When a member has fulfilled the requirements, a completed application is submitted to the council. All emergency activities carried out by Scouting units must be appropriate for the ages and abilities of the young people involved. Take a nationally recognized first-aid course geared toward children such as American Red Cross First Aid for Children Today (FACT). Join a safe kids program such as McGruff Child Identification, Internet Safety, or Safety at Home. Make a presentation to your family on what you have learned about preparing for emergencies. Make a small display or give a presentation for your family or den on what you have learned about preparing for emergencies.
Participate in creating an emergency plan for your home and for your troop or team's Scouting activities.
With your troop or team, including its adult leaders, participate in emergency preparedness training conducted by community emergency preparedness agencies. Complete a nationally recognized first-aid course or complete a nationally recognized Wilderness First Aid course.
With your crew, including its adult leaders, participate in emergency preparedness training coordinated by community emergency preparedness agencies. This award is available to all registered Scouters who serve a unit, including all leaders and committee members.
Provide input to develop or improve an emergency preparedness program plan and kit for your home and be sure all family members know the plan. Participate actively in preparing an emergency action plan for your Scouting unit meeting place. Participate as an active volunteer in a community agency responsible for disaster preparedness.
Provide input to develop or improve an emergency preparedness program plan and kit for your council or district.
Participate as an active volunteer in a community agency responsible for emergency disaster preparedness. Participate actively in developing an emergency preparedness program for a council or district activity such as a camporee or Scouting show.
Bronze Level: If completed three of the above and if 30 percent of your traditional units have achieved the award.
Silver Level: If completed three of the above and if 40 percent of your traditional units have achieved the award.
Gold Level: If completed three of the above and if 50 percent of your traditional units have achieved the award.
The unit members conduct a safety check of their meeting place using the checklist in the Guide to Safe Scouting. The Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Coach, or Advisor and the assistant Cubmasters, Scoutmasters, Coaches, or Advisors, and the unit committee chair have in their possession and have read the most current Guide to Safe Scouting.
The unit members create an emergency action plan for unit use during regular meetings, tours, and activities. Greater than 40 percent of registered adults are trained in Safety A?oat and Safe Swim Defense. Greater than 40 percent of unit members completed the SCOUTStrong fitness program or earned the Quest Award.
All Emergency Preparedness BSA items are available to local councils as Supply items, though the National Distribution Center.

NOTE: JavaScript has either been disabled in your browser or your browser does not support JavaScript. Resources on this page are for overviews of many different types of disasters; more specific links can be found on each disaster's page. In the event of a release of harmful chemicals, radioactive materials, or a terrorist attack, it is important to be ready to shelter-in-place and wait out the event. Exposure to intense heat can quickly cause dehydration, heat exhaustion, or heat stroke, while intense cold can close businesses and schools and disable utilities. As part of the Town of Kindersley's commitment to the safety and well-being of its residents, the Emergency Measures Organization (EMO) Emergency Response Plan was created to assess the potential hazards that are most likely to impact the community or region at large.
The chemical spill or dangerous goods accident involving an evacuation of all or a portion of the Town was deemed to have the greatest overall impact on the community and surrounding area. The Emergency Response Plan involves consultation between the Town of Kindersley, RM of Kindersley, emergency response agencies (i.e. The Town of Kindersley's EMO Coordinator facilitates the plan and act as liaison between all the partners and agencies involved. I could go into detail here, or I could direct you to an incredibly thorough, educational, and FUN online resource created by the American Red Cross to help you navigate the at-times confusing path to preparedness.
If you’re short on time, start here and read through the overviews in the Get a Kit, Make a Plan, and Be Informed sections before jumping to the conclusion. But if you have the time (and I strongly encourage you to MAKE the time, as this site really is both helpful and interesting), start here and stay awhile. Make a Plan: Users can learn where and how to begin the planning process, create a customized emergency plan (that the website will then send to you and any additional family members), and download a personalized Emergency Contact Card. Be Informed: Users can learn more about the three key ways to become better educated about emergency preparedness. I’ve seen people start down the road to preparedness and simply walk away because they become so overwhelmed. So visit the site today, and consider taking even just one of the steps in an effort to better prepare yourself and your family for an emergency. On-call Residence Advisors are trained to respond in the event of an emergency and are certified in First Aid and CPR.
If a major emergency or disaster occurs, officials say you need be prepared to be self-sufficient for 72 hours, even in residence. Inform the Front Desk immediately and let them know the source of the water leak: roof, window, pipe, washroom, etc. For a spreading blaze, pull the fire alarm, leave the building by the nearest exit and call 9-1-1.
If you cannot safely get downstairs, go to the nearest safe area and wait for a firefighter.
Boil all tap water used for drinking, brushing teeth, pre­paring food, beverages, ice cubes, and wash­ing fruits and vegetables.
Pack a manual can opener, flashlight and batteries, battery-powered or wind-up radio, extra batteries, spare keys, and a first aid kit.
Include special-needs items, if necessary, such as prescription medications, toiletries, equipment for people with disabil­ities, glasses or contact lenses. Don’t forget cash, especially smaller bills and coins, for use in pay phones or vending machines. Make sure you have contact information handy for people you will need to get in touch with, like relatives in and out of town. Authorized personnel of the University may enter your accommodation, without prior notice, for reasons of health, safety or general community welfare, or to make repairs and deliveries to the room and room equipment, or to inspect the premises, or to investigate possible breaches of the Residence Contract. When possible, 24 hours notice will be given to an accommodation holder.

