In a short period of time, the effects of the bomb were felt from Hawaii to New Zealand, as planes experienced electrical surges, lamplights were blown out and a giant aurora bloomed in the sky. Cham Dallas, the director of the Institute for Health Management and Mass Destruction Defense at the University of Georgia and lead author of the study, says that the projections are the most catastrophic he's seen in more than 30 years analyzing weapons of mass destruction and their potential effects. Israel has never confirmed or denied possessing nuclear weapons, but is widely known to have up to several hundred nuclear warheads in its arsenal.
Dallas and his colleagues nonetheless ran simulations for potential Iranian nuclear strikes on the Israeli cities of Beer Sheva, Haifa, and Tel Aviv using much smaller 15-kiloton weapons, similar in strength to those dropped by the United States on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945. According to Paul Carroll of the Ploughshares Fund, a San Francisco-based foundation that advocates for nuclear disarmament, "the results would be catastrophic" if major Iranian cities were attacked with modern nuclear weapons.
According to Dallas and his colleagues, the marked disparity between estimated fatalities in Israel and Iran can be explained by a number of factors. The nature of Iranian cities also makes them exceptionally vulnerable to nuclear attack, according to the Conflict & Health study.
Iran's topography, specifically mountains around cities, would obstruct the dissipation of the blast and heat from a nuclear explosion, intensifying the effects.

At a news conference at the end of Nuclear Security Summit at The Hague on March 25, President Obama sought to put in perspective any threat to U.S.
Even if confined to South and Central Asia, a nuclear war would have devastating consequences to the world. Thus when President Obama states that he’s more concerned with a nuclear strike on Manhattan, he’s actually speaking about a Russian attack without necessarily realizing it. Russ Wellen edits the Foreign Policy in Focus blog Focal Points for the Institute of Policy Studies. Once detonated, the warheads generate not only heat and light, but incredible amounts of X- and gamma rays.
An electromagnetic field was created above the earth, far larger than scientists predicted, as electrons were excited and accelerated to incredible speeds. It is the first publicly released scientific assessment of what a nuclear attack in the Middle East might actually mean for people in the region. But, when it comes to a nuclear attack on New York, the source is much less unlikely (or marginally more likely) to be Islamist extremists than Russia.

In the same vein, if President Putin voiced similar concerns about Moscow, the source of a nuclear attack is much less likely to be Islamist extremists than the United States. A student of the metaphysics of nuclear weapons, he has written about disarmament for a variety of publications such as AlterNet, Asia Times Online, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, the Journal of Psychohistory, and Truthout. Originally published in Foreign Policy in Focus under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. This entry was for a guy named OICW on the theme of a nuclear war simulator and attempts to mimic the graphical feel of the early 80s Atari vector arcade machines such as Tempest and Battlezone. This project finally used the retro sound effects I had made for my tiny little Robotron themed thing. They'll be standing amid a sea of shattered concrete and glass, a wasteland punctuated by the shells of buildings, orphaned walls, stairways leading nowhere.

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