Here’s a look at the effect of different doses of radiation on the human body after acute, whole-body exposure.
Slight blood changes including temporary drop in production of new blood cells will be noted and likely symptoms of nausea, fatigue and vomiting for one or two days.
A year ago this month (May, 1999), India surprised the CIA -- and nearly everyone else except, perhaps, Pakistan, who seems to have been nearly ready -- by setting off several underground nuclear explosions. Outside the circle where people will be instantly vaporized from the initial gamma radiation blast, the light from the explosion (which is many times hotter than the sun) is so bright that it will immediately and permanently blind every living thing, including farm animals (including cows, sacred or otherwise), pets, birds while in flight and not to mention peasants, Maharajah's, and Government officials -- and soldiers, of course.
Later, these people will begin to suffer from vomiting, skin rashes, and an intense unquenchable thirst as their hair falls out in clumps. But this will not concern them at this time: Their immediate threat after the gamma blast, heat blast, pressure wave and sudden fierce wind (first going in the direction of the pressure wave -- outwardly from the blast -- then a moment later, a somewhat weaker wind in the opposite direction), will be the firestorm which will quickly follow, with its intense heat and hurricane-force winds, all driving towards the center where the radioactive mushroom-shaped cloud will be rising, feeding it, enlarging it, and pushing it miles up into the sky. For the survivors of the initial blast who do not then die in the firestorm that follows, many will die painfully over the next few weeks, often after a brief, hopeful period where they appear to be getting better. The developing firestorm is what the survivors of the initial blast will be worrying about -- if they can think straight at all. A significant percentage, probably most, of the people who die from a nuclear attack will die much later, from the widespread release of radioactive material into the environment.
Nuclear weapons do not recognize the end of a war, or signed peace treaties, or even the deaths of all the combatants. Some deaths will occur hundreds and even thousands of miles away, because low levels of ionizing radiation are capable of causing the full spectrum of health effects, albeit at a lower rate within the population. The Electro-Magnetic Pulse will electrify all sorts of metallic structures that are not normally electrified except by the occasional short circuit or lightening strike. Home plumbing systems and most other plumbing systems are good examples of large metallic structures that will suddenly become electrified, destroying the motors, gauges, electronics, etc.
My country has lived under the Russian and Chinese threat of nuclear war for many decades now, and it is not a pleasant thought. I think the world would be a better place if we all stopped and said, "I will not be a part of this.
America had three excuses for her previous use of nuclear weapons in war, which we plead every time it is mentioned. On topic: Nuclear bomb is powerful and awful I hope it never Happens, There will be no need to use it, It has prevented wars. For the worst case scenario, if both countries use a total of 10 nuclear weapons (50 kiloton each) on subcontinent then the damage caused would be more than half as much as mentioned in the article. Nuclear winter is the among the worst thing that will kill plantation and animal kingdom which are directly and indirectly important for human survival even if we somehow managed to be away from direct effect. Hydroponics is defined as “the cultivation of plants by placing the roots in liquid nutrient solutions rather than in soil”. Sustainable packaging design is one viable way of providing packaging that is environmentally smart and responsible. It seems that yurts are popping up everywhere – campgrounds, spas, vacation homes, guest quarters, even a home office.  And why not, yurts are low impact and comfortable.
Seed saving is a sustainable practice and an aspect of the permaculture movement.  Some plant varieties are easy to save the seeds and replant next season but other plants are rather difficult and improperly selecting and saving seeds may result in diseased plants or lack of germination altogether.
Fish farming and fruit and vegetable farming do not at first glance appear to be natural bedfellows.
There’s a saying amongst nuclear physicists – ‘it’ll be 50 years before we crack nuclear fusion; and we’ve been saying it for the past 50 years’. Local farmers’ markets are directly associated wit the eat-local food movement which strives to support local farmers and reduce the transportation costs, and the carbon footprint, associate with transporting food from faraway places. Windmills conjure up romantic images of sails slowly turning amongst fields of wheat, the fabric sails gently rustling in the soft breeze.
At doses above 5,000 rad, the central nervous system (brain and muscles) can no longer control the body functions, including breathing and blood circulation.
It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Most people probably think that if they die from a nuclear blast, they will simply see a flash and get quickly cooked.

