Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. Although the size of bunnies varies enormously, from 1 to 10 kg, all rabbits have the same basic need – plenty, plenty of space. OK, so this is a bit of a comedy title for this section – rabbits are unlikely to demand a change of wallpaper, but they do have special needs for interior design to keep them happy. You need a drip-feed water bottle attached securely to the mesh, so there is ALWAYS fresh water available. Many rabbit owners automatically place their rabbit hutch in the garden, or outdoor space, thinking this is a good environment for them. Paradoxically, although bunnies are often seen in garden hutches, they actually can’t handle temperatures which are too hot or too cold. A sloping roof will help slough off rain but check nonetheless for mildew or mould formation. Rabbit hutches can be reasonably placed indoors without creating too much disturbance for your home environment.
Some owners do this, the plus sides are fantastic interaction with your pet, to help the bonding process – for kids too, it can be more rewarding to feel that their bunny has a relationship with them. Although cats, dogs and other pets may seem to get along just fine with Mr Bunny-Kins, never leave them unsupervised. Some household chemicals used to clean furnishings may be toxic to rabbits – if they choose to chew on the furnishings (2). Living more closely with your rabbit might help you spot life threatening diseases – did you know that if a bunny sneezes, it may have a condition that could lead to pneumonia? The Lowdown On Rabbit Hutches is proudly powered by WordPress and themed by Mukka-mu SEO by Court's Internet Marketing School. Our Wire Partitions can be used to build free standing secured storage enclosures, security cages, or to divide large buildings into smaller sections. If you would like more information or help with a quote – please call us at 1-844-589-RACK (7225) or simply fill out the form to the left.
It's definitely a distinct idea to create a champagne cork table that uses a wire cage design.
When it comes to home decor, it can be a difficult mission to find pieces that are both impactful and aesthetically appealing. Large Macaw Parrot Cage, View Macaw Parrot Cage, MH Product Details from Ningbo Two Birds Industry Co., Ltd. Toys help dental health – their teeth constantly grow and gnawing on toys stops overgrowth (which a vet would need to correct).
Experts in rabbit care give many cautions on using rabbit hutches outdoors , for practical health reasons. Some owners simply opt to put the hutch in their house or in a porch where the door can be open to the house for more social contact. This may reflect greater increases in urban predators attacking outdoor rabbit hutches such as the urban fox.

If you’re worried about a smelly hutch, good rabbit care involves cleaning the hutch daily in any case, which should prevent unpleasant odours.
Bunnies scurry about and this could excite a pet to ‘play’ or attack, causing injury or stress. You may find it useful to distract them by providing safe chewing toys for them – even a cardboard box full of hay will do (1).
Younger rabbits under 1 year old usually need a closer eye kept on them for chewing, etc than older rabbits do but still, take no chances. System sets up fast with standard hand tools, secure once in place, easy to reconfigure as needs change. The imaginative look that was used lets the side table mimic a classic wired cork that tops multiple different champagnes around the world. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. Rabbits can’t make vitamin D without sunlight and also need to stretch their long long legs to prevent them becoming bored, stressed and overweight. This article explores the ideal temperatures for their health, whether to house them in the garage or garden and whether the local climate is dangerous for them or not. Place the hutch out of the wind or draughts, and attach thick canvas to lower over the hutch as a night-time cover, and line it with substantial layers of newspaper plus untreated soft wood shavings on top for warmth.
Although rabbits need their run in the daytime, at night, they must NEVER be left in an outdoor or garage run – this simply invites predators.
It’s also probably due to greater access to information easily available on you home PC more recently. You can buy tough vinyl tubing from a hardware store to house the wires in so they can’t get at them (1). No-one’s being naughty as such, this is what many breeds of dog, for example, were originally bred to do! There are, as explained, some distinct advantages that may fit in well with modern urban living – more foxes being around (or other predators, depending on your location), and having an easier way to interact with your bunny if you can’t spend long periods in your garden. Open but secure design allows free circulation of building’s lighting, HVAC, and fire suppression systems throughout secured areas. This is why the champagne cork table is so perfect because its impact is captured through the need to look at it twice. In addition to protecting against pilferage, wire partitions can be used as safety barriers to protect personnel from potentially dangerous conditions. Find out why they need specific hutches or houses, what they need inside them, how long they should stay in them and where to put the hutch.
Since their size varies, its hard to give a minimum standards size, but one useful guideline was 4 times the size of your bunny – at the very very least (3).
The hutch needs very strong wire mesh at the front, to provide air and a window-view but you need to watch out for rough pieces of exposed cut wire ends. Ask your vet to recommend a brand – sadly, information from animal charities indicate not all toys sold for small animals are actually suitable or safe.

This article provides the basics of hutch design, to find out more about enrichment and providing the perfect hutch, click on the links on your right. This should help give you some guidelines for whether or not your rabbit is really suited to outdoor hutch living.
If your garage is used for DIY projects, you need to be careful not to make your bunny breathe in fumes from any solvents or other chemicals you’ve been using. Whilst many advice pages still talk about outdoor hutches, the safest possible option it is to ditch the traditional outdoor life and bring them in to rule out wild predator attack, bearing in mind indoor safety requirements too. Owners may be choosing to house indoors also have a much greater array of products from pet stores to help them these days. In terms of normal, it certainly wouldn’t be out of step, as it’s defiantly a trend – with many people opting to allow their rabbits part of the house to roam freely in at some point during the day.
Kids aren’t born with animal skills, they need you to teach them good handling – rabbits can suffer crippling injuries if inappropriately picked up or accidentally dropped. The distinct design can fit seamlessly in a dynamic space and yet it's able to stand out through its creative style. Some applications include guarding machinery, safety railing, and pallet rack backing to protect from possible falling objects.
By the time you have read this page, you should know the basics for getting your rabbit the hutch it deserves – animal charities are emphatic bad housing is a major cause of illness in rabbits.
And the guideline also stated if the rabbit is in the hutch for long periods, you must must make it bigger than that. Keep the temperature ambient – some owners put the hutch in the garage instead to try to avoid extremely hot or cold conditions. This article aims to explore whether you can reasonably keep a rabbit indoors for your sake and theirs, the advantages of it and what you need to do if you want them to have the run of part of your home to protect it and them. So you can feel confident it’s not going to give you too many social problems, there should be no smell and it’s quite the modern way to do it these days. Again, no-one’s naughty here – kids ‘love’ their teddies – and you – by cuddling, they just need your tuition as to how to do it properly. Can they sit up, stretch, move comfortably without squishing into bowls, drinking bottles, toys, their sleeping and litterbox areas and the wire of the hutch. It all needs to be cosy as if it was outdoors, away from fumes and as naturally sociable animals, you may find your rabbit or rabbits crave company. Gardens may provide your rabbit with more company but hutches there need to be especially prepared for safety. Having placed firm boundaries on the other pets and kids in the house, think about what your bunny might be coming into contact with.

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