By using this Web site, you confirm that you have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by the Terms of Use. Watch the vampire diaries season 2 episode 8 online - tv, Watch the vampire diaries season 2 episode 8 online via tv fanatic with over 5 options to watch the the vampire diaries s2e8 full. The road back by xxmagex, starway man - tenhawk presents, The road back: foreword okay, here is the bit of the road back that introduces the back story. Billy the kid vs dracula (1966) - jabootu's bad movie, The two leads, meanwhile, are quite bloodless even before dracula gets his mitts on them. Litany of the Tribes is a compilation of the now out of print Tribebooks Silverfang, Stargazers, Uktena, and Wendigo.
Once again White Wolf reprints information from previous books without giving credit to the orginal authors like they should.
Mokole is a wonderful book detailing the werecrocodiles and weredragons of the World of Darkness. This book is everything you need to play the Mokole, were-reptiles who remember (and embody) Gaia's past, the days of the Dragon Kings (dinosaurs).
I know that you don't forcefully need this book, and that you might be able to handle a chronicle without the companion, but admitt that to get the animals, the stargazers and other things included in this little book, as well as the weapons table on the screen and the full explanation on the littany and reknown you will either need to work on the net for a month or get your head spinning with different sourcebooks and table creations, sure the book is not forceful, but it sure gets some weigh of a storytellers back, besides, the screen is quite cool. The Werewolf Storyteller's Companion is all the extra items that just wouldn't fit in the main Werewolf: the Apocalypse rulebook.
I thought that it was a very good book, it had everything you want to know about kinfolk and more, it told the differences the kin have towards each other, it even had discriptions about the black spiral kin. Honestly--I picked up this book because I was going to be creating a character to help a friend out and I was immediately hooked! Nuwisha are a blast to play, but if you're hoping for all you need to play them, this book is Necessary, but not sufficient. The Tribebooks are helpful for building better thought out and fleshed out characters for your Werewolfgames. The writing is superb, truly bringing to life the Mokole, and portraying what it is like to posess a racial memory back to the time of the dinosaurs. As naturally, the book opens with a comic adventure telling of the Garou Peter Ward's quest to Australia to meet with the Mokole themselves and learn of his heritage.

Very little of it was original, most of the information simply glossing over what's to be found in other books. I think I've read it through two or three times now, and I've only had it for a month.The art is not as fantastic as it is in some White Wolf books, but the clever approach to presenting the information makes up for what lacks in illustration. The book jumps right away into the Tribe's history, starting along the Nile and the steppes of Central Asia.
Part setting book, part adventure, all kreepy circus coolness; it is a crossover book for all the major lines of the original World of Darkness (the book is from '96 I think, so that means 2nd ed.
As someone who turns to supplements like this for inspiration more than for a game-session-in-a-book, I found this one of the best sources I have everseen.
Don't get me wrong, I understand the system and I've played my share of the characters, but werewolves always seem to be played a bit to slash and kill for my taste.
You're also going to need the players guide to Werewolf, since the Nuwisha book doe NOT contain all of their gifts.
Show them to your friends, look atthem in the tub; you will be amazed by how fun this book really is.Don'twait order NOW!
I particulary found this one useful as I tend to play a Silverfangor a Wendigo more often than other tribes. They don't care to mentionthis here, but then they were only guns-for-hire freelance writers thatdon't get any royalites anyway. The feel of incredible antiquity, the weight of ages of Memory and wisdom, keenly permeates this Breedbook. The book then gives the typical introduction, lexicon of terms and an explanation of what it is to embody the dragons, dinosaurs and sea serpents of the past through your Rage. Alot of information is given on Egypt, the battle between Sutekh and Osiris, and the Tribe's eventual curse and exile. Well, you can imagine my surprise when a friend lent me this book and told me, despite my less the cheerful comments on the subject of werewolves, that it wasn't like the others. The text is written with a great sense of humor and gives valuable insight to the workings of those wacky little were-ravens. I hope that everyone that enjoys thesebooks understand that the people that orginally wrote the stuff reallycared about what they were writing, because they surely aren't getting thecredit they deserve for the work that they did for a good game system thatthey helped to nurture.

From there it goes on to a great history, telling of the Mokole's creation and the reptilian civilizations of prehistoric times.
True, those of us who have been with Werewolf since first edition (remember page XX?) can safely pass this volume by. Mention of important historical events is made, such as the rise of Christianity and Islam, the Crusades, the Ottoman Empire, the Gulf War, construction of the Aswan Dam and so forth, as the Tribe spread through the Middle East, Africa and India seeking a new home. It also helpfully gives a full list of the pictograms of the garou nation, which is usefull for creating realism in games. The Mokole can even remember previous Apocalypses (like the one that destroyed the dinosaurs) and fully expect to live through this one.
But for newcomers, especially those who's first taste of the game is from the Revised edition, this is a useful source. Details on the Wars of Rage and the War of Shame are given, along with lost Fera (were-bulls, boars and bats) known only to the Mokole. The lack of systems will throw off many people, until they come to the realization that it is all about the concepts of the game, and not dice-rolling or gift-slinging.
The lack ofsystems will throw off many people, until they come to the realization thatit is all about the concepts of the game, and not dice-rolling orgift-slinging. In addition, brief mention is made of human times, like ancient Egypt, the Slave Trade and so forth ("western" history doesn't really matter, since most Mokole come from the tropics). While the chance to be even more of an outsider inthe World of Darkness might appeal to some, this book is of more use as aone-shot game than any part of a serious chronicle.
Were-ravens aren't slash and kill characters, but they have other interesting skills that lend depth to any game I've seen them in.
Not only would I suggest this book to were-creature fans, I would suggest it to people who aren't (like me) because if you think that were-wolves are all about death, be prepared for a wonderful surprise.

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