Ghostly shadows of these people will be formed on any concrete or stone that lies behind them, and they will be no more. Soon after forming, it will turn white because of water condensation around it and within it.
It might begin as a tingling sensation on the skin, or an itching, which starts shortly after the blast. The fire burns so hot that the asphalt in the streets begins to melt and then burn, even as people are trying to run across it, literally melting into the pavement themselves as they run. They simply keep on killing a percentage of whoever happens to inhale or ingest their deadly byproducts. Not to mention the radioactive runoff from the rivers and streams that flow through the blast area and the area under the radioactive mushroom cloud's drift.
The higher the altitude of the blast, the bigger the circle of damage will be from the EMP. This will be a lot like the whole country getting struck by lightening all at the same time.
It will be quite something to see people in a thousand mile radius of the epicenter of the blast (or further) who are using pacemakers, suddenly drop dead, and all the computers permanently go down and all the lights go out, all at the same time.
All these things will have a nearly simultaneous surge of energy sent through them, igniting gas containers such as fuel storage tanks, propane tanks, and so on.
First, we claim that we did not understand back then (over 50 years ago) all the ways nuclear weapons damage the Earth and her living inhabitants. India can, and therefore should, along with Pakistan, renounce nuclear weapons and the nuclear option.
Heaven help us though if some crackhead extremists seize control of these nukes and decide to teach the other country or even their own country a lesson. But both Pakistan and Indian do not possess megaton-range thermonuclear weapons, The whole scenario is based around them. Of course ground zero will always be vaporised, but the damage done further is being referred to. Your food and all other home and personal products, (unless bout locally or directly) utilizes cardboard to help get the product to you.
Sure, you can do one, you could even do both if you had the time, but to combine them into one joined-up system, surely that’s nonsense?
This sums up the progress that has been made over the past decades in the search for energy’s Holy Grail. Farmers’ markets also support many farmsteads that are committed to growing organic produce and reviving heirloom varieties. Fossil fuels contribute to greenhouse gases, and are becomingly harder to exploit; energy security is an increasingly vexatious issue, and many renewable energy sources, although valuable, are often intermittent in their output. The prize of royalty and estate holders, their manicured garden estates had styles with elaborate walls and sculptures, even mazes. Downcycling is what happens to many products when we recycle them; they’re turned into a material of lesser quality and value. Or of course there’s Don Quixote riding at them on his horse and his trusty sidekick Sancho Panza looking on in despair. A few days later, things get very bad, very quickly since the gastrointestinal system is destroyed.
At 300-500 rad, up to one half of the people exposed will die within 30 days without intensive medical attention.
They literally won't know what hit them, since they will be vaporized before the electrical signals from their sense organs can reach their brains. This will happen for perhaps 10 miles around in every direction (for a 1 megaton bomb) -- further for those who happen to be looking towards the blast at the moment of detonation.
This is because the internal molecular structure of the living cells within their bodies is breaking down, a result of the disruptive effects of the high radiation dose they received.
In an hour or so, it will have largely dissipated, which means that its cargo of death can no longer be tracked visually. These symptoms are signs that the body is starting to break down internally, at the molecular level.

Scattered deaths, and pockets of higher mortality rates, will continue from cancer, leukemia, and other health effects, especially genetic damage to succeeding generations.
It may carry its deadly cargo for thousands of miles, raining a fallout of death only on some cities, and not on others. This is a very serious concern for those of us in the high-tech industries, such as myself.
And commercial and private aircraft will drop out of the sky, since their sensitive electronics and fly-by-wire systems are not very well shielded from the EMP. Second, we claim that there was a war going on, and that had we not used these weapons, perhaps a million soldiers would have died invading Japan instead. Perhaps her populace does not understand the full nature of the threat of nuclear weapons, and thus they are dancing in the streets, but I hope that her leaders do. So alternatively, choosing carefully choosing packaged products for purchase can make a difference in how we preserve our resources. Today, English gardens grow on a smaller scale as backyard gardens full of vivid flowers and lush greens. So paper, which can be recycled up to about five times, is downcyled each time it’s recycled. Once the GI system ceases to function, nothing can be done, and medical care is for comfort only. Even from fifty miles away, a 1 megaton blast will be many times brighter than the noonday sun. People will need to be evacuated from under the fallout, but they will have a hard time knowing where to go.
The insides of those who get a severe dose of gamma radiation, but manage to survive the other traumas, whose organs had once been well defined as lungs, liver, heart, intestines, etc., begin to resemble an undefined mass of bloody pulp. Yet it is hard to see even these pitiable souls as the least lucky ones in a nuclear attack. It will land upon nations which had not been involved in any way in India's dispute with Pakistan. These planes will then not be available for evacuation purposes, nor will they be available to air-drop food, water, morphine and cyanide, all of which will be in great demand throughout the area.
Imbedded controllers are becoming prevalent but as they do, the potential damage from the Electro-Magnetic Pulse increases dramatically.
But this second excuse is weakened by the knowledge that Japan was at that time very near collapse anyway. However, I strongly suspect most of them are unaware of the things I have written about in this newsletter. Those looking directly at the blast will have a large spot permanently burned into their retinas, where the light receptor cells will have been destroyed. Since they have already received the dose, these effects will show up even if the people are immediately evacuated from the area -- hardly likely, since everything around will be destroyed and the country would be at war. Only for the first day or so will visible pieces of fallout appear on the ground, such as marble-sized chunks of radioactive debris and flea-sized dots of blackened particles. Within days, or perhaps weeks, the victim, usually bleeding painfully from every hole and pore in their body, at last dies and receives their final mercy. She was without an air defense, a sea defense, she did not have advanced radar, she had lost all her good pilots, millions of soldiers were either dead, wounded, captured, or uselessly stuck on nameless islands in the middle of the Pacific, and towns in her homeland were being firebombed on almost a nightly basis. At the lower end of the dose range, isolation, antibiotics, and transfusions may provide the bone marrow with time to generate new blood cells, and full recovery is possible. At the upper end of the dose range, a bone marrow transplant may be required to produce new blood cells.
It is difficult to predict where the cloud will travel before it happens, and it is likewise difficult to track the cloud as it moves and dissipates around the globe.

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