Coast Guard– The US Coast Guard (USCG) has made progress in developing systems to track vessels and respond to maritime security problems, according to new Government Accountability Office (GAO) audit released last week. Disaster communication-An article that examines the need for strong communications during and after any disaster. ASSESSING THE IMPACT OF CONGESTION DURING A MULTI-COUNTY EVACUATION– A document that goes into detail about the problem of traffic congestion during multi-county evacuations and determines ways to alleviate this problem. MULTI-TOUCH INTERACTION FOR ROBOT COMMAND AND CONTROL– A PHD thesis that discusses robotics and the future of designing safer emergency response plans. Emergency Management magazine July-August– This months magazine features several articles covering a variety of topics from tornado shelters to the Boston bombing. Using Public Network Infrastructures for UAV Remote Sensing in Civilian Security Operations-An article that talks about the future of drones for civil use. The Missing Piece of NIMS- Teaching Incident Commanders How to Function in the Edge of Chaos– This article talks about the biggest downfall of the National Incident Management System. Preppers– An interesting article that talks about how preppers can be valuable to emergency managers.

Big data– Big data is reference to the loads of data collected from thing like social networking sites. EM and Social Media– Recently FEMA released several tools to help with preparedness including an app that tells you what to do during any given disaster. Catching Fire– Controlled burns have proven to be a successful tactic in preventing the spread wildfires. Sandy– The rebuilding efforts following the devastation wreaked by Superstorm Sandy have triggered a discussion over preparedness and resiliency in America’s commercial and residential buildings. Drone– Researchers have designed, built, and tested the world’s smallest open source autopilot for small unmanned aircraft. Rachel Poindexter, RN serves as Injury Prevention Coordinator as well as Pediatric Trauma Care Coordinator. Christi Adams, RN, MS serves as the Nurse Clinician in the STICU at the VCU Medical Center and assists with coordination and development of injury prevention bulletin boards for the hospital's STICU.
While the article may use China as a case-study, the key takeaways of the article can easily be applied to to the US.

One of the most interesting articles in it talks about an all-hazards approach to a MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) outbreak. Abou-bakr, Managing Disasters through Public-Private Partnerships– This article talks about how private industries can play a huge role in disaster response and recovery. Paulsen’s research and clinical interests include echocardiography, valve disease and congenital cardiac disease in adults. Anne has a background in Social Work and several years experience serving at-risk families in the Richmond community. He is author or co-author of more than 50 research papers and abstracts published in leading medical journals. He completed a research fellowship in cardiology, funded by the Ontario Heart Foundation, at London, Ontario’s University Hospital.

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