We don't have a 12-gauge in the house and neither of us have shot a pistol grip rifle, but the price on this Savage made me look twice at it. They also have a Savage 223 bolt action rifle with scope that looks nice because it will take the AR-15 rounds that we already have. There is a Winchester defender with a synthetic stock and extended pistol grip near my bed.
I have always had guns with traditional stocks so the pistol grip just feels too different. As you said, you get what you pay for and God forbid if you ever have to use it, you only get one chance. Anyhow, I would check around with a lot of other online dealers, there should be some great deals coming up. I would suggest that you stick to good ammo in it, some of the less expensive pumps (like the 870 Express) have problems with 100 round ammo packs like the Winchester Universals. Take it home and cut the barrel off from the front of the barrel so that overall length of barrell is over 18 inches then you will have a nice defense weapon. What ever you decide to get, learn everything about it, fire it to become familiar and capable with it, and then pray you never need it.

I have a butter smooth Winchester Model 12 from 1938 and it will let you know if you’re not shucking it right. The 1300 may have been discontinued but FN still makes that action in some pretty expensive models. The system is extremely reliable, maybe even more so than the 870 and that is saying something. Since my arthritis has gotten worse, I discovered I could handle a shotgun a way better with the extended pistol grip so now that is what I want.
There's been a lot of incest within the firearms manufacturers over the last 2 decades.
It has multiple lugs on the bolt which turn into recesses in the barrel not in a barrel extension as in the 870 etc.
I would rather have several other guns but that Winchester is tactically equal to any of them. Everybody good is in Germany, Israel, Italy, or the East Coast of the US, as far as popular weapons go. Nice gun, but if you don't pump the action aggressively, and I mean aggressively, it will jam.

Some shotguns really kick me, for instance the Benelli M1 Super 90 and Browning A5 both kick me really hard. They got even worse then maybe 10-15 years ago, quality began to improve and continues to do so. All gun sales are final at Wal-Mart so problems have to be brought up with the manufacture. At 6' and around 265 I shoot my pistol gripped Mossberg 500 with one hand just like a pistol with just about any load.
Black Friday has been a growing phenomenon in the United Kingdom over the past few years, but the frenzy appears to have reached new heights this year.

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