Units should participate only under the supervision of their own leaders, and plans for unit help must be coordinated with community agencies responsible for disaster preparedness.
The emergency skills should include responses for fire safety, poisoning, water accidents, substance abuse, and more.
Put on a training program for your family or den on stranger awareness, Internet safety, or safety at home.
Attach a copy of the duties and responsibilities assigned to this position to the application. This website is best viewed with JavaScript enabled so we recommend that you enable JavaScript or utilize a browser that supports it. This plan is modified on an ongoing basis to ensure the most up to date resources and agencies are actively involved in the implementation of the plan should an emergency arise. RCMP, EMS, Kindersley Fire and Rescue Brigade), Heartland Health Region, crisis and emergency support agencies, and several other important partners. Using fun activities to explain practical information, parents can teach their children important safety lessons that will help keep them safe from all kinds of hazards both at home and outside in the community. My family and I will be working on this section of our emergency preparedness plan this weekend, if I can pull my son away from the Prepare 4 game, that is. Tackling this section of our emergency preparedness plan is on my family’s calendar for October, when we’ll simultaneously be working on our fire safety plan.
That’s the beauty of the Be Red Cross Ready website – it contains a great deal of valuable information, but the information is compartmentalized and presented in a way that allows you to break it down and tackle one piece at a time, when you have the time. Other supports include the Residence Life Manager, General Manager of Student Housing and Hospitality Services, Campus Security and Kelowna RCMP. That may sound extreme, but if you’re ready, you’ll be able to respond confidently and safely during an emergency situation. Residence Life Staff will not access a resident room without permission from the Residence Life Manager.
The pin may be worn on civilian clothing or on the uniform, centered on the left pocket flap.
Use this section to learn about specific crises, how to react during one, and how to plan for them. Surrounding communities committed to providing mutual aid in the case of a major incident or emergency are also consulted on an ongoing basis as the plan is updated and modified. Come November and December, my family and I will be reviewing these important details and adding easy printables to our emergency preparedness kit. We reserve the right to make editorial decisions regarding submitted comments, including but not limited to removal of comments.
Public wildfire reports have resulted in immeasurable savings in property damage, forest resources and fire suppression dollars. The award may be earned more than once; for instance, as a young person advances through the ranks and is capable of more complex preparedness activities, but only one pin may be worn.
The comments are moderated, so you may have to be a tiny bit patient in waiting to see them.

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