights and TV, the traction battery should allow it to run for a long time. He created a starter that had the car run every hour for 10 minutes in the frigid winter temperatures.
As it happens, the power came back on for the Osemlaks shortly before midnight on the 21st. A diesel Volkswagen owner for a decade, he switched to a Prius a few years ago, hoping for similar mileage.

Deep freeze poses an extra challenge for workers trying to restore service to Torontoa€™s remaining dark spots, with an end date still unknown.
Mary Lou and Peter Rankine finally had full power restored in their North York home on New Year's Day.
Each time Peter and Mary Lou Rankine contacted Toronto Hydro about the power outage at their North York home, they were told a crew would be dispatched within 12 to 24 hours. As hours turned into days, and a new year approached, the Rankines, both 68 and suffering from arthritis, became increasingly frustrated, wondering if the heat would ever come back on. At last, late in the afternoon on Wednesday a€” Day 12 of the ice storm crisis and the dawn of 2014, the house began to warm up. The couple spent the past week moving between their daughtera€™s home, the home of friends, and finally their sona€™s house, where they were spending Wednesday night. High winds created additional work in recent days, bringing down more tree branches and causing new outages around the city. Hydro One workers are still helping Toronto Hydro reconnect customers, while the crews who came from Manitoba to lend a hand have now returned home. The number of new calls reporting storm-related outages has declined in recent days, but is expected to increase again as people return from vacations and find their electricity is out, Bruckmueller said.
But some Toronto Hydro customers say theya€™re frustrated that repeated calls to the company havena€™t resulted in restored power.
Several other homes in the neighbourhood experienced similar outages but have all had their power restored, he said. Therea€™s no recognizable damage to the lines around the house, Rosenbaum said, but he doesna€™t know what the issue might be because he hasna€™t heard from Toronto Hydro.
One of their neighbours also tried to contact Toronto Hydro CEO Anthony Haines via registered mail, but received no reply. Bruckmueller said Toronto Hydro doesna€™t have exact numbers on partial power outages caused by the storm, but she said the number is low and they are hoping to reconnect those customers by Thursday.
This article was edited from a previous version to make clear that councillor Jaye Robinson contacted Toronto Hydro on behalf of Peter and Mary Lou Rankine. The TTC is investigating how power was prematurely restored before riders had cleared the track area during an evacuation at Museum Station on Monday. A photo taken during the evacuation at Museum Station, which followed a long power outage that stopped the train in the tunnel outside the station. It’s not clear how many riders were still in the tunnel when the power was restored, about 65 seconds before the riders cleared the track area at Museum Station. At least three TTC employees, who were guiding the passengers out of the tunnel, were also still considered to be at track level.
The electrified rail, which conducts 600 volts of electricity, is considered so dangerous even track workers are trained to treat it as if it is live and never to touch it — not even when they believe the power is off. It’s the reason the TTC prefers never to evacuate riders through the tunnels, said Ross. The riders walked out of the tunnel via a catwalk that runs above and beside the subway tracks, about two to three metres from the electrified rail, said Ross. The TTC has taken some disciplinary action toward at least one employee but Ross said it is still early in the process.
The power outage was unusually long in the Monday incident, in part because police were initially treating it as a suspicious event, said Ross. At the end of every subway platform is an emergency power shut-off that can be used to cut electricity in the event someone jumps or falls to track level.

A report on suicide prevention released by Toronto Public Health this week calls for the installation of subway platform doors that would prevent anyone from falling or jumping to track level.
When he finally reached his building, he had to wait half an hour before security guards would let residents enter. There was still no power when he got up Sunday morning, and the water for his shower was starting to get cold. It said it was preparing to provide emergency potable water wagons for affected residents and businesses. I think by then the older kid had texted that his lights were on, so we didn’t have to worry about him. We made the younger kid move from the sunroom in the back where he usually sleeps (unbearably hot in summer, freezing cold in winter) to the front bedroom, because a huge willow tree in the backyard had already shed a few giant branches and looked like it might keel over. On Christmas Day, I woke up early and looked outside where, over the unfamiliar rooftops, the sun was coming up. During the ice storm, he powered his furnace, lights, refrigerator and TV using only his Toyota Prius. As such, he doesn’t recommend anyone try the technique themselves in the event of power loss, as it could be very dangerous. The city issued an extreme cold weather alert, as temperatures were predicted to dip below -20 C overnight.
Direct Energy came to their home and hooked their furnace up to a power bar connected to a working outlet so they could still have heat. Often, he says, he only gets a recording, and when he does reach a human being, they dona€™t have answers as to when his full power will be restored. She said she and her husband attempted to reach out to Toronto Hydro through their councillor, Jaye Robinson. 10 on a special resolution asking the province for additional funds to clean up after the storm. They plan to hold a a€?special versiona€? of Christmas dinner this Friday with their son, daughter, and grandchildren. The power rail was on the opposite side of the tunnel from where they were being evacuated,” he said. But at least one of the employees guiding the passengers appears to have been standing between the running rails. All weekend, we’d been hearing crackle-crackle-crackle-snap as trees around us performed some sort of evil, post-storm Rice Krispies tribute.
It was the first of many calls, Rosenbaum said, but 11 days later, his power has yet to be fully restored. Clearing downed trees and repairing damage across the GTA is expected to take up to eight weeks.
Rosenbaum found that, while some of his lights and appliances still worked, others were without power. But a radio call should also have gone down to the supervisor in charge of the evacuation at Museum Station.

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