Watch the full video Documentary of National Geographic Megastructures on Palm Jumeirah Island of Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The islands were designed as part of the plan to develop tourism in Dubai against the eventual depletion of the emirate's oil reserves, which are expected to be depleted in the second decade of the 21st century. The goal is to become one of the biggest areas in the world for tourism as a means of diversifying the economy. The Palm Islands in Dubai are the three largest artificial islands in the world, being constructed by Nakheel Properties in the United Arab Emirates. Ver video "Las 12 mejores fotos de National Geographic en 2012"Documental Anacondas Gigantes Espanol - Documentales National Geographic Documental Anacondas Gigantes (Las anacondas mas grandes del mundo) - Documentales National Geographic "NatGeo". Each settlement will be in the shape of a palm tree, topped with a crescent, and will have residential communities and resorts built upon them.

It is possible to make these islands due to the wide continental shelf off the Dubai coast, and the relatively shallow depth of the Arabian Gulf.
El dia 13 de marzo de 1997, en Phoenix, Arizona; cientos de personas afirmaron haber visto un aparato con forma de uve y luces en medio de la noche. El objeto pasa a una velocidad asombrosa, el camarografo no se dio cuenta del documento que habia obtenido hasta llegar a la sala de edicion, en donde fue ampliada la imagen y el resultado es impactante. Ver video "Up - National Geographic, How Hard it Be?"National Geographic premia dos proyectos ambientales Un proyecto espanol para crear un "Facebook para viajeros" y otro presentado por una compania aerea de Costa Rica para canjear su consumo de combustible por aire puro han sido premiados hoy por la publicacion "National Geographic". Keep in mind, however, that this is a natural laboratory of unusual species; it is not a zoo, and what you see will depend on the season.
Realizacion y Postproduccion: ProPOST? Ver video "National Geographic y PS3 (2)"National Geographic Top 20 Elige los 20 mejores programas de Natgeo.

Ver video "Inventos Extraordinarios - "MAS QUE HUMANOS" - NatGeo HD"Cientificos descubren tiburones nadando en volcan submarino activo Estos tiburones “mutantes” se han adaptado a vivir en aguas con altas temperaturas y alta acidez.
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