04-09-2016: New Inventory Added - Over 2460 Different Patches - We are always looking for patch collections to purchase! The Department of Emergency Services is comprised of five (5) divisions, those being Emergency Communications (911), Emergency Management, Fire Services, Police Liaison Services and Emergency Medical Services. Our Emergency Services Center is an 88,000 square foot secure facility which was officially opened in July 2008.
Our Division of Fire Services operates at our Fire Training Center located at 9 Fire Training Center Lane, New Hampton, NY. The principle mission of the Department of Emergency Services is to enhance the safety of all residents of Orange County by providing the public and all emergency service agencies with the information and training necessary to respond to all emergencies. Based on medical studies, federal and state guidance, KI is available free of charge to the residents that live in the Orange County Emergency Planning Zone.

Entergy, the owner of Indian Point, has installed emergency sirens within the Emergency Planning Zone in Orange County. In the event of a serious incident at Indian Point, these sirens will sound continuously for four minutes. Each county in the Emergency Planning Zone has the ability to sound the Indian Point Sirens in their respective areas. Each Division provides separate and unique services both to the public and to all emergency service agencies located within the County. It provides spatial needs for the Divisions of Emergency Communications, Emergency Management, Police Liaison Services and Emergency Medical Services. Although Indian Point is located in Westchester County, a small portion of Orange County is contained in a 10-mile radius of the facility.

In the event of a serious nuclear power plant emergency, KI can be used as a supplement to sheltering and evacuation.
If you have questions about KI or if you live in the Emergency Planning Zone and would like obtain KI please call the Orange County Department of Health in Newburgh at 845-568-5333 or their Goshen Office at 845-291-2330. In the event that these sirens are sounded as a result of a serious incident at Indian Point, people in the Emergency Planning Zone should turn on an Emergency Alert System (EAS) radio or TV Station.

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