Fiction, of course, lets you see the world through another set of eyes, and that isn’t lost on young children, argued York University psychologist Raymond Mar. It seems that the parent-child discussion about the characters’ beliefs and emotions is key to helping kids develop empathy. There may be discussions of mental states, and more discussions during joint-reading than throughout other moments of daily life between a parent and child.
Women that don’t get enough sleep are at a higher risk of coronary heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, and hypertension. There’s a lot of bias lurking behind the question of which kids get which educational opportunities.
Yet another example of how filtered media makes us see the world in fundamentally inaccurate ways.
People like to believe that now is the most hectic time in human history, whenever now happens to be.
A pair of researchers suggest creepers sit in that uncertain space that could be harmless – but maybe not. Data falsification was only a temporary roadblock to an important finding that could fight bias against transgender people and other groups.

A chance meeting between a New York Times editor and an NYPD police chief ended up altering psychology textbooks. There could be an unanticipated positive side effect to how bad some white doctors are at dealing with black pain.
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Are Elephants Capable Of Empathy?news February 27, 2014 AnimalsComments Off on Are Elephants Capable Of Empathy?
All scientists will tell you that humans’ closest relatives from the animals kingdom are apes, both humans and apes have limbs with five fingers, and even some apes can walk on two legs. Like many other animals, especially mammals, elephants are also capable of having emotions.
You might think that elephants are doing this so they will have a better chance to survive, but elephants are known to spend hours with sick or weak elephants, even if one of the elephants will die. Another proof that elephants have empathy is the trauma they suffer after other elephants are killed, the elephants are so traumatized that they will avoid the area where other elephants were killed, even if that area has food.
Some research has suggested that adults who read narrative fiction also tend to be more empathetic, but so far, the research is inconclusive, Mar said.

Theory-of-mind tests included testing if a child is able to understand that someone may prefer broccoli over a cookie, and how that is unique from their own desire for the cookie. Some people think that animals can not have emotions, since our standards for emotions can be affected by many things, but there are stories that can show us that elephants can show empathy. In order to prove that elephants can express empathy researchers have observed how  elephants react when they are afraid, this study was done on different parts of the world and the elephants in the study reacted in the same way.
He has appeared in well over 350 TV shows and movies and for 16 years starred as Constable John Constable in CBC’s THE BEACHCOMBERS (check out a petition to bring it back here). But between the ages of 3 and 5, kids are just starting to understand the difference between their own thoughts and desires and those of other people. A recent study Mar highlights shows that reading a child a tale about honesty led the child to act more honestly when presented with an opportunity to lie or cheat. When in the wild, elephants will often help other elephants, sometimes they will help them to get out of mud, or they will spray dirt on each other wounds.

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