Take our survival quiz for a chance to win “Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse” prize packs! Ignore This Warning And You Might As Well Be Dead When Chaos And Hunger Driven “Zombies” Will Rule Our Fallen Society! Preparing for the unknown is a hard thing to do, and without the right information at hand it can all go south in a matter of seconds. That’s why you need to be fully aware of the imminent danger ahead – without getting caught in a tunnel vision. Did you ever stop to think what will become of you and your family if you get this one wrong? While you can go without food for as long as three weeks, you couldn’t survive for more than 3 days without water.
If your water supplies are running low, you will need to find fresh water supplies (streams, rivers, waterfalls) that you must first purify, using water refinement tablets or 2% iodine tincture.
Ready-to-eat canned meats, fruits, and vegetables are highly recommended, since they will provide the necessary calorie intake and preserve their nutritious values. Don’t forget to pack a can opener or a sharp knife, should you ever find yourself on the run. Energy bars provide lots of calories in a compact form, as well as a decent supply of proteins, so consider adding them to your supply and bug-out bag.
Many times, people seem to forget about the importance of having a few extra clothes so consider adding these items to your bug out bag. You can either use matches or lighters to start up a fire, but fire steel would sometimes prove to be better. Solar powered flashlights are far superior to the old-fashioned battery-operated flashlights.
As strange as this may seem to you, one small bag of salt is an excellent addition to your stockpile. Add a minimum of 10 bottles of alcohol to help you clean up wounds, when nothing else is available.

Investing in a good rifle can go a really long way, since there will be a crucial need to defend the perimeter surrounding your location and your family from any malevolent intruders.
And always remember that, the cost of being unprepared will always exceed the cost of preparing.
About usOur mission is to be the most helpful blog for practical and useful knowledge, tactics, and skills to help you prepare for and survive difficult situations. We aim to present truthful knowledge, useful content, unbiased product reviews, and practical survival tips. We share our west wall with two neighbors, spanning our laundry room and bedroom closet, but this noise seemed to be coming from somewhere else. Because if you only prepare for what you think might happen, you only get one shot at getting it right. You need at least one gallon of water a day for each person, for drinking, cooking and washing.
You can even boil the water you find in the wild for five minutes, as fire is the best cathartic there is, killing even the most resilient organisms. When these are combined with rice, they form a complete protein and represent the ultimate survival food, as this combination provides your body with all 9 essential amino acids (histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan, and valine) out of a total of 29, which the body cannot produce.
They will, undoubtedly, boost your energy levels or replace a meal effectively, which can but help in disaster situations, when you’re on the run. Make sure you purchase a good quality folding knife or maybe even two of them, because you will use it more than you can imagine. You can use any of these radios to gather information regarding the safest areas, traffic updates, etc. Remember that every second counts, every action you take increases your chances of survival.
The more prepared you’ll be, the better you will handle even the most difficult survival situation and avoid living in the constant dread of not knowing what to do next.

Knowing what to do in dangerous situations, to protect your life and the lives of others, doesn't make you paranoid it makes you prepared. So in the spirit of transparency: sometimes we do get compensated for recommendations we make to you, but we will only make the best recommendations to you whether we get paid for it or not, even if that means we make less money. Their dog, Otis was his name, I think… must’ve gotten too close before they tied her up. Department of Agriculture revealed that canned foods maintain their fiber, minerals and vitamins, despite having a long shelf life (of a few decades!). It also makes for a perfect band aid, as it will help you stop the bleeding and prevent germs from entering the wound. This will be of great help, especially in those dark times, in which we will all be pretty much sleep deprived.
We always feel that we have enough time, but I am sure that you said to yourself more than once once “how time flies!” with a pinch of regret. What’s even more surprising is that fresh fruits lose nutrients through oxidation (contact with air), whereas canning fruits preserves a higher concentration of vitamins than it can be found in the actual fresh product.
This combination will restore your body’s normal level of electrolytes, which will prove very useful, since you will be losing plenty of bodily fluids. I have baracaded myself in the bathroom with nothing but the door lock and a small table holding the door.

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