Vanderbilt University School of Nursing is ranked as the #13 graduate school of nursing, according to U.S.
Vanderbilt was one of the first nursing schools in the country to establish a Pediatric Acute Care Nurse Practitioner specialty for registered nurses. Graduation from this MSN specialty prepares you to take the Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Acute Care exam offered by the Pediatric Nursing Certification Board. As part of an ongoing review of emergency preparedness, Vanderbilt University has revised guidelines on how to respond to an active shooter situation on the campus.
Faculty, staff and students are asked to review and be knowledgeable about the guidelines so that they can protect themselves and help others if such an incident were to occur on campus. Based on best practices and recommendations of the Department of Homeland Security, the university guidelines emphasize the need for individuals to familiarize themselves with their surroundings and possible escape routes, and consider how they might react in an active shooter situation. An active shooter is an individual actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a confined or populated area. Traci Nordberg, associate vice chancellor and chief human resource officer, said, “It is critically important that we prepare in order to protect ourselves, students, colleagues and others if the need arises. RUN – If there is a way to escape the threat and you are reasonably sure you can do so without being harmed, do it.
HIDE – If evacuation is not possible, “secure in place,” or if the active shooter is outdoors, take shelter. FIGHT – If you cannot evacuate or hide and your life is in imminent danger, as a last resort you must be ready to defend yourself. If you have been a victim of violence or expect to have a strong response to these guidelines, support is available. Faculty and staff: Worklife Connections-Employee Assistance Program, located in the Medical Arts Building, Suite 018, 1211 21st Ave. Do you want to practice as a nurse-midwife who is also prepared as a family nurse practitioner to care for children and families – delivering comprehensive care to individuals from preconception through adulthood?
Our approach integrates a foundation of nursing theory, research and evidence-based practice with coursework to develop skills in advanced health assessment, illness and disease management, health promotion, pathophysiology and pharmacology. Your Family Nurse Practitioner specialty classes are offered using modified distance learning. The Vanderbilt University Police Department formed a dedicated K-9 Unit in June 2007.  These valued members of our team play a vital role in keeping our community safe by performing bomb sweeps prior to large functions at the University, such as athletic events and concerts.
Teams provide mutual aid assistance as needed to Metro Nashville Police Department and or surrounding agencies.

Historically, the spring months—especially March, April and May—are the most active for severe weather throughout the Middle Tennessee area. Vanderbilt contracts with a commercial weather monitoring company to warn the university of severe weather approaching Vanderbilt’s main campus and Vanderbilt Health One Hundred Oaks. Electronic sirens on main campus will sound and overhead announcements at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and Vanderbilt Health One Hundred Oaks will notify of the severe weather threat.
Vanderbilt’s emergency notification system, AlertVU, would also be activated during a severe weather threat.
To register, update an existing account or find out more, visit Vanderbilt’s Emergency Preparedness website. The AlertVU desktop alert program was expanded in late 2013 to include more than 6,300 clinical workstations at the medical center. If you are not sure if the desktop alert program has been added to your desktop, have questions or would like to request the service, contact VUIT at 343-HELP. The desktop alert program operates behind the scenes and has no impact on the day-to-day performance of the computer. Move away from windows, lobbies and doors to the most interior portion of the building or area of best refuge. For more information about preparing for severe weather and other types of emergencies, visit the Emergency Preparedness website.
A secondary purpose is to maintain essential business services and operation in the time of an emergency. By becoming a StormReady® University, Vanderbilt has shown a commitment to save lives during severe weather events, educate our community about severe weather, and improve coordination and timeliness of hazardous weather warning reception and dissemination. Through a comprehensive curriculum that uses traditional classroom settings, simulation, and precepted clinical experiences you will develop in-depth knowledge and clinical reasoning skills.
In addition, Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) has developed a policy that emphasizes the unique circumstances and responsibilities of those in patient care areas.
While the police should be notified immediately, these types of events can evolve rapidly and may require action before police arrive. High-profile active shooter situations have included the 2007 shooting at Virginia Tech in which 32 people were killed and the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut that claimed 26 lives. You will learn a family-centered approach that emphasizes health promotion and health maintenance.
16-22, is a good time to revisit what to do in the event severe weather threatens the Vanderbilt community.

I encourage everyone to review the emergency guides posted there as well as evaluate their individual severe weather plans and procedures,” said Johnny Vanderpool, manager with the Vanderbilt University Police Department’s Emergency Preparedness Unit. If a tornado is detected and is within 15 minutes of reaching either campus, the Vanderbilt Severe Weather Warning System is activated. AlertVU is designed to send rapid messages to the delivery points a subscriber chooses—cell phone (voice or text), land line phone or email account – in the event of any type of emergency that poses an imminent threat or danger to the Vanderbilt community.
If you choose to receive text messages, however, your cell phone carrier may charge you to receive them. The program will display full-screen desktop alerts on these workstations and on desktops across the university and medical center on which it is installed any time the AlertVU system is activated.
Staff should be reminded that it is also a function of this plan to protect and secure University facilities, property, and equipment from loss.
We are next door to Vanderbilt University Medical Center, one of the nation’s top academic medical centers, and the Monroe Carell Jr. VUMC faculty, staff and house staff will be tested on the policy as part of their annual performance evaluation process. It’s especially popular among those choosing to work in rural or international locations. Users will be asked to acknowledge that they have received the notification and to then take action as directed or resume normal activity. You will take core courses to examine the scientific underpinnings of advanced nursing practice and learn to conceptualize and integrate current evidence. AlertVU automatically sends emergency notifications to all Vanderbilt email addresses; however, subscribers can also register their cell phones, land line phones and personal email addresses to expand the ways in which they receive these important alerts. The desktop alert software is available for use on your personal computer while you are using the Vanderbilt network. Additionally, you will take specific courses in advanced health assessment, pediatric behavior and development, advanced pharmacotherapeutics, and health promotion. Teams re-certify yearly with the United States Police Canine Association to demonstrate team proficiency as set forth by the USPCA. The software should not be downloaded to your office PC unless instructed by your desktop team—that will be handled centrally in most areas.

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