The introduction of another sans-serif, far bolder and geometric in its build, the small iconographic assets of an anchor, cathedral cross, skull, the green of the inlay — the first use of colour — slide out draw and the fine lines and borders, appear as an interesting mix of tarot, biker, tattoo, and board game references that add character, further contrast, and a subtle mysterious dimensionality alongside the more retrospective elements and contemporary functionality. Richard is a British freelance designer and writer who specialises in brand identities and packaging. Utilizing White Clay and Beeswax mixed with Pracaxi oil and a splash of Brazil wax this medium hold clay is designed to create the perfect hold for those who want a matte, firm, healthy wave that is flexible enough to mould your own way, but strong enough to keep it that way.
We are extremely pleased to welcome the acclaimed British brand, The Bluebeards revenge, to the .. 13-Jun-2013We are pleased to announce that we are now carrying all three shades of Firehouse Moustache Wax (htt..

A carefully chosen selection of female-oriented grooming products, with the same quality standards as our mens' range.
People are always asking me they can shop for menswear on the Gold Coast and I am happy to say there is one new store to add to the list.
The monthly update for Dashing Hounds is coming a few days early so I can bring you details of a fantastic competition they are having with Triumph & Disaster.
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These include a typographical contrast of classic serif flourish and the contemporary functionality of a light monospaced serif as well as the white over black colour palette.

When it comes to crafting a look and a personal style, T&D believe in wearing your heart on your sleeve and shooting for the end zone.
It’s for anyone who understands that the best way to get to the dance is to ride along with the band.

Disaster preparedness radio communication games
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Rubric: Canada Emergency Preparedness


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    Crafty Survival Kits For All.