Sommige ouders gaan heel ver om hun kind tevreden te houden, en deze vader is daar een goed voorbeeld van. A christmas gift for someone who always talks about ZOMBIE APOCALYPSEEE, arrived very quickly which was much appreciated. I got these as a gift for my aunts and uncles, admittely my aunts werent super excited, but my Uncles (both are semi-preppers) were fascinated and were extremly excited.
NASHVILLE, TN– In the midst of an unfortunate financial crisis, Tim McArthur desperately goes over the possibility that his Pokemon cards may now be worth some money. McArthur goes on to describe his collection as more of something that interested him as a child and assumed it would benefit him monetarily in the future. After hours of going through the internet and calling various card games stores McArthur believes he’d be better off building a hat out of his old playing cards than trying to sell them. You might have already seen it, but there’s a video making the rounds of this adorable little 1 year old dude watching the scene from Man of Steel where Superman flies for the first time. Man of Steel is obviously the topical film here because of the video, but this is constantly happening. There’s a line of thought out there that says criticism forces the best from a person.
As nerds, we are fortunate to live in a time in which several niches of the nerd realm are being actively brought to the forefront of mainstream entertainment, and that is pretty damn exciting to me. Our favorite heroes are shown in movie theaters worldwide several times a year and the production values are astonishing.  Does this mean that every superhero movie that comes out is amazing? There have been some pretty mediocre nerd movies in the history of motion pictures, BUT I do think that the hate that is shown over decisions made for movies that are still over two years away is getting a little out of hand. There is a pretty common notion floating around that since superhero movies are so prevalent now then we DEMAND that they meet every single one of are expectations. This isn’t to say that these movies were up there with the top films of all time, but there is still something neat about seeing a character in a different medium. Not really, I am just saying maybe try just enjoying yourself instead of railing against the cruel fate that made Superman kill Zod instead of… uh… wait, what were the other available options in that scenario?
I know, it’s ironic that I call you a bully but then I seemingly bully you in return. Ultimately, we all have the right to say what we want, and that includes criticism, so it’s not like I expect this to change anything. I’m not a huge fan of the “I (pictograph) Direct Object” shirts, but seeing as my wife has an affinity for The Doctor, I thought this was a very clever shirt.
Look, I’m one of those guys that has a spouse that loves Doctor Who and I’m not all that interested, but I do know who Amy Pond is and thought my wife would think this is cool.
Most of you probably already know about this comic, but in case you missed it DC has released Young Romance: A New 52 Valentine’s Day Special. Look… I know I don’t drive a motorcycle, and yes this is very expensive, but fandom doesn’t have limits. Has your man, or lady that’s really into bulking up, been hitting it hard at the gym, but not getting the desired results.
You wife is going to need something to bash, smash, and hack all those Zombies with when the Apocalypse happens. If you buy Assassin’s Creed jacket for your loved one, you might as well equip them with the hidden dagger.
Now obviously my story isn’t going to be the same for everyone, but as I thought about it, it dawned on me that SO many couples are out there right now completely unaware of the arguments that await them because of a nerd secret that one of them is keeping.
I decided to reach out to some of the nerd-spouses that I know (as well as my very own Bride-of-Nerdenstein), in order to pick their brilliant brains about their relationships with their significant nerdy-other, and see what insight they might have that could be helpful for a young couple that might be where they’ve already been. Kari – The only time it would ever be a problem would be if one of us watched an episode of our shared TV shows without the other. Melody – Generally, we are so in harmony regarding our mutual nerdiness that it is not. Also, one of the single biggest fights we have ever had in our 12+ years together was while co-reading Game of Thrones.
