Atlantis Solutions Storage Consolidation Reclaim 90% of storage capacity instantly using software. Atlantis Products USX Webinar & Demo Get 10x performance and 10x capacity using software on the storage hardware you already have. Atlantis Partners Find a Partner The Atlantis Partner Ecosystem is a global business framework designed to meet the needs of partners that go to market with Atlantis solutions. FSLogix is a leading innovator of solutions that enable the enterprise virtual workspace, reducing the amount of hardware, time and labor required to support cloud and virtual desktops.
FSLogix was the winner of the Best of Citrix Synergy 2015 award for Application and Desktop Virtualization, is a Citrix Ready partner and a Microsoft Bizspark partner. FSLogix Apps is a software agent that enables virtual desktop administrators to massively reduce the number of Windows Gold images, easily manage per-user applications, optimize license costs while assuring compliance, and eliminate some of their biggest problems in VDI and RDSH, like large file access and user profile folder redirection. With their revolutionary approach to diskless VDI for Citrix XenDesktop and Vmware Horizon View, Atlantis Computing have taken virtual desktops a major step closer to delivering equivalent or better user experience than a physical PC at a comparable cost per desktop.

Slow logon and application launch times are one of the top complaints in virtual desktops, especially with mission critical productivity apps like email.
Bei der Installation am UMSICHT differenzierte das Fraunhofer UMSICHT zwischen drei Anwendertypen: Medium-User und zwei Arten von Power-Usern. We appreciate that your working life is hard enough as it is without a supplier adding to your problems. Storage is software Watch Now » --> Atlantis HyperScale The worlds first economically viable all-flash hyperconverged appliance.
In der ersten UMSICHT-Studie von 2008 analysierte das Fraunhofer-Institut IGEL Thin Client- und PC-Arbeits-Plätze.
Nach der UMSICHT-Studie entfallen je nach Einsatz-Szenario und Benutzer-Typ 61 bis 77 Prozent der während des Lebens-Zyklus emittierten Treibhaus-Gase auf den Betrieb. So at Total we aim to take some of the pressure off you with knowledgeable, friendly and reliable service.

Die erste Gruppe ist die Kombination aus IGEL Thin Client und einem via Citrix XenApp™ (Terminalserver) bereitgestellten Shared Desktop.
This allows organizations of all sizes to dramatically increase operational efficiency while reducing infrastructure complexity.  FSLogix Apps seamlessly integrates with desktop virtualization solutions from Microsoft, Citrix, VMware, and other industry leaders. Instantly free up storage capacity while dramatically increasing its performance and portability. Achieve 10 times performance and the number of virtual machines on the same hardware or even run your virtualized environments entirely in-memory.

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