We recommend having the watch battery replaced by a jeweler, as it is intentionally difficult to remove the back.
Appointed with protecting the wristwatch face is National Geographic Ng752gkbs‘s stainless steel bezel.
Subscribe to RSS or enter you email to receive newsletter for news, articles, and updates about what's new. To view this site, you need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser, and either the Flash Plugin or an HTML5-Video enabled browser. A two-time National Geographic grantee, Anna works with a team of scientists and local volunteers in Indonesia to educate people on the value of protecting this odd and adorable critter and keeping it a thriving part of their natural environment. This Javan slow loris, named Kiara, shows off the critters’ characteristic claw among toenails. I believe you are referring to the “toilet claw”—lorises, like other primates, have tiny flattened nails on each hand and foot, but they retain a single claw that they use for grooming and scratching hard to reach places! They are the only venomous primates—they have a true venom that can be injected into their victims. Aside from deforestation, which impacts most species in Asia, a low rate of reproduction is a challenge for slow lorises, which have only one offspring every year or two (with the exception of the pygmy loris that has twins).
They are also heavily impacted by the illegal trade for medicines (they are considered to have over 100 uses and are often smoked alive to retain properties), for the photo prop trade, and the pet market—for both the latter, these venomous primates have their unique toothcomb clipped out to prevent their biting.
The illegal pet and photo prop trades are perpetrated by YouTube and social networking videos of illegal loris pets—lorises are extremely difficult to breed in captivity and more lorises appear on YouTube videos than are in the world’s zoos! The grip may look tight, but this slow loris is being handled with care, and being outfitted with a tracker that is helping to reveal critical information about lorises’ lives in the wild.
We are also having a big focus on diet, quantifying exactly what slow lorises eat, not only to know what should be fed in rescue centers but also to determine the best trees to replant in the area. Finally, we also run monthly movie nights for the villagers, teach a children’s book written by us in the local schools, and are continuing to monitor how lorises use their venom.

About This BlogEvery hour of every day, somewhere on Earth, National Geographic explorers are at work trying to uncover, understand, or help care for some small part of the world around us. Support National GeographicWe've supported more than 11,000 grants to scientists and others in the field.Learn more about our work. Exploration Topics: Discover new faces and famous figures working with animals, the ancient world, photography, and more. Explorers NewsletterSign Up Now: Stay in the know with a monthly email highlighting the exciting work of our explorers around the world. It is intentionally challenging to open the case in order to protect the mechanism and preserve its water resistance. Her work in the field has been to perform some of the first in-depth studies of lorises in the wild.
So far we know the venom can hugely damage other lorises, can kill ectoparasites and can kill a person.
Less than 10% of Java’s rainforest remains—mostly at high altitudes not suitable for slow lorises. A canvas band and stainless steel bezel retain the age-old look of analog craftsmanship, with a classic face featuring National Geographic's distinctive logo. However, as global atomic functionality is relatively new, even experienced jewelers may have a difficult time re-setting the watch.
Day and date calendar placed on National Geographic Ng752gkbs‘s face briefs you of the date at any moment. It leaves the lorises defenseless if ever returned to the wild as they cannot inject their venom, groom (for both social behavior and parasite defense), or eat their most vital food resource—gum which is gouged from trees with the chisel-like toothcomb.
Ours is the first long-term study of any slow loris species, but also of the Critically Endangered Javan slow loris.
Displays both 12-hour and 24-hour military time, world time in 31 cities, day of the week, digital date, and seconds.

Ng752gkbs‘s stainless steel band is responsible for rugged physical look additionally to for holding the timepiece snug on the wrist.
In order to facilitate reintroductions, which have so far been done in the absence of wild studies with a horrific failure rate, we are examining dispersal of slow lorises—by learning how these animals find new homes in the wild, we hope we can help to improve reintroduction success. Press the button quickly two more times until you see "H" on the screen with a blinking number next to it. Press the top button to scroll through the hours, keeping in mind that this is displaying 24-hour clock time. Made of tough stainless steel and spanning 46 millimeters across and 13 millimeters in thickness, the case guarantees many years of faithful service. This means that the majority of personal atomic clocks and watches will synchronize only within the continental United States, and may not synchronize correctly in Hawaii or Alaska or on continents other than North America.
You'll see a "wait" icon and the second hand will spin as the watch adjusts itself.Set the minutes by pressing the bottom right button until the three-letter city code blinks.
Although not as scratch resistant as some other dial window matters, mineral dial window is much less likely to break.
Personal atomic clocks and watches work only in some areas of Canada and Mexico.Another limitation of personal atomic clocks and watches is that they may not receive the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) signal within large buildings containing steel construction. Press the button quickly three more times until you see "M" on the screen with a blinking number next to it. Moving clocks and watches closer to windows in these types of buildings will usually resolve the synchronization problem.

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