Paige – I think maybe when I went into his room for the first time (after I took in the subhuman living conditions) I saw a small sword. Nick – We were driving back from visiting the inlaws, and Mel popped a tape she had found in her old bedroom into the tape deck. Melody – I think my first clue was about four years before we started dating when he cast me as Mr. Paige – Oh all the time, I tend to only buy things for him that are Star Wars or DC related. Shandi – I love how happy he gets about things that seem so inconsequential to anyone else (me). Robbie: After looking into it, I could not find a legitimate way to submit a comic character. Marksmanship – Hawkeye would turn the tables and make Green Arrow look like a drunk monkey with a plastic suction-cup bow and arrow from the Chuck E. Secondly, using a trick arrow requires a significant amount of skill and practice because rather than just firing arrows of the same length and weight every time, you’re firing arrows of varying weights and sizes so you have to train yourself to be able to fire those arrows accurately and quickly. Zijn zoontje was zo dol op zombies, dat hij besloot van hele alledaagse voorwerpen de ultieme zombie survival kit te maken. Comes with everything stated, good condition, only knocking one star down because box was a little bent at the cover because of the weight of the items. When we received it we were impressed with the contents and found that it is a useful as well as fun gift. And I liked the survival material inside, however, I wish the energy bar wasn't packed like a foiled brick. He told us he had plans to go over to his parents house to check on his sister’s old Beanie Baby collection. Seeing him so happy about such an iconic moment for, arguably, comics greatest superhero made me smile so big. I follow lots of comic book creators and comedians on Twitter and when one of them trashes a movie, or comic, or TV show it just bums me out so much. Whose expectations you ask?  Who knows!  That’s the problem.  How many fans have how many ideas about how these characters should be brought to life? We need to understand how lucky we are to live in a society and culture where we can freely read and watch what we want without persecution. In the spirit of the holiday we here at 4LN thought it would be a great idea to give you some weird and cool gift ideas for the nerd in your life. These cufflinks are the perfect thing for the Han in your life to take his suit to the next level this Valentine’s day.
It’s filled with stories about Aquaman spoiling his wife, Wonder Woman seeking counsel about her feelings for the Man of Steel and other fun stories of our favorite super heroes and their romantic adventures. What better way to give a gift of your love of your man, his fatherhood, and his nerdom than with this awesome Darth Vader father sculpture. You’ll understand after you watch the video, and if you have any huge Watchmen fans in your life they will love you for this.
To everyone else who is oblivious to the video game that is Assassin’s Creed, they might confuse them for the ring leader of a circus.

A psychotic evaluation may be necessary before gifting though, this could come back to haunt you. I hadn’t collected comics in years and I tried my hardest to suppress my superhero fanboy-ness.
Boarding, bagging, boxing… this was a side of the skinnier, long-haired boy she married that she wasn’t used to. I thought, “How many couples do I know that have been through this exact same thing?” A lot, is the answer. I read them before the movies came out and when I made Cameron watch them he couldn’t get over the sparkling vampire.
Occasionally he gets obsessy over a particular show that I am not watching with him, Breaking Bad for example, and he will tell me every bit of minutiae about every single episode.
We got on a jag about feminist themes, and (without spoiling) I argued that a particular incident seemed uncharacteristic of Tyrion, who I believe to be one of the more feminist characters in the saga. And I knew about the movie nerd Stephen and the knew-a-little-too-much-about-comic-books Stephen, but I have to say it was when he started doing a hold box at our local comic book store that I realized what I had married. I asked him about it and he said he got it at the Renaissance Festival…it was a copy from LOTR. It was the read along tape (complete with sparkle sound effects to indicate page turnage) called Cabbage Patch Kids & The Great Rescue.
I like to surprise him with my comic book knowledge, the sense of pride that I see well up when his wife knows something about comics that your average lay-person doesn’t.
I love how he can share his nerdiness with our kids and the pride he gets when our two year old correctly names all the comic book characters.
So, she speaks my language, but she can show me new places to go, like Doctor Who, Peter S. That my wife is harboring some resentment that is going to need to be addressed, right after I finishing reading some comic books.
Yeah I know that sounds funny for it to be my biggest let down, but I was really looking forward to meet some artist of a card game I love just as much as comics.
Yeah sure, Cody got to meet him and get an autograph, but for FREE Stephen and I got to watch him walk by us.
You can always submit your idea to a publisher, but who knows if they would steal it or not. So if you’re serious about creating a character, I would find talent locally and work on building that from the ground up.
This is not Oliver Queen’s specialty so I have a hard time seeing him being able to best Barton in an test of marksmanship. All the 15-year-olds that started watching the show when it first aired after Smallville in ’05, area probably still casually following it. Het resultaat: deze te leuke doos met daarin alles wat een klein jongetje nodig zou hebben tijdens een eventuele zombie attack! My brother ended it up with it as we did Mystery Gifts and he wasn't about to exchange it for anything!
