Part of the award-winning National Geographic Really Wild Animals series for children aged four to 11, this documentary is a look at the animal kingdoms very best techniques on how to avoid from becoming a predators midday snack.
From the National Geographic Kids Video series, this entry in the Really Wild Animals collection takes the young viewers on a fascinating magic-carpet ride through the untamed land of Asia. Through Warner Home Video, this National Geographic production takes the kids out to the country to meet some of the barnyard animals that they call friend. By using this Web site, you confirm that you have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by the Terms of Use. Part of the Really Wild Animals series brought to video by National Geographic, this educational kids' program is a trip into the jungles of the Dark Continent called Africa. This educational tape is part of the National Geographic Really Wild Animals series for kids aged five through 11. With secret weapons that would make James Bond envious and the built-in natural ability to avoid capture, these magnificent evasions would make, the master escape-artist Harry Houdini proud.

Narrated by 'Spin' the talking globe Dudley Moore, this 38-minute tape is education camouflaged with entertainment. Narrated by Dudley Moore (Arthur, 10), who is an animated globe named Spin, the children learn all about life on the farm. This documentary looks at the contrary parenting techniques of most our simian cousins, including the giant gorillas, the tree-hugging orangutans, and everybody's favorite, the crazed chimpanzee. This educational tape stars such masters of defense as the smelly skunk, prickly porcupine, and the cold-blooded cobra. Such wondrous and foreign animals highlighted include, from the mystique of China everybody's favorite two-toned bear the Panda, from Japan, the hot spring loafing Snow Monkeys and from the savage jungles of Borneo, the crazy tree-swinging Orangutan. Everything from goats and pigs to haystacks and tractors, this 46-minute educational documentary is the complete rural excursion. The young viewer gets a glimpse into their monkey business, the natural existence within their habitat, their families, and the domestic rules that may or may not apply.

Narrated by Spin, the animated talking globe (voiced by actor Dudley Moore) is brought to video by National Geographic and their wonderful world of wildlife entertainment. With award-winning cinematography and constant quick-cut action, this video keeps the children lost in the far reaches of their imagination.
Narrated by actor Dudley Moore as Spin, the animated talking globe, this around the world expedition is as entertaining as it is educational.

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