Wilderness Survival Escape Day 2 is a new escape games created by Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz. Lol, the gas was called acorn.Good thing those berries kept growing back when you ate them, had to go up and down a lot of times. Gas is inside the house left.Key you get from the code box across the river (cut tree with axe in the up, right scene to get there).
Located north of the kingdoms of Misthalin and Asgarnia, the Wilderness is a large and dangerous area.
When you are in the Wilderness, you may notice the level displayed in the top right corner of your screen. A useful piece of information to have is that this Wilderness level also represents the potential combat levels of the other players that can engage you in combat.
Most 'regular' monsters in the Wilderness, are usually aggressive to all players, such as Skeletons and Moss giants, regardless of combat level. When entering the Wilderness, many players equip all their very best armour, wield their strongest weapons and bring expensive amulets and rings as protection. It is much safer to do the opposite - bringing cheap armour and weapons, getting as much defense for as little as possible.. Do note, however, that if you die in the Wilderness now you will not have a gravestone to return to and your items will be up for grabs by anybody that happens to be around at the time, but they are usually random players or the person that Pked you. Consider your type of armour carefully, as some creatures in the Wilderness can use negative magic bonuses to give you high damage as a result of metal armour. Ring: Explorer's ring 1-4 (preferably 3 or 4 as these rings have a teleport, to the cabbage field east of the Falador farm).
1 Law rune, 3 Air runes, and 1 Fire rune (with 25 magic and ability to run back to level 20 Wilderness) for emergency teleport.
Teleport tablets (one-click escape if you can make it back to level 20 wilderness and avoid being tele-blocked. If you are planning on entering the Wilderness, it is a good idea to know a few hints and tips to keep you as safe as possible. Don't attack another player, as you will get a skull and will lose all items upon death, unless you have 31 prayer and have the Protect Item prayer activated.
It is a good idea to bring as few items as possible, especially if you have a low combat level or constitution level. If you are feeling jittery because of a low level or previously bad experiences, keep an eye on your minimap for white dots (meaning other players potentially trying to kill you).
It is very possible to travel all the way through the Wilderness relatively unscathed, and certainly without encountering many, if any, Pkers.
If a player approaches you with a spirit wolf summoned, turn off auto retaliate, as the spirit wolf is used as a skull trick.
When battling greater demons, it is a good idea to monitor the east to see if anybody is coming. An explorer's ring 3 is recommended for its run restoring capabilities, as well as a teleport. Stay away from the west side as you approach the castle unless you know exactly what you are doing. If you see any danger approaching the castle, run, as you do not want to be engaged in combat with another player and the Chaos Elemental.
If you have not been teleblocked you should run to the Ardougne teleport lever on the small island surrounded by lava. Another option to escape from player killers is to go to the ancient teleport platform, activate it, and stand on the side of it.
Training here is very dangerous as it is in the deep Wilderness, and the frequency of player killers.

Training Agility here is risky as frequent high levelled player killers patrol this course. The only productive thing to do here is to either kill green dragons, hellhounds or revenants.
Always run south or north (if you're luring PKers to dangers like the revenant demon or dark beast) depending on what happens.
One of South Australia’s, if not the entire country’s most picturesque and rugged areas is the Flinders Ranges National Park.
Bushwalking and mountain bike riding the Wilpena Pound region, with features such as Ediowie Gorge, Rawnsley Bluff and St Mary’s Peak is among some of the best on offer in the country and people travel from all over the world to visit this awe-inspiring location.
Your rescuer offers a hot meal and a comfy bed, but you're not his guest — you're a prisoner.
It is easy to die in the Wilderness if you aren't prepared, especially if you have a low combat level. There are a few items that can teleport players up to level 30, such as an amulet of glory, a ring of wealth, a skills necklace, a combat bracelet or a ring of life. It is known for dropping sigils, which are used to create level 75 combat shields that can reduce damage.
This may offer high protection but is a terrible idea if you aren't a skilled in player vs.
This is also a good idea if you have a higher than usual risk of dying (for example, if you are exploring an area of the Wilderness you haven't been in before), as it makes dying a very cheap way of teleporting out of the Wilderness.
They are melee-centred, but it is relatively easy to work out the magic and ranged equivalents.
If you happen to see a portal that looks like the one from Spirit of Summer and Summer's End, walk on top of it, and operate the ring in your worn inventory. If a player killer shows up, which can be frequent around there, you should run, as it is likely that you have depleted food stores, whereas the player killer has likely just filled their inventory with food. If you are low on health and have no food you should leave the wilderness immediately as you could easily be killed by a passing Pker. If you are entering through the west, it is recommended to stay as far north a possible, since the Chaos Elemental rarely goes there. If a PKer is present, run south to the wilderness level where they will stop attacking you. If PKers come in to kill you, teleport out with basic teleportations (the lower part of the green dragons' chamber is level 19), or either run out the lower level entrance. Packed full of early settler, geographic and Indigenous history and some of the greatest views the state can offer, the Flinders Ranges provides the ideal setting for a true wilderness experience. Mt Remarkable has a proliferation of mountain bike tracks to suit all levels and is rapidly becoming one of the most recognised and respected mountain biking regions in the state.
Alone in the forests of the Yukon, you must find a way to build a fire — but time is running out. In the darkness before dawn, can you turn the tables on your pursuer and escape the woods once and for all? Check out the Survival World Champions map below to see the top finishers, find out your own rank, and see all the places around the world Survival has been played! If you don't need help, this doesn't mean other users and visitors don't and won't need them later!
As of 1 February 2011, PvP has been reintroduced to the wilderness, meaning other players may attack you at any time in the wilderness. As you go further into the Wilderness, this level increases, and the strength of the creatures you may encounter will also increase.
There are three main bosses in the Wilderness, making them a prime attraction although there are safer ways to reach them.

