Eric Rose from Kentucky let us know about two albino alligators named Snowball and Snowflake that live at the Newport Aquarium in Ohio.
We were so impressed that we’ve combed through photos on Your Shot, the National Geographic user-generated photo community, to give you even more pictures of albino and white animals. Take a look at these rare beauties—or oddities, depending on your perspective—and tell us what you think. The white color of this cremello foal (pictured in 2009) is due to a rare genetic combination. We’re Moving!As of October 22, 2014, Weird & Wild will be hosted on National Geographic's main news site.

Daily Dozen — Photos -- National Geographic Your Shot is great image for your collection and this design is free to use with high definitions resolution. Give Your Photos ExposureSelected photographs will appear on our website and in our magazines! Cul8rAnnieGator of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, says her town is home to a population of white and pale-gray magpies. Check out the new and improved website, where you can share photos, take part in assignments, lend your voice to stories, and connect with fellow photographers from around the globe.
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