McDonnell urged Virginians to look out for their neighbors, especially elderly people who are more vulnerable to heat-related illnesses.
The governor’s emergency declaration activated 300 National Guard troops to help the state recover from straight-line winds of up to 80 miles an hour that felled trees and power lines and closed about 250 secondary roads. McDonnell said well over 1 million customers of the state’s two largest power companies were without electricity. Brett Shiflett of Richmond said she would be staying with various family members in the area after the storm sent a tree crashing into the apartment above hers. Had the storm hit later, David Fetchko’s girlfriend might have been sleeping in that bed.
Others in the city also were cleaning up after the storm and contemplating how they were going to cope with the relentless heat. Ramel Lloyd was waiting for a friend to come over with a nail gun to reattach four sections of privacy fencing that were flattened at the home he just bought three weeks ago.
This revolving door system of politic and media reinforces the status quo and offers us the illusion of journalism, without actually having any of the burdens that truth may confront us with. In light of the control that media institutions such as Fox News have upon forming public opinion, we can see their handiwork in the ways in which the Venezuelan government is being represented. Sensationalist inflammatory anti-Chavez rhetoric is the only form of discussion that the US public has been offered regarding the state of politics in Venezuela today.
It would be safe to assume that without personal investigation, the public would have only negative views of the Chavez administration.
Far too often, we find that the mainstream media channels are no more than an echo chamber of similar opinions. Social Networking (Facebook, Orkut) function mainly as recommendation engines for groups of friends to aggregate and share information, pointing to articles of more substance. Transparency is a goal to which all groups should be seeking, but it is clear that the status quo could have its claims to power de-legitimized in the light of the whistle blowing activities for which Wikileaks is responsible. Every effort should be employed in our attempts to know the governments which (purportedly) act on our behalf. The information media landscape is moving toward a more pluralistic offering of news an opinion, and the value we find in independent media is priceless. VA produces original daily news written by well-informed writers with substantial experience living in Venezuela and working with the Venezuelan people. Emergency preparedness is being ready ahead of time for a range of serious public threats or disasters that might occur. Like most states, Virginia faces a broad set of potential disasters that includes floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, winter storms, disease epidemics, terrorism, chemical spills, and radiation leaks. The National Health Security Preparedness Index (NHSPI) provides another measure of the collective preparedness of states for health threats and emergencies; preparedness indicators cover areas such as incident and information management, health security surveillance, and environmental and occupational health. Among Virginia's regions, the Hampton Roads area has the highest percentage of population in StormReady localities (87%), with the Northern region next at 79 percent. Participation in the Community Rating System helps flood-prone communities mitigate flood risks and improve their flood emergency response.
ATSDR's Hazardous Substances Emergency Events Surveillance system captures incident and facility information and data on health outcomes from HazMat accidents. In order to be designated Stormready, a community must (a) establish a 24-hour emergency operations center, (b) make available two or more ways to send weather warnings and forecasts to the community, (c) promote awareness of storm readiness through community presentations, (d) create a hazardous weather plan that incorporates training and emergency exercices. Communities are rated on scale from 9 (worst) to 1(best) based on flood reduction activities undertaken in the areas of (a) public information, (b) mapping and regulations, (c) flood damage reduction, and (d) warning and response.
PPC ratings are based on a community's Fire Suppression Rating Schedule (FSRS), which measures important components of a community's fire protection system.

