Established in 1996, Laizhou City Shentang Chengxin Packing Plant specializes in manufacturing EPE products. This entry was posted in Vector, Vector People and tagged baby, baby boy, blowing, blowing Vector bulbs, boy, bucket, building blocks, bunny costume, carrots, Cartoon, children, cute, dandelion, flowers, gift, glasses, hand-painted, illustrator, Image, infants, pony, Ribbon, shells, stone, stones, toy car, toys, Winnie. Our factory owns high quality production equipment as well as advanced professional techniques. We utilize a global supplier base that has allowed us to stream line our operation in such a way that we can provide our customers with what they want, when they want it. Our plant owns several auto-production lines, for the production of different specifications of EPE sheets, EPE tubes and a range of other EPE items. Competitive pricing, efficient sizes, and ease of use, make Laizhou Chengxin Packing an ideal choice for purchasing high quality EPE products.

These products, which are light, shock-proof and anti-moisture, are widely used in the packaging of electronic equipment, fruits and vegetables, stone materials and aluminum materials. We WILL save you money by reducing your inventory costs through more accurate planning and shorter lead times as well as the increased efficiency in no skins and larger block sizes. We are also developing the market of baby sleeping and protection furniture, besides transportation.
All in all, our main products are made mainly by EPE with a thickness ranging from 0.5mm to 60mm and width from 85cm to 180cm. Both sizes and shapes could be customized by special orders.With the increasing demands of our products in the market, our plant has been developing rapidly in the recent years.
Yantai Branch Company has been established, and Zibo Branch Company has been set up in March of 2008.

We have taken changes in the market into great consideration, aiming to supply large scales of products at a reasonable price for our overseas customers. Armed with abundant production experience and modernized operating systems, we are ready to provide high quality products. Our factory puts great emphasis on quality control, with the goal of a good reputation and brand image.

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