Vans Warped Tour is going to start making announcements for the 2015 lineup soon, and we couldn't be more excited. WARPED TOUR SURVIVAL GUIDE–CLOSER LOOKBritt Dreffer Warped Tour is one of the biggest events during the summer for all types of concert goers.
On Warped Tours attraction, junior Kit Lee responded, “Music festivals usually take place during the summer and [are] a musical representation of those endless summer nights. Upon going to Warped Tour, a popular question for newcomers is what to bring to the concert. When arriving, there are schedules being sold right out front, along with basics such as sunblock, earplugs, sunglasses, and backpacks. There are no rules on what to wear to Warped Tour, but in order to have an enjoyable time, it’s better to wear certain things over others. Other than the basics, be prepared for pounding bass, mosh pits, and walking quickly from place to place to see different performances. Natalie Lambert and Britt Dreffer, Copy Editor, ReporterSeptember 23, 2013Out of all summer music festivals, one that is popularly known around America is the Warped Tour. The smartest thing to do would be to get a backpack, something that can hold items without getting in the way while walking or being jostled by crowds.

Warped is usually packed full, so there can be jostling and long lines for tickets, water, bathrooms, and food. If it’s more convenient to buy these items while there, have cash ready to purchase what’s needed. Baking in the sun for too long can cause dehydration, which results in nausea, headaches, and dizziness. Due to the amount of walking, it would be smart to wear comfortable shoes meant for walking versus cute shoes meant for looks. Cameras are usually a great idea for taking pictures with musicians or for filming live performances. With a couple of tips on what to bring, wear, and do, it should be an experience that isn’t easy to forget. Warped Tour began in the mid-nineties and has carried on in its success to the present date. Sunblock and sunglasses are other must haves if attending Warped, as the entire concert is outside and during the summer season, making heat an issue along with the possibility of getting sun burnt.
Schedules are extremely handy for finding which bands will be playing where, as there are multiple stages.

Also, as food can be expensive, think ahead and pack a couple of snacks to last throughout the day. It offers a selection of punk, alternative, and pop musicians, who play live throughout the day. Other things that would be good to bring to face the long hours out in the sun would be water, a miniature battery run fan, cash for band merchandise, and earplugs to avoid headaches from loud music.
It’s usually held in a large outdoor venue to make room for the multiple stages and tents that are set up. Hydration stations that give out free water refills in bottles are offered all day, to keep concertgoers hydrated and healthy.
The day is meant for concert goers to browse through band merchandise, meet musicians, and enjoy live music.

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