Your Winter Survival Car Care Package for the exterior could possibly consist of; power washing the undercarriage, hand washing the exterior with special attention to wheels, door jams, bezels and trim, claying the painted surfaces to remove invisible pollutants stuck to the surface and applying Aqua Seal for a quick layer of protection and shine. The Winter Survival Car Care Package should be an easy way to generate revenues for your very best customers who take pride in the appearance of their vehicles. Detail King now offers a Winter Survival Car Care Kit that includes one quart each of our: Citrus Degreaser, Tire and Whitewall Cleaner, Black Cherry Car wash Soap, Aqua Seal wet surface polymer protectant, Magic Cleaner and Pearl Gloss interior dressing. About This BlogThe Car Detailing Blog is the Internet's leading source gf auto detailing news, information and insight.
Your wardrobe changes seasonally, so it’s only natural that your skincare routine should too. Almost everyone has an emergency first aid kit in their house, but many people overlook the advantages of having a car emergency kit. It is just as important to have an emergency kit in your car as having a first aid kit in your home.
Some of the possibilities may seem a little extreme and chances are it will not happen to you, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Tons of sand and salt have been tossed around on the roads and it will truly affect the appearance of a vehicles exterior and interior. For the interior I would recommend a thorough vacuuming to remove sand and salt, carpet and mat extraction to remove salt and dirt stains and finally a quick spruce up of the vinyl components using the Tornador to clean the vinyl and Pearl Gloss to enhance the appearance.
This service should typically take no longer than an hour if you have 2 auto detailing professionals performing the service.
You can also add the Tornador Classic, Tornador Foam Gun and an economy priced electric Pressure Washer if needed. Salt deposits left on the carpets can lead to permanent staining of the fibers and will need to be cleaned soon after the salt dries.
In the event of an accident, a car emergency kit will have items that can be useful until help arrives. There are car emergency kits that are specific to this season and are great for people who live in colder areas. Every aspect of a winter camping trip should be planned in advance: how many people are going and where exactly they will be traveling, down to the trails they intend to take.
Not only will the recent weeks of bad winter weather affect the appearance but the salt and sand will strip the shine, create chips in the paint and severely reduce surface protection.
For the exterior besides a pressure washer to power wash the  underside you will also need a good wheel degreaser, tire and whitewall cleaner, car wash soap, and an express poly sealant. Offering a Winter Survival cleaning and detailing service to your customers should generate revenues that you may normally of not acquired during these winter months. Salt and sand will splatter up against wheels and the painted surface and left unprotected will begin to leave small rust deposits that will eventually penetrate through the clear coat layers and create rust along with an unsightly appearance.

A car emergency kit could be the difference between life or death in an extenuating circumstance. An emergency car kit will have useful items such as an air compressor, first aid kit, tire sealant, flashlight, jumper cables, and road flares.
What makes winter so dangerous is that if your car breaks down in a remote area and temperature levels are low, hypothermia and even freezing to death are realistic outcomes if you are not properly prepared.
Camping reservations or permits may be needed and can be acquired by contacting a ranger’s station. Many vehicle owners will wait until Spring to have their vehicles thoroughly cleaned, polished and protected. To clean the interior your arsenal should include a powerful car cleaning soap to clean the carpets, mats and vinyl components.
You must “set the stage” and get the word out to your customers that your detailing business is now offering this New express detailing package. Be sure to educate your customers about these negatives and how you can fix them and keep their vehicle’s protected for the duration of the Winter Season. So you will only have about $1 allocated in supplies and 1-2 labor hours, making this a very profitable express type detailing service.
A winter emergency car kit will also include an ice scraper, tow rope, a collapsible shovel, knit gloves, hand warmers, and a blanket.
But there are many vehicle owners who will Not Want to wait and are concerned about the wrath of what mother nature has caused. For an average sized vehicle like a BMW 3 series a fair price for your Winter Survival Package could be $79.95. And even if you’re out on the slopes in frigid temps, you should always apply SPF (shame on you!).
Staying warm  is the most important thing if you break down somewhere that help is not readily available. These individuals are “prime targets” to promote your “Vehicle Winter Survival Package” to. Adjustable layers will allow a hiker to add or subtract insulation as his or her body temperature fluctuates. So Don’t wait until Spring, promote this package now – send out emails to your customer list, post on your social media channels, send text alerts, etc.
Of course for over sized SUV’s and conversion vans you may want to include a $20 surcharge.
It is never a good idea to sweat excessively, since body heat is lost much quicker when wet, so adjust accordingly.
Wool or synthetic clothing, like pile or polypropylene, are preferable — never wear cotton or jeans.

Since up to 70-percent of the body’s heat can be lost through the head, a warm hat is indispensable.
Socks should be worn in layers, a gaiter is necessary to prevent snow from getting in boots, and mittens are warmer than gloves. Snow caves and igloos are an effective way of finding shelter in the wild, although a tent will also work. Dome tents shed snow well and provide a good deal of interior space, which is all the more important in winter when there is extra gear.
Appetites tend to diminish during wintertime activities, but the body actually needs more fuel than usual. It is also vital to keep hydrated, so put some thought into where to find water — a river, beneath the frozen surface of a stream or lake.
Water from such places will need to be purified and the best way to purify water in winter is to boil it (at least three to five minutes, adding one minute for every 1,000 feet above sea level). Filtration pumps can freeze and crack and chemical treatments, such as iodine and chlorine, are rendered ineffective at colder temperatures.
One can also melt snow over the stove, although this will use up fuel (and never eat snow, this takes up too much energy!).
In terms of equipment, make sure to have a sufficiently warm sleeping bag, one that is rated for a temperature lower than that expected, and a ground pad at least half an inch thick.
Internal frame packs are generally better for winter use than external frames, and if this is a backcountry expedition, it is likely to require either snowshoes or cross-country skis.This only covers the basics, actually, because really anything could happen and one must be prepared for simply everything. When you choose to explore Yellowstone, you experience the land on its own terms; there is no guarantee of your safety.
Being prepared for a wilderness trip means not only knowing what to prepare for, but what to do if those preparations go afoul. These are relatively common afflictions that any wintertime traveler should anticipate and be ready to manage.
Accidental falls, stove explosions, the collapse of a tent overburdened with snow, ice axe or crampon stabbing injuries. Don’t travel alone, bring a first aid kit, and, before leaving, be certain to inform a friend or loved one of the destination and expected time of return.

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