I’ve even written articles on this very website where I shredded movies for no real reason. Whether you’re with someone or not today these are still really cool, and odd, gifts. Either way, these bath robes help to put you in that  fantasy location you always wished you could visit.
If you’re anything like me, we love to throw small premier parties for TV shows and what not.
I think could just sit around in my underwear at the house playing Arkham: Origins all day with this on. After our first son was born though, I swung the door wide and proudly began to live my life as a modern-day nerd man! I will enjoy something up until the point where someone might say, “Oh, that’s that thing Shandi really likes.” It’s not that I don’t enjoy the occasional to frequent nerdiness, I just don’t have a “thing”. He was my gateway to the Whedonverse (my gateway, but I can kick his ass at Wedon related trivia now.) and broadened my knowledge of comic book lore. This results in me doing one of three things, 1) put a time cap on said discussion, 2) forget time cap, but require that my feet get rubbed for the duration of said monologue, 3) if neither of the above works impose a two day moratorium on the subject. He was going to, for the foreseeable future, have a steady stream of income and time going into the world of comic books.
There were about a half dozen musical numbers, and Mel not only knew every word, but sang, full volume the entire tape from beginning to end.
I got a Green Lantern tattoo for our 5 year wedding anniversary and we named our daughter Torunn Pym… yeah, I’d say I’m an enabler. His playfulness and ability to connect so powerfully with his own childhood fantasies makes him not only an amazing father but a really fun husband. Because I know when Charlie gets old enough to really play with toys, I’ll probably have to end up getting one for both of them.
Beagle…I love that she lets me see a culture in which I have always been immersed, through completely different eyes.
Sometimes BOTH people are just waiting to let their nerd flag fly, and sometimes that nerd flag is apart of the initial attraction. And I really had to think about this question because I didn’t have any disappointment until Cody asked me to come up with a few. I think next year I am just going to do the Saturday pass unless there are some crazy, and I mean CRAZY panels that I just can’t let myself miss. If you’re just submitting ideas for fun and not worried about your idea getting stolen, I would email various publishers.
If your character gets a lot of appeal among indie readers you might just have some publishers looking to throw some money at you and your character.
He’s mastered multiple martial arts and is known to be able to take on several people at once. Also, think about how much adult-female-lust there is over Bill Compton, Eric Northman, and Alcide Herveaux.
Our Zombie Defense kit includes 6 pouches of water, 3 day food supply, glowsticks to light your way, emergency blanket, tools and a basic first aid kit- all the essential items needed to survive for one person to survive 3 days! I don’t have the previous comps, but already in the design process I was later updated to reduce my colors down to just two. You make something from where once there was nothing, just like those people did, and yet completely forgetting how exhaustive and draining the creative process is, you just cruelly disassemble their art. Just because I wanted to, and because I thought it was funny (I present to previous Back to the Future caption as exhibit A). Maybe they’re not where they want to be in their fitness yet, but this could be a good (or really bad) way to encourage them. This was, of course, partially dismaying to my wife, who wasn’t fully aware of how extensive my nerd-dom reached. It wasn’t even something he consulted me on, it was just one of those “things you do” as a nerd. Once when we were in OKC he was antique shopping (because not only does he have a 6 year old’s heart, he also has the heart of a 70 year old woman that loves going into antique stores) this particular store was very different.

We purchased two copies of every Harry Potter book at midnight because we didn’t want to share. My favorite thing though was one of the first things Stephen and I went to; a Civil Rights in Comics panel.
Now, I later found out there was a room of people playing but I still would have liked to meet the people that design the cards. And this dude totally looked like Edward Blake, it was a really solid, well put together outfit.
Let me describe him to you; He was in a white shirt, half of it scribbled black with what looks to have been a sharpie. I can totally understand the confusion of how something that’s perceived as mindless, young-adult fodder could be more popular than something with more a substantial story and interesting characters. Back when this show first aired, there was an equal amount of teen-girl-lust over Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. When the Zombie Apocalypse comes or the next big disaster hits, feel safe knowing that you have the essential items to survive! I started getting mad at all the nerd-elitists who ravage every superhero movie, and really any piece of entertainment-art that’s presented to the public. IN MY OPINION, the film probably could have benefited from a different director who was a little more familiar with the source material. We don’t want to let go of the things that we cherished as nerdlings and we carry that into our relationships.
