Canada lynx, normally shy of humans, have been making appearances in Banff National Park this year. Though the lynx is often referred to as one of Canada’s most elusive creatures, a family that resides in Banff National Park is leading the public to think otherwise.
Alex Taylor, a human-wildlife conflict specialist in Banff, Yoho and Kootenay national parks, was recently called out to Deer Lodge in the Lake Louise area when park visitors spotted the mother and her kitten yet again.

Guests inside the lodge were instructed to remain indoors until Taylor could arrive on site to determine a course of action. While you enjoy the video below, please keep in mind that wildlife are not meant to be fed or approached when exploring the many parks of Canada. If you do stumble upon an animal in its habitat, Parks Canada advises keeping a distance of at least 100 metres or staying in your car.

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