Provisioning four full-sized adults for up to three full days, this kit offers truly comprehensive preparedness for the whole family.
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These handy binders have been helping workplaces keep their of material safety data sheets organized for over a decade.
Improves your workplace's capacity to be safely prepared for emergencies involving hazardous materials. Since we first introduced the MSDS Pocket Dictionary in 1987, Genium's Pocket Publications have helped millions of workers avoid workplace hazards. This guide is a great place to start mandatory training for employees who comes in contact with a hazardous material, even packers and warehouse personnel. Here's the tool to introduce the employee information requirements of OSHA's HAZWOPER standard to your employees. The cost-effective employee handout you need to complete OSHA's new safety data sheet and chemical labeling employee-training requirements by the OSHA mandated deadline of December 1, 2013. An exact translation of our all-time best-seller, El Diccionario de Bolsillo de las MSDS answers your employees questions about material safety data sheets and container labels. OSHA is mandating that employees help develop the compliance plan for Process Safety standard (29 CFR 1910.119). If yours is a Canadian organization or a company that does a significant amount of business with Canadian customers, you'll benefit from using and distributing this comprehensive information resource. If you're looking for a comprehensive general training resource addressing a variety of workplace safety topics, this is the booklet for you.
This A to Z encyclopedia is written specifically for lab personnel and addresses all the hazards found in the typical lab setting. This handy pocket-sized reference contains hundreds of hard-to-remember nuggets of information for workers and managers alike. The poster series is an affordable way to make a big impact in teaching your employees the critical lessons of Right-to-Know compliance. Clever, hard-hitting copy and creative illustrations are combined with Genium's world-renowned material safety expertise to create these giant 17" x 22" posters. Hubie points out the nine sections found on material safety data sheets, a key component for Right-to-Know compliance. Hubie teaches your employees the ABC's of exposure limits by explaining TLVs, STELs, ceiling limits, etc. Hubie outlines eleven key steps that all workers should follow in the event of a hazardous material spill. Hubie lists eight basic safety tips, and offers advice on proper planning, emergency response, following procedures, and getting answers to your questions. Hubie helps workers prepare in advance should a chemical accident occur by offering a five-step approach to aiding victims. Hubie and Uncle Sam team up to inform workers of their rights under OSHA's Hazard Communication standard.
Hubie's cousin, Cyrus the Virus, outlines the steps workers can take to protect themselves from viruses and bloodborne diseases in the workplace. A disguised Hubie presents the seven safety steps employees should take when working with hazardous tradename products. Hubie reminds workers that the container label is the first place to learn about a material's potential hazards. These giant 38" x 25" wall charts provide a wealth of needed information to your employees, even when you can't be there.
Here's the tool employees need to decipher complex material safety data sheets written in the ANSI-recommended 16-section format.
This wall chart provides a quick summary of essential data to help employees understand and work safely with hazardous materials.
If your employees are involved in generating, transporting, storing, or disposing of hazardous wastes, you need this poster.
If your workers are expected to fight work place fires as part of their job, OSHA requires that you make sure they know everything necessary to ensure their personal safety. OSHA's Lead standard requires the training of employees about the hazards of lead poisoning.
If you're sick and tired of the same old safety posters and want to offer your employees something new and different, then this poster series is just the ticket.

