Winter Survival Action Camp (WSAC) is for those leaders and boys who wish to learn more about winter camping. Camping hints, tips and ideas, camping how-to, and recipes especially for your camp stove or campfire. This winter camping trip was a lot of fun and there was a great group of people to hang out and hike with. What we did was all 21 of us met at a local diner at between 8-10 on Saturday morning and after breakfast we went to the trail head. I grew up on Vancouver Island exactly halfway between Chemainus and Ladysmith on Saltair Road. I am going to try to provide as many winter camping equipment list ideas and reviews and winter camping equipment lists as I can.
I would be there today if my parents hadn't divorced umpteen dozen years ago and mom moved us kit and kaboodle to the mainland.

Participants will learn about cold-weather trip planning and trip preparation, campsite selection, cooking, and more!
Topics on this overnight field session will include: Snow Shelters, Water Procurement, Signaling, Firecraft, and more. It is an opportunity to learn the skills necessary to survive in the winter outdoors while enjoying a variety of winter activities. Much like watching survival shows on tv, reading about survival camping gives me the feeling that I have some knowledge should a disaster occur. We actually started out on the Appalachian Trail at Hawk Mountain Pennsylvania near Harrisburg. Some were new to winter camping and some were old timers that had been winter camping since they were kids. Instruction includes building winter shelters, winter fist aid, cooking in the cold, and appropriate clothing and equipment for the winter outdoors.Attendees are taught the fundamentals of cold weather camping.

Imagine my delight, then, when I came upon a wilderness survival website called My Dirt Time, written by Tom Sciacca.
The only requirement to attend seemed to be come prepared for winter camping, to have fun and be able to take a ribbing once in a while.
In the summer, it’s hard to be out in the open with all the bugs, but while winter camping, I like to be in the open.
Classes and activities include tobogganing, winter shelters, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and avalanche safety. During this time they will have the opportunity to complete the requirements for the silver Winter Camping Merit.

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