S2012 E47 Oct 21, 2012DinofishCoelacanth (SEEL-uh-kanth): a large fish with limblike fins, armored scales and a tail that no other living fish possesses. Deadwood, South Dakota had a large Chinese immigrant population and KG finds proof of this. The show brings exotic animals and locations around the world right into the viewer's living room.
Season 2011, Episode 83 S2011 E82 Apr 15, 2011Journey To EuropaAre we alone in the universe? Season 2011, Episode 78 S2011 E77 Oct 2, 2011Hunting Hitler's HenchmenTheir bravery has inspired countless films but, until now, the real story of some of Britaina€™s greatest war heroes has remained in the shadows. Animal behavior is seen and explained so the viewer receives a full understanding for seemingly routine behavior.
Season 2012, Episode 47 S2012 E46 Aug 8, 2012Sailing the Treasure ShipIt took a year to build: the Jewel of Muscat a€“ a reconstruction of a 1200 year old Arab ship, based on an ancient shipwreck. Season 2011, Episode 65 S2011 E61 Dec 1, 2011London Underground RevealedAny Londoner can tell you that the Tube is overcrowded.
Nesting, courtship, hunting strategies and other communicative efforts are seen from species of all kinds.The life and death struggle between predator and prey is captured in vivid color. Season 2011, Episode 82 S2011 E81 Nov 24, 2011Deepest Dive: The Story of Trieste50 years ago, two men attempted to reach the deepest part of the ocean, 35,000 feet down in the South Pacific. Slow motion photography allows the eye to catch the unbelievable athletic ability among animal groups as they attempt to catch prey or avoid becoming prey. Season 2012, Episode 46 S2012 E45 Aug 28, 2012Jonestown - Nightmare in ParadiseJonestown: Nightmare in Paradise chronicles the tragic final days of the People's Temple cult. Season 2011, Episode 74 S2011 E73 Mar 16, 2011UFO UK: New EvidenceAre aliens really out there?

Season 2011, Episode 61 S2011 E59 Apr 12, 2011Inside: Cocaine SubmarinesColombian drug traffickers are using a new secret weapon to smuggle cocaine north a€“ drug submarines. Season 2012, Episode 45 S2012 E44 Jun 4, 2012Treasure Hoard: Secrets of the Lost GoldThe discovery of a golden hoard sheds light on the mysterious dark ages.
Season 2011, Episode 80 S2011 E79 Nov 3, 2011Shackleton's WhiskyErnest Shackleton is one of the iconic figures of the 'Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration'. Season 2011, Episode 73 S2011 E72 Dec 22, 2011Viking ApocalypseWhen a mass of skeletons are found in a shallow grave, cutting-edge forensics and ancient texts tell a story of greed, betrayal and retribution. Season 2011, Episode 58 S2011 E56 Dec 2, 2011Inside: Pickpocket KingBob Arno wows audiences with his pickpocketing show in Las Vegas. Season 2012, Episode 43 S2012 E42 Mar 19, 2012Through Their EyesThrough Their Eyes documents Daniel Craig's visit to Mongolia with the ORBIS team of medical professionals. Season 2011, Episode 79 S2011 E78 Dec 13, 2011Moors Murderer: Right To Die?Ian Brady's crimes are some of the worst Britain has ever seen. Season 2011, Episode 71 S2011 E70 Mar 17, 2011The Egyptian Job Season 2011, Episode 70 S2011 E69 Aug 28, 2011George W. Season 2011, Episode 55 S2011 E54 Jul 11, 2011Robot SoldiersWhen this robot is powered up, 200 pounds of machinery turns into a tool to give soldiers super-human abilities. Season 2011, Episode 53 S2011 E52 Aug 21, 2011The Liquid Bomb PlotThe real-life international drama plays out like the plot of a deadly spy thriller.
Season 2011, Episode 51 S2011 E50 Jul 1, 2011Fireball Of ChristThis is the story of the meteor that changed the world forever. Season 2011, Episode 50 S2011 E49 Aug 7, 2011How to Build a VolcanoScience partners with Hollywood special effects to build the world's largest model volcano.
Season 2011, Episode 49 S2011 E48 Apr 22, 2011China's Ghost ArmyIs every warrior's face different?

Season 2011, Episode 48 S2011 E47 Mar 8, 2011Hunting Hitler's GeneralsDuring World War II, Allied operatives went on secret missions to kill Adolph Hitler and his top officers, including Erwin Rommel. Season 2012, Episode 26 S2012 E25 Apr 10, 2012I Escaped A CultExplore at the dark side of mind control, deception, fear and intimidation in the destructive experience of life inside two dangerous cults. Season 2011, Episode 46 S2011 E45 Jun 30, 2011Russia's Toughest PrisonsFor the first time, three prisons across Russia unlock their doors to an international film crew. Season 2012, Episode 25 S2012 E24 Jun 9, 2012Doomsday 2210?Scientists in the year 2210 uncover the ruins of a great civilisation. Season 2011, Episode 45 S2011 E44 Apr 5, 2011Witch Hunter's BibleFor the first time ever, an international investigation team joins forces to unravel the mysteries of the Malleus Maleficarum, or Hammer of Witches.
Season 2012, Episode 22 S2012 E21 Jul 15, 2012Dark Secrets of The LusitaniaWhen a German submarine sank passenger liner RMS Lusitania on 7 May 1915, it redefined the laws of conflict.
Season 2011, Episode 42 S2011 E41 Jun 28, 2011Amish on BreakFive Amish teenagers leave their sheltered community for the first time to spend four weeks abroad in the United Kingdom. Season 2012, Episode 18 S2012 E17 Jun 11, 2012Templar's Lost TreasureA fascinating exploration of the legends accredited to the mysterious religious and military order of the Knights Templar. Season 2011, Episode 39 S2011 E38 Jun 27, 2011Doomsday PreppersUnique in their beliefs, motivations and strategies, explore the lives of four families preparing for the end of the world as we know it. Season 2011, Episode 38 S2011 E37 Jun 26, 2011Snipers Inc.Selling guns to snipers is all in a day's work for one small-town Tennessee family.

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