The Citizen Corps Council was established to organize volunteer activities to make communities safer. See the Data Sources and Updates Calendar for a detailed list of the data resources used for indicator measures on Virginia Performs. The Department of Emergency Management (VDEM) and their Ready Virginia site gives citizens an easy, 1-2-3 way to learn how to prepare for common emergencies and potential seasonal disasters and connects them with a variety of needed resources. Virginia Citizen Corps, part of the national Citizen Corps program, directly involves Virginia citizens in homeland security and emergency preparedness.
Predicting seasonal storms and tracking hurricanes are just some of the activities the National Weather Service provides to prepare Americans for the possibility of bad weather and its effects.
This resource was part of AHRQ's Public Health Emergency Preparedness program, which was discontinued on June 30, 2011, in a realignment of Federal efforts. He said the threat of more storms, continued extreme heat and the largest non-hurricane power outage in state history — and fifth largest ever — could mean a few more days of misery.
McDonnell said the fatalities — two each in Fairfax, Albemarle and Bedford counties — were caused by fallen trees.
After enduring six days without electricity because of Hurricane Irene last summer, she was bracing for another uncomfortable stretch because of the latest storm-related outage. A bed with a broken headboard was covered with debris was a tangled mess of bricks and lumber from what used to be a deck. Then it started raining in her kitchen, which is directly below her neighbor’s demolished bedroom.
The storm also ripped off a small section of siding, and a power surge apparently caused a ceiling fan to catch fire. Talking-points have become the standard mechanism by which political messages are sold to the public.
These political commentators are incentivized to offer a specific self-interested opinion for the benefit of this politically-integrated media structure, and offer little in the way of investigative journalism. What does the average US citizen think of when he or she hears the name “Hugo Chavez” mentioned today, at the start of 2011? What they have heard though has been filtered through a process which strips facts from stories which fit within their pre-conceived narrative.
Cold-war terminology is used in order to incite fear, uncertainty and distrust of the Chavez government. Media consolidation has left very few opportunities for a clear, objective discussion of Latin American politics., for example, continues to gain ground as a more mainstream source of media on the internet due to its role as a source of reliable investigative journalism. Is there an "alternative" voice on those airwaves, or is publicly-owned media in the US also affected by the mainstream discourse? With the collusion of media and politics, there is little difference in terms of legitimizing the status-quo. These tools are available to anyone with any viewpoint, and offer to us a variety of ways in which one can speak truth to power. Media aggregation allows for an interested individual to seek out a broad range of perspectives on a single topic and build, for themselves, an educated opinion about the subject.
WikiLeaks has had no charges filed against them for any crimes, yet their DNS servers have been denied access to and their donation systems shut down by the US Government.
Well-researched and documented articles written in English about Venezuela are few and far between and should be considered invaluable as a resource.
The website is also well known for providing uniquely in-depth and nuanced analysis about Venezuelan politics, economics, and society.

With adequate emergency preparedness, communities will have the knowledge and tools they need to deal with such dangers. This ability to respond is the most important component of any society's emergency preparedness program.
In 2014, Virginia received an overall NHSPI rating of 8.4 on a 10-point scale, ranking it 1st among states.
Department of Homeland Security that provides citizen emergency preparedness training and organizes volunteers to support first responders. The NHSPI measures state preparedness along five dimensions utilizing 128 measures drawn from 35 different sources.
Census population estimates and StormReady county designations received from the National Weather Service. VDEM also offers sophisticated training courses for first responders on mitigation, response, and recovery.
Department of Homeland Security offers the public a family communications plan and disaster kit; it also provides valuable resources for pet care during a time of crisis. Bob McDonnell declared a state of emergency Saturday after a powerful storm killed six people in the state and knocked out power for hundreds of thousands, leaving them without air-conditioning in the middle of a blistering heat wave. One example of independent media, Democracy Now!, points to a success in this realm, adopting new technologies to bolster their position as a more legitimate source of news. As print journalism tapers is in decline, new forms of news distribution and media consumption will take its place.
Blogging, Twitter, and Facebook are all examples by which one can introduce an idea into wider discourse.
Each of these outlets offers to our next generation a global mouthpeice from which they can speak their mind. These communities can help to organize information about a particular subject from the chaos of internet searching, bringing enlightening ideas to a wider audience interested in this issue. There are even some political figureheads in the media which have gone as far as to advocate the extra-judicial assassination of Julian Assange for his role in founding Wikileaks. Planning, organizing, coordinating with other agencies and organizations, education and training, drills and exercises, public awareness campaigns, and quality assurance are all important aspects of emergency preparedness programs. With political and media systems organized in such a way, we lose even a fleeting sense of objectivity. It is within these new forms of media distribution through which independent media will thrive. These tools are great for building an audience from which to draw support for a given cause.
These communities are united through a shared mindset, and can organize to implement real-world social change. Real journalism and inspired interviewing skills offer to us another voice in the cacophony of media we find ourselves exposed to.
Social networks can alleviate the limitations imposed by geography, and can unite minority opinions into politically substantial organizations otherwise impossible without the aid of the internet. The internet also provides a record of interactions between varying groups for all others to see. Opposing groups will inevitably argue online, and those with truth on their side will eventually win out.

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