This popular multipurpose unit neutralizes electromagnetic fields and geopathic stress in your home or office.
You can use the Total Shield in one of three ways: EMF protection only, geopathic stress only or a combination of both. The Total Shield was recommended by a friend who got it on the recommendation of her therapist who has been using the device in his practice for over ten years. As soon as I plugged in my new Total Shield the discomfort I'd been feeling from electromagnetic fields in my new rental (much too full of electrical devices and outlets) disappeared, creating a calm, fresh air feeling almost instantaneously. Many clients have shared that they feel an immediate sense of calmness once Stetzer filters are installed in their home.
I recommend this product to anyone suffering from Smart meters, it protects fully on all levels from smart phones, smart meters, geo pathic stress as well as dirty electricity. I tried a few different versions of the coils before keeping the 3 coil (I'm sensitive, so the 4coil was too much, but the city is heavy in EMFs, of course). The agricultural version of the Total Shield is a power-boosted broadcaster used directly on the farmland to stimulate biological energy and create a balanced harmony in the soil. HAARP (High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) is a military program that analyzes the ionosphere and investigates the potential for developing radio communications and surveillance. Colored lights blink at the Schumann resonance and can be used for stress relief or to help with biofeedback.

I am extremely satisfied with this product which I use mostly in my workplace (a university) where the electropollution is extremely high (wifi, etc.). They also notice greatly increased crop yields and substantially higher natural sugar content.
It helps protect you from all electrical and electronic devices, including computers, TVs, microwaves, even power lines outside your house. In order to do this, high-power radio frequency transmitters beam high-frequency waves into the ionosphere--the level above 80,000 feet. It contributes to a nice working atmosphere where the students are able to concentrate properly.
I have several friends who bought the 2-coils model and they find it perfect for their average home and we agree.
The Agricultural Shield gathers cosmic energy into the large Tesla coil antenna running the full length of the shield. Without a power source, the Shield will be effective in an area of about one-third of an acre. For geopathic stress, the unit detects and then amplifies the waves, reversing them by 180 degrees and retransmitting them. The units are available in four coil strengths, with each additional coil adding 50% more intensity.

I also use my Total Shield 3 on the fast train (TGV) in Europe when there are plugs available.
This modulated energy is coupled to the bottom of the Tesla antenna, where it is broadcast horizontally in a circular pattern through the soil to the roots of the plants. With power, the unit effectively pumps the energy at an amplified level to increase the coverage to four acres.
This counteracts the harmful waves, similar to how noise cancellation technology uses a low hum to cancel sounds. I can say it changed my traveling life since I no longer suffer from electromagnetic pollution-induced headaches the day after traveling. Dirty electricity from Smart meters is fast becoming a real health concern, especially for those who are immune compromised or have chronic illnesses. The Total Shield is a great addition to the home or work place as well, potentiating the sense of well-being. We are so fortunate to have this company that not only foresaw the connection of wifi, smart meters, dirty electricity, etc to illness, but offers high quality products to negate these interferences!

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