Players can come in from the Wilderness to get a damage buff of 10%, and you can also enter from Edgeville. It is important to having a full inventory when passing or fighting the chaos elemental, as it can unequip your weapons and armour unless you have no inventory space open.
You will teleport to the Spirit Realm which is not in the Wilderness, and therefore most creatures cannot follow you there. If you stand one tile off of the portal, players will be able to attack you for only a short period of time before the portal activates and they are teleported away. However, if you still plan to train here, bring as much food as possible and some lightweight armour. The lower part of the Forinthry Dungeon (from the path upwards to the greater demons or green dragons), can accept teleports of the Explorer's ring and basic teleportation.
However if they do, immediately start running around in a path which forces them to use a shorter way, which potentially allows other higher levelled revenants to begin attacking them, potentially having the ability to kill them.
If this happens, run south with the appropriate protection prayer or teleport out (highly recommended). The closest bank for P2P is the Mage Arena, while free players have to bank at Daemonheim or Edgeville (since the Wilderness Volcano bank has been removed).
If walking and mountain biking isn’t quite enough of a thrill then Wilderness Escape can take your group up the deep ochre quartzite cliffs of the mid and north Flinders Ranges to provide opportunities for rock climbing and abseiling which are among the best in the country and in fact, recognised on a world scale. Perhaps one of the most popular are the Revenants, as they drop level 20, 60 and 78 equipment. An experienced Pker would have little difficulty in bringing down a higher level in superior gear if the latter has little PvP experience.
This is a very dangerous monster to anyone not prepared, much more dangerous even than most players, as it can unequip your armour and weapons, so beware that you don't start running away from a Pker and run directly into it's line of fire.
If you can't lure the PKers to the revenants, run south until you are in a safe zone where they cannot attack you.
It is highly recommended to not come to the Forinthry Dungeon to kill revenants unless the world is highly underpopulated, as the aggressiveness of players makes it harder for others to come here to kill revenants.
There is the small chance as soon as you log in a person will be waiting there, either just recently coming to mine some ore or to kill you and loot your runite ore.
Beware of the players as some are willing to kill anything that they see, although that does not happen frequently as of late. However, this guide aims to help you to safely navigate your way around the dangers of the Wilderness. An ideal hiding setup could consist of: dragonhide, boots of lightness, spotted or spottier cape, and if you want to, a weapon to fend off single player. Players killers must enter though the main gate, so if you are trying to avoid a fight go into the house with Fat Tony, go to the general store, go over the pond in the east, and then teleport. If you have a decent number of life points, run from your hiding spot to the eastern exit near the rats.
What you should do when a player is encountered: If you've already passed the ladder (from which if you fall from the ropeswing or spike pit obstacles) then complete the course, through the tunnel, run past the ropeswing and run down the hatch.
Log out and log in to another world, but keep still until you can be sure that it is clear. If you don't have sufficient life points, close the doors in the building where Fat Tony is and eat the tomatoes and cheese until you're back to a safe number of life points.

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