We played and beaten all of them close to 100% except for Pirates (neither of us cared for that franchise).
And now you’re going to waste your whole weekend walking around a convention, oh no you didn’t?!? Being able to see it, to understand it from a feminine perspective (especially since I am the father to two little geek girls) has really made me view all of it in a new light. Confidence is attractive, and will be very helpful in landing the perfect nerd (or nerd-chaser) for you.
In which we learned of the most groundbreaking moments in comics and how the LGBT community is represented in comics today. I play kitchen table magic with friends, nothing tournament level or any sort of competitive play. I look forward to seeing how things will change next year and I am thrilled my city finally has its own con that isn’t lumped with horror or anime. Hawkeye has had martial arts and hand-to-hand combat training, but it was never a dedication for him like it has been for Green Arrow.
I got mad at a culture that spits at something it considers inferior to it’s perception.
Oh Superman would never kill and that’s unrealistic for the character and what he represents?
Some of our best memories are because of concerts we went to (she once surprised me with Fall Out Boy tickets and we got engaged at a Waking Ashland show).
Not because she LOVES comic books or anything, but because it’s something important and special to me, and she wanted to share in that because we enjoy seeing the people we love be happy. A lot of times we get embarrassed and hide it so that we can’t be mocked or ridiculed by people we care about because we don’t know if its safe to let them in.
They are really fun to play, especially if the subject matter is something you already love. I have very few if any things I care about, if it can’t be worn or eaten, it’s hard for me to justify purchasing it.
He haggled his way to getting two very old Ewok piggy banks (Ewoks are by far my favorite and we had a dog named Wicket at the time) and a giant AT-AT, Claude, (who was buckled up in the back seat for the 400 miles, 10 hr trip home). It never gets boring because since each of us is always learning something new, and we will inevitably share that knowledge, there are always surprises, and always new things to obsess over. Also discussed was the way that Luke Cage fought racism and how he never used derogatory slurs as a way to represent that “bad guys” use hurtful words (and believe me, some of the things were unbelievable that they were printed in comics) and that our hero never uses such hurtful or degrading words. The horror-drama genre was mostly non-existent at the time this show aired, and the urban-legend-investigation concept was at least somewhat of an original idea for television. It was so cool getting to see THE GREEN F—ING LANTERN use his ring and create stuff and fight The Paralax.
Knowing how much of yourself you give to and put into a project, how can you possibly justify criticizing someone else who’s doing the same thing? Well, you criticize with your words in the hope that you’ll sway the creative process in the direction that you want it to go.
Being able to see the joy on my son’s face when he sees Superman fly, or when he sees Wolverine go berserk, and seeing how emotional he was while watching Thor 2, reminds me of the child-like wonder that we lose when we become adults. Most areas of our lives now are filled with his obsession and it leaves very little room for anything else. When he told me how much he spent I was a little upset but when I saw how incredibly happy and proud of the things he got, how could I be upset at him. It looked like you were in “black-face” and should have been preforming in the early 20th century. Simply being a fan, I feel like there’s something I missing, or ignorant to, that allows that behavior to be tolerated. Flip that around, and have a millionaire artist criticizing a starving artist, and you’d crucify that person for their arrogance and egotism. She’s also started helping me with organizing my comic book collection by suggesting that we create a spreadsheet for all of my books, and this is something we work on together. Aliens are not coming to Earth to have a massive battle in a city that ALSO does not exist, which would cause an astronomically high amount of hypothetical destruction.
I want them to feel joy and wonder when they see Superman take flight, or Thor hammering a Frost Giant, or Iron Man suiting up. I hate that it took me so long to come around to realizing that I didn’t have to keep my nerdiness away from or risk sacrificing it for the sake of our relationship.
There is a certain level of moderation that is needed (you don’t want your nerd obsession to be an grave inconvenience or irritation to your loved ones), but you don’t have to abandon it either.
I want to watch movies and TV shows, and read comics, with the same appreciation and wonder that I did when I was a kid. The second one, Spirit of Vengeance, is so balls-out ridiculous that if you took it seriously for one second and complained then you’re oblivous and you missed the point.
Clark, Superman, didn’t want that to happen and in the heat of the moment he made the very hard decision to kill Zod. We experience life through a cynical filter, and it only breeds more cynicism in the world.

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