This article introduces an update to the Segoe UI symbol font in Windows 7 and in Windows Server 2008 R2. After installing the update, Segoe UI Symbol (version 5.01) should be installed in the fonts folder. I have this update installed and some of the characters in your test work but some are still just boxes (eg D and E in the first line), is that right or should they all work after the update?
So is Vista enough of an issue to hold you back from adding Emoji support in MetroTwit for Win8 and Desktop? I don’t see the top set of emoticons in the next set of characters – am I just dense? Long, which would you say (if you don’t mind me asking) is your favorite Emoji symbol? By now, if you have ever sent a text message on Windows Phone, you would have noticed that a simple :-) gets turned into a full on smiley face on the phone. Every once in awhile we get a "tip" on someone finding a new "emoji" (we still call 'em emoticons) while texting.
While these are super awesome, we're hard pressed to imagine we're going to memorize them, let alone be able to bang 'em out quickly in a text message from memory. The USB Implementers Forum has announced a new authentication specification that seeks to prevent non-compliant USB Type-C cables from doing damage to connected devices. The beta for Gearbox's upcoming shooter, Battleborn, is now available for pre-loading on the Xbox One and PC. Existing multi-colored font alternatives use rendering font replacements or embedded bitmaps which are not very accurate or efficient.
Microsoft also worked with some third-party font foundaries to prototype what colored versions of their fonts might look like.
Besides just adding a splash of color to interesting fonts like emojis, there is also a practical side effect of allowing app designers and developers to utilise colored fonts as replacement for colored UI icon bitmaps because the font rendering system is extremely efficient and vector scalable for high-DPI displays.
The team hopes to submit the proposal to the ISO standards people for inclusion in the OpenType standard within weeks.

Ryan, the blue one you ask about is U+1F38F CARP STREAMER (aka koinobori), a sock traditionally flown on Children’s Day.
Ryan, these are not emoticons, they are emoji – a set of 722 symbols used by Japanese mobile phones, and recently standardized as part of Unicode.
This is neat, but I’d rather Microsoft made an investment in a proper vector graphics format rather than trying to change the nature of fonts.
Yes, standardizing these colorful fonts could mean web developers can add anything from smileys to toolbar icons as a single font.
For a closer look at any of the color emojis in Windows 10, the Microsoft Edge browser allows zooming in on the page. Some websites (such as Twitter) may show a black and white emoji prior to tweeting, that is replaced with a color image after posting the tweet. If you can see the emoji on this page, you already have a font that supports emoji on your device!
Back in November, Windows Phone team blogger Michael Stroh teased users with some cheat sheets to many of the emoticons or emoji (Japanese) built right into the Windows Phone platform.
WPCentral is proud to present the complete list of emoji present in Windows Phone 7.5 ("Mango"). One of the best aspects of Windows Phone has long been its predictive text recommendation when typing, and Microsoft’s really upped the ante in the latest version of the operating system in a way that will delight tweens everywhere. The Unicode emoji characters from Windows 8 and Windows Phone are now also available to Windows 7 users through a new Windows Update released a couple of days ago. This update adds support for emoji characters and some control glyphs that are included in Windows 8 and in Windows Server 2012.
The platforms or devices enable users to easily insert emoji characters into documents, email messages, or chat conversations by using an emoji picker feature or an emoji palette feature. Note: the backported set is not the full set as Windows 8 so there will still be rectangles. It's not groundbreaking but shows that Microsoft is paying attention to detail and it certainly enhances the experience.

Windows Central has some exclusive first screenshots of what the keyboard looks like and the full details.
The proposal in a nutshell builds on top of the existing glyph to include multiple layers of glyphs and a RGBA color assigned to each layer.
Of course these fonts aren’t going to start showing up in your office documents, but examples like colored dingbats are really interesting.
I’m not quite sure what ~30% of the faces in the screenshot are supposed to represent, or differentiate them from others.
The choice of symbols in Segoe UI Emoji come from the Unicode code charts – see the PDF on U+1F300 Miscellaneous Symbols and Pictographs for more details.
If you want to know what they all mean the Unicode standard has descriptions you can look up. Icon fonts make some sense for the web where SVG support might still leave a bit to be desired and the smaller size of font files is important, but Microsoft controls the entire pipeline for WinRT, so surely they can come up with a better solution. When using the regular keyboard, emoji suggestions appear, which relate to words you have been typing. To see more emoji characters, scroll down, or tap a different emoji category across the bottom of the keyboard. In Windows 8 or in Windows Server 2012, these characters are inserted by using the on-screen keyboard. Not content with waiting around for more blog posts, we decided to dig through the operating system, not stopping until we found the rare and beautiful emoji.

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