If you're sick and tired of the same old safety posters and want to offer your employees something new and different, then this poster is just the ticket.
Last month, a collective warning was issued by the commissioners of police, firefighters and State Emergency Service to drivers who ignore blaring sirens and flashing lights of emergency vehicles.
It followed reports from firefighters, paramedics, police and emergency service volunteers, who have all raised concerns about drivers not moving out of their way. According to Fire and Rescue NSW, the Centre for Road Safety General Manager, Marg Pendergast, said the road rules around emergency vehicles have to be followed to ensure all road users are safe.
New air horns are being installed on some existing and new fire engines to further alert drivers of the need to move out of the way. You can hear the new signal here.
I know as a driver that I always look in my rear view mirror not just for other drivers but for emergency vehicles.
Wearing hoodies whilst driving also restricts peripheral vision, so should also be illegal? Please someone with more knowledge correct me if I am wrong but I believe your driver mate did the CORRECT thing Duncan. Emergency vehicles will not force you to disobey road rules, such as going through a red light.
Having just returned from Canada and the UK, let me tell you that the rules in both countries are very similar – when you see or hear an emergency vehicle, in either direction, you pull over as far as possible and stop, until the vehicle or vehicles have passed. Drivers who are behind the emergency vehicle should not use it as an opportunity to speed past all the vehicles who have pulled over, as the speeding vehicles can cause accidents themselves as the courteous, law abiding drivers are trying to pull back onto the road..
Most of the problems I see are with people of all ages driving all types of vehicles wearing not just earbuds but even wearing the noise cancelling headphones to listen to music while they are driving. I agree that we all must give way to emergency vehicles when their sirens and lights are activated and at the same time obey the road rules. What advice is there for anyone faced with this dilemma as I believe that motorists have been fined when caught in such a situation?
Yes, I was caught by this on Friday when a police car forced me into an intersection on a red light. I would like to know if you are stopped at a traffic light because of the red light, and a police car puts on their siren and is behind you, do you go through the red light to let the police vehicle through, or does the vehicle have to go around you. Thanks for your question Anthony.In all cases you are required to abide by road rules at all times, which would mean that it would be unsafe to move at an intersection unless you have a green light. Packed into our sturdiest bag with room from shoes, medication, and other individual households need, nothing else comes close to the readiness of the 4 Person Kit. Our Pocket Guides average about 80 pages and fit easily in a shirt pocket or as a stuffer in a business envelope. Explains how container labels point out if a material is hazardous, how it can hurt users, and how warning statements outline appropriate precautionary steps. This guide provides an effective approach to help employees become fitter, healthier, and more productive. This guide helps employees improve driver safety awareness and makes them more responsible caretakers of employer-owned vehicles.
If material safety data sheets and container labels confuse your employees, this guide will answer their questions.
It contains a tutorial explaining each section of a MSDS following the ANSI 16-section format and how that information can be used to work more safely with hazardous materials. Head off trouble before it occurs by using this guide to heighten employee awareness about the unique physical and health hazards faced by office workers and what steps they can take to avoid occupational injuries and illnesses.
This reference explains the major parts of the standard, presents basic process-related safety principles, and reviews the hazard analysis techniques and operating procedures required for compliance.
It addresses the OSHA standard and shows workers how to select, care for, and maintain required respiratory equipment. This booklet explains circadian rhythms and teaches workers how fatigue affects the human body. Just one instance of sexual harassment can have serious ramifications for any organization. The backbone of this publication is a 1,500-item glossary containing definitions for terms and abbreviations used throughout the health and safety community. Each one provides good (and sometimes slightly irreverent) reasons to pay attention to safety on the job.
It provides good (and sometimes slightly irreverent) reasons to pay attention to safety on the job.
If I see flashing lights and no siren then it is a ambulance transporting a patient to hospital in a serious condition.

Emergency vehicles under siren can drive through red lights among other things however, the rest of us, cannot!
He’s required to follow the road rules in that situation, which includes not running a red light. This has not happened to me, but what is the procedure if you are stopped at a red light with a red light camera.
Emergency vehicles who are not attending an emergency call, still travel in normal traffic with their sirens and emergency beacons on as a high visibility measure. They would have no chance of hearing sirens even when they emergency service vehicle is right behind them in the event they hadn’t seen it coming. I have had instances where cars pull over to the left but barely slow down and then come back over towards me when there is an obstacle in their way. This happened to me a couple of days ago, I wasnt stopped or pulled over but the police vehicle could’ve taken down my number plate. With a whopping 60 antiseptic Towelettes, individually wrapped food and water, and the most comprehensive First Aid of any Grab-N-Go Kit available, this kit can either be used to sustain a family of four for three days or to sustain a smaller number of people for four, six, or even twelve days of self-sufficiency. It's loaded with information employees need to recognize and control hazardous energy sources.
Kareful has become a popular advocate for worker safety in hundreds of organizations around the country. Your employees will get a chuckle or two when they see them, but they'll also get the important workplace safety message that each poster hammers home. Your employees will get a chuckle or two when they see it, but they'll also get the important workplace safety message that it hammers home. But if it is either police, Fire or ambulance with sirens and flashing lights I pull over and let them past even the ambulance without the siren. If your mate had gone through that red light and caused an accident or worse, a fatality, he would have been wholly responsible for it – for the latter that’s vehicular manslaughter!!!
Most emergency vehicles will turn off their siren in that situation because they know that you’re not allowed to move until the light goes green. An emergency vehicle come up behind you with lights and sirens working and there is no traffic coming from the side street and no pedestrians crossing. Can someone confirm whether road rules say wearing earphones to listen to music is legal or not in NSW? In this circumstance the police car could have crossed to the other side of the road to go around me but didn’t. Also dirt etc gets thrown about when they drop the left hand wheels off the tar.Having said that, the majority of people do the right thing!!
All provide a great starting point for your organization's safety training sessions or tool box talks.
The pocket guide then explains the hazard in clear language so that readers understand how it can lead to accident or illness. In other words the road is clear for you to cross against the lights, however, if you do the cameras will pick you up and you would look forward to receiving a fine in the mail. I have seen ten or more cars pass by an ambulance with lights and siren that is forced to wait for a safe opportunity to turn. Each poster is designed to help employees work more safely in and around hazardous materials. Most people I have seen are good about getting clear of the front of emergency vehicles, it’s the jokers who then chase behind it or race to pass all the other cars who have pulled over that seriously piss me off and leave me wondering how they have survived as long as they have.
I’ve even seen this happen at night when the whole intersection is flooded with flashing blue and red light, some drivers are just too selfish or ignorant to give way. Then when the emergency is over, they could review the video and automatically fine anyone for not getting out of their way. If I’d moved forward and to the left I would have blocked the street on the left so I just hung out in the middle until I could escape. In addition to air horns, emergency vehicles should be fitted with video cameras and the footage used to book offending drivers.

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