Chicago movie-maker Margaret Conneely (1915-2007) was active in amateur filmmaking both locally and internationally for nearly half a century. Kenji Kanesaka, one of the founding members of the “Film Independent” group and the Japan Filmmakers Co-op in Tokyo, is an experimental filmmaker and photographer who organized an experimental film festival with Takahiko Iimura at the Sogetsu Art Center in Japan (probably the most important exhibition space for alternative and avant-garde art in Japan in the 1960’s), and documented Fluxus happenings – art performances by collectives such as Hi-Red Center – and the vibrant, often chaotic, underground art scene in Tokyo at the end of the 1960’s. As part of our recent fundraiser, CFA MEDIA MIXER, we asked 3 local video artists and 3 musicians to team up and create 3 video pieces made up of CFA footage. The cool new and certainly nostalgic Vintage Film Reel Wine Rack is a repurposed authentic film reel wound with a vintage MGM movie acting as a celluloid cushion for the wine bottles that will now fill its holes.
From vintage sponsored films to 1950s women’s wrestling, this program highlights the varied (and often delightfully bizarre) scope of CFA’s unique film collections. Air Traffic Controller (from the Harry Mantel Collection), 1970s, 16mm., color, sound, 2 min. The New World of Stainless Steel (from the Chicago Public Library Collection), Made by Wilding Studios for Republic Steel, 1960, 16mm., color, sound, 15 min.

Chicago’s Wilding Picture Productions provides us with an introduction to the wonders of stainless steel in all of its various forms and applications. Her domestic “black comedy,” Mister E, expresses some of the edgier mischief and discontent that women of the 1950s could rarely express openly. Super Up (from the Chicago Public Library Collection), Kenji Kanesaka, 1966, DVD projection, color, sound, 13min.
Close to You by the Carpenters (from the Chicago Public Library Collection), 1971, DVD projection, color, sound, 5 min. This stop-animation film went onto win an award from the “Young Chicago Filmmakers Festival” back in 1971. AND on top of that, we’re even going to throw in a recently commissioned short by Kent Lambert and local neo-Krautrockers CAVE (Drag City) . The studio became recognized for their animations, progressive hiring practices and developing corporate branding packages for various companies.

This short film narrates the revenge acted out by a young wife, left at home while her husband is at a card game; by staging a rendezvous with a mannequin, this woman provokes an eruption of jealousy and violence before bringing about the desired marital tenderness.
The film is an exceptional critique of the structures of racial and class segregation, consumerism and lust, sexual energy and desire, and the domination of (and link between) advertising, consumption, sexuality, and the police.
Privacy Policy5573 Cool New Items Discovered Since The Beginning.Proudly Made From Recycled Pixels. Thanks to the Women’s Film Preservation Fund, this film (along with two other Conneely shorts) were preserved back in 2007.

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