Permits opposing contact surface to enter the U-Channel opening while making three points of contact. Lightweight, affordable options for those looking to test out new product designs or produce small batches of injection molded parts. Easily automated and cost effective, ultrasonic welding and insertion bring the highest level of versatility to your production.
Increased strength and durability, improved quality and consistency, and reduced manufacturing times continue to make metal to plastic conversion a favorite among automotive, consumer, and military markets.

Find out how our in-depth knowledge of plastics engineering and materials selection have made us a preferred vendor throughout the Pacific Northwest. If you currently send your parts overseas or out of the region, KASO Plastics challenges you to reconsider. That's because at KASO we believe you will find better service, more modern technology, and better long-term relationships. Having won our share of business when compared to overseas and out of area shops, we now challenge you to give us the same opportunity.

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