If you have higher internet speed but no space in hard disk to download movies, you can just watch them online for free.
We all know YouTube as a site that gets you the latest trailers and lots of tutorials, but the secret is that you can use it to watch movies too!
Hulu is considered to be one of the best Movies and TV shows sites which gets updated almost every week and contains every movie you wanted to watch!
Crackle has a huge collection of movies as its partnered with Sony and also has the latest TV shows in it. This is one of my favorites, its because of the simple layout and the high definition movies which it provides. Probably the worst design ever :p but it has lots of movies and you can download the movie through various torrents as you watch it online! Top Movies is really a good site with lots of movies but its a collection of the old ones, it has a lot of movies but still you wont be able to find the latest ones up there.
Its more like the Torrents website shared above, You can download movies while you watch it. This ends up our list of websites that allow you to watch movies online for free, From next time, don’t waste your time by downloading, just go to any of these sites and watch them online Stay tuned for many more tricks. When it come to videos online YouTube is the place to find it, the website has thousands of full-length movies, both old  or the new release that you can watch for free. Zero Dollar Movies is a great website for movie lover that will help you find and discover full Length movies that are available on YouTube for free.
There is over 15,000+ movies collection in their catalog, while organized by their year of release, and new releases videos are added most every day. Instant Movie Search – most important useful feature of this website  is Instant Search –  which allow you to search any movie by type a word and the site will instantly bring all the matching films that are available on YouTube for free viewing base on your current geographic location. YouTube has launched a fresh Movies category on its website, gathering about 400 full-length films for your on-demand viewing pleasure, all free of charge.

The renewed section, which is actually more like the next step in previously announced projects, comes courtesy of deals the Google company struck with U.S. Update: Google checked in to clarify this is a UK announcement only and doesn’t affect the US Movies section announced last year (see link above).
Personally, I haven’t spotted many mainstream hits or real classics in the catalog, but maybe it’s just me. Do you know that you can actually watch free full length online movies on YouTube for free and legally?
Thanks to YouTube Movies for offering these great movies including Hollywood movies, Hong Kong movies and Bollywood Hindi movies as well. YouTube Movies team is adding lots of free movies or trailers frequently in various movie categories especially old movies which might not be able to find online anymore because no one upload these old movies anymore. YouTube Movies is my free movies channel now where I can spend my free time to watch tons of new releases full length good quality (DVD equivalent) movies anytime from my PC. Gotta check the zombie movies you listed though – what better than refreshing b horror movie ? The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible.
The site provides detailed information about every single release: actors, directors, release date, ratings, comments, critical user reviews and much more. I have tried it by changing my proxies to the US ones and i could access the site, it lags a bit because its optimized only for USA. Though the movies in it aren’t much popular, it has a wider collection of English movies with lots of details about it. You might not like the design,but the simple layout increases the speed of the site, and you can even request for ovies in the forum so that you can watch them when they add it. Its layout look ssick but has a great collection of movies and even home made short films that’ll keep you entertained.

He's a geek who fell in love with the world of Blogging, SEO and marketing at an early age of 12. The content cannot be reproduced without the permission of the Admin (Hari Charan) and doing so would be considered as cyber crime. You can find movies in English, Nigeria Movies (Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo, Bollywood films for Indian films lover and few other regional languages. Loads of Bollywood flicks, a bunch of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan films, obscure horror movies and cartoons, among many other sections. I also can find some famous actors movies such as Young Tiger starred by Jackie Chan and Return of the Tiger by Bruce Lee.
Since it’s free and legal, I hope YouTube team will add more blockbuster movies for us in the future. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. Most of the sites won’t publish it because of the Copyright and some legal issues but there are some awesome sites that actually publish movies which you can watch online for free!
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It provides high definition but some commercials popup in the interval, you just have to wait for a minute or two to continue. I just discover a great site  Zero Dollar Movies that makes it easier to discover these full length films on YouTube  for free.

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