I think we can all agree that it has been an extremely cold winter this year in the Treasure Valley. Keep outdoor faucets from freezing with an insulated faucet cover, less than a dollar at most stores and can save you from a horrific winter disaster.
Program your thermostat to run lower when you are away from home or asleep to keep it from running on high around the clock.
Follow our 15 winter weather tips below to keep you and your loved ones safe and warm this winter season! Bolster Your Emergency Kit – Take the time now to add the following items to your emergency kit: rock salt, sand, snow shovels, dry and seasoned wood for your fireplace or wood-burning stove, heavy clothing, and blankets to keep you warm in case you lose power.
Make a Plan – Your family might not be together when disaster strikes, so make a family plan before bad weather arrives.
Tune In – During winter, the weather can change rapidly and unexpectedly from simple rain to sleet to snow and back again. Additionally, consider installing good winter tires, especially if you live in an area in which snow can be quite heavy. Prepare Your Home – Ensure that you have ample insulation and that your doors and windows are caulked and weather-stripped so you can keep the heat inside.
Stay Dry – Wet clothing loses all of its insulating value and causes heat to leave quite quickly.

Know the Signs of Frostbite – If your experience a loss of feeling and white or pale appearances in your fingers, toes, earlobes, and the tip of your nose, you might be experiencing frostbite.
Seek Shelter – If your home loses power or heat, seek out a designated public shelter in the extreme cold.
You might also consider reviewing your home insurance policy and your auto insurance policy before the winter weather strikes this year. If necessary, cover exposed pipes that look to be at risk for freezing with an insulated pipe cover. You can also reverse your ceiling fans to a clockwise spin to push the warm air down keeping warm air circulating in your home.
While winter can be a fun time filled with snowball fights, hot cocoa, and sledding, it’s important to remember what to do in case the weather turns dangerous and the temperatures plummet. Establish how you will contact each other and how you will get back together and what you will do in the event of an emergency. Keep updated on the weather by listening to your local news channels or to the NOAA Weather Radio for important information from the National Weather Service so you and your family can stay safe.
If this isn’t possible or if you have livestock animals, move them to a sheltered location. Repair any roof leaks and cut away tree branches that could fall on your home during a storm.

If you have to go outside, wear several layers of loose-fitting, lightweight, and warm clothing, mittens, a hat, and a scarf to cover your mouth and protect your lungs from the cold.
Text “SHELTER” and your zip code to 43362 (4FEMA) so you can find the nearest shelter in your area. Keep yourself dressed in warm, dry, loose-fitting layers of clothing in order to protect yourself from frostbite and hypothermia. Keep abreast of the weather and traffic situations so you won’t be caught by surprise by more winter weather, unstable conditions, or any roads that might be shut down. However, with all of the perks that winter may bring, the cold weather causes us to take extra caution as well; icy roads and walkways, more energy usage indoors and freezing outdoors are a promise.
Insulate your pipes, get your furnace and chimney inspected and cleaned, and be sure you know how to shut off your water valves in case a pipe bursts. Keep others informed of your schedule, avoid back roads, and let someone know your destination, route, and your estimated time of arrival.

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