There is never a simple answer to where you should go when the zombie outbreak hits or how you should get there. Before we give you the tips you’ll need to plan your zombie escape routes, evacuation points and destinations, we must first give you the tools to utilize said tips.
You’ll want to create several possible escape routes with several variations each, as to increase your chance of escape and survival. One last thing – when your zombie survival escape plan is finished, you must periodically return to it (a survivalists work is never done!) to memorize each of the points and routes to keep it fresh in your mind. Now take into account the challenges you are faced with when high-tailing it out of your current location, whether it be a major city or suburb. Your main objective: to find routes that will take you as far away from civilization as possible (or as far as your survival gear will take you).
Another advantage of being near a large water source is that you can swim – zombies cannot.
Islands are also excellent destinations, but keep in mind that others may also come to the same conclusion. If you’re in the the city or suburbs, the answer to this is simple – LEAVE IMMEDIATELY! Unless you have a house already prepared for the coming zombie apocalypse (fully equipped with bomb shelter room(s)), able to feed and fully sustain your every need for the years to come, get out while you can!
Obviously, a remote area is a safer alternative to a highly populated, most likely or soon to be, infested one. By preparing your Bug Out Bag & Survival Gear adequately, you will avoid unnecessary risk in a populated area. As you can never fully plan for everything that will be thrown your way, apocalyspse or not, you must do your best to plan for as many situations, obstacles, and means of travel as possible…and most likely, you will be doing a lot of travelling. Dress yourself with comfortable, yet snug-fitting clothes (limiting the possibility of being caught or snagged) that offer some level of protection (See Protective Clothing), and a good pair of boots – suitable for all terrains. Remember to select several destination points – each in varying directions, and each general direction in varying distances.
When choosing your destination, look for a water source and a minimally populated area with natural borders to accompany your structured (man-made) defenses. Avoid hospitals (why would you willingly walk into a disease-infested, zombie factory?) and supermarkets.
Of course, you’ll have to do your research to find a warehouse that would actually be beneficial to you and your survival. Are the possible members of your survival group (and their most likely location when the zombie apocalypse begins) offering a realistic rendezvous point given population and land barriers?

Note: Familiarizing yourself with the means to hunt, fish, trap, as well as how to grow your own food, will ensure your survival and help sustain you when the zombie apocalypse is upon us.
Just a thought, but you might want to think about surrounding your area with booby-traps as well…just in case an individual or group is persistently pursuing your desirable location.
I plan to meet up with my friend who is even more equiped for a situation like this than me. Zombie Lane continues to grow its audience on Facebook faster than the zombie outbreak, itself. Make sure your anti-zombie fence-line is contiguous – any gap in the perimeter makes the whole thing worthless.
I’ll try to get a Zombie Lane tip out once a day, as well as dress up the plan with more screen shots.
The zombie war is inevitable, and if you’re to survive this war, you must have a strategy! For those of you new to the inter-web, Google Maps is your friend…and possible savior, when planning your zombie escape route(s).
Mark your escape route with Placemarks for any points of note or importance as you go (i.e. Remember, your escape route may be easily accessible now, but you never know how long you’ll have access to your map when the zombie apocalypse comes knocking! Either way, despite your knowledge of the terrain and area you will be traveling, a handheld gps device (with A LOT of extra batteries) will be critical when you have to leave the roads behind. Taking advantage of natural water sources along the way will give you the opportunity to replenish your supply (fresh water only), and given a real knowledge of the local vegetation, the opportunity to stock up on any edible plant life. This will buy you time if you find your location compromised – how much time is dependent on the depth of the water and number of zombies. This will increase your chance of survival, especially if you can find an isolated area to drop anchor, only coming ashore for supplies when absolutely necessary.
Natural borders are great, as long as they don’t compromise your ability to leave that area (in case of attack or the need for supplies). The longer you wait, the longer you give the every-increasing horde of the undead to grow in numbers, and the more difficult it will be to escape. Be aware of your surrounding and destined ecosystem and the dangerous animals that inhabit them. The lower the population of any given area, the lower the numbers of the undead – simple, right? As your zombie escape route should take you near locations of interest (as you keep in mind all of the above variables), so should these locations offer some degree of protection in case they become (at least temporarily) your destination point.

Just make sure that your supplies allow for long periods of time between restocking if you’re planning a sea voyage. Becoming physically familiar with your escape plan will not only take a source of anxiety out of the equation, but depending on weather and other possibly choatic conditions and influences, help to get you out safely and in a timely manner (because it WILL BE a time-sensitive situation). If you can separate yourself or your survival group from the outside world of infection and chaos, you’re already one step ahead. I quite honestly have a grab bag made up in the bottom of my wardrobe with survival kit etc in it!! I always wanted to figure out the best way to get out when the zombies come, but this should help so that I can lay it out more tactically and thought through. Guns are great but they can get heavy, especially if you have a lot of ammo bogging you down.
Roads are a risk – not only from zombies, but from those who intend on taking advantage of the chaos for their own personal gain.
Despite the level of decay of the zombie(s) (more decay = slower, more uncoordinated movements) and the stage of the zombie apocalypse, natural borders affords you time and a means of defense. It is for this reason, that you must have a zombie escape route already prepared (tactically and logistically thought through) – to act immediately, with confidence. Cities may serve as a possible surplus of food and supplies, but if properly prepared, that dependency on the misleading advantages a city has to offer can be overcome. Taking risks WILL lead to your demise, not to mention putting the rest of your party in harm’s way.
Taking advantage of a natural barrier such as that also affords you more area to store supplies and be completely self-sufficient, as I’m assuming there is an adequate plot of land on your side. Then we go 20 minutes to a town a bit bigger, pick up people we know(being as we know where all of them live), then go to the local Wal-mart and stock up enough to last for decades. A compound bow weighs the same as a gun but the ammo is lighter than a box of ammo would be, and the best part is its virtually silent and if you have time to collect the arrows, reusable. It may seem a bit unrealistic and impossible, but if you knew me and my area and all that, you’d understand and agree with it in full. Title your map Zombie Escape Plan and enter in any information you may need to reference in the Description area.

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