News of a zombie attack and zombie apocalypse was broadcast by the Emergency Alert System of Great Falls on Monday. The emergency alert featured a scrolling warning with a voice-over claiming that dead bodies were rising from the grave and attacking the living.
When Montana’s regular television programming was interrupted with the news of the zombie attack and zombie apocalypse, a few confused television viewers called the Great Falls Police Department. Since the police department had not received any emergency calls or reports about any dead bodies having risen from the graves and causing public disturbances, the police did not respond the same way as some scared television viewers did. Shortly after the emergency announcement of the zombie attack, the Montana Television Network clarified that the emergency was not issued by the television station or any emergency officials but that hackers had broken into the Emergency Alert System of Great Falls affiliate KRTV and its CW station and issued the zombie attack warning. But beware, -- the annoying system alert tone makes one wish that a zombie would indeed rise up from the dead and stop the sound. Tina BurgessSan Diego Top News ExaminerTina Burgess has lived in several countries in the world. Menstrual marijuana relief introduced by NJ legislature via Whoopi GoldbergWomen of New Jersey might be able to obtain alternative relief for their menstrual discomfort soon, and it’s all thanks to Whoopi Goldberg.
The immanent threat of zombie finger attacks are growing across America at an alarming rate.
Chris Zombieking, set out to get his fingers tattooed with the vision of an epic zombie attack. The Largest Annual Zombie Walk in the Nation comes to the Highlands on August 29th at 8:29 PM! Greetings, my mortal friends, this is the Phantom of the Ville coming to you over the Emergency Broadcast System from my secret underground crypt. Just over a week ago, reports began to reach my desk that a number of mysterious military drums had been mistakenly shipped to the Uneeda Medical Supply Warehouse in the Highlands just down the street from the Baxter Avenue Morgue near Eastern Cemetery. Then just a couple of days ago there was some kind of accident reported in the basement of the warehouse. Denying the incident, Wilson, who has now admitted possession of the unidentified chemical drums, claims that Lou and King were never subjected to any hazardous materials. Last evening, I caught up with Lyndi Lou who is still very ill, but is home recuperating as she and John King prepare to celebrate their shared birthdays on Thursday, August 29th. The Louisville Zombie Attack, now the largest annual zombie walk in the United States, remains a free public event, but the continued growth of the army of undead has added considerable cost to properly execute. The parking lot of the Mid-City Mall on Bardstown Rd is the staging area for the 2013 Louisville Zombie Attack, and the march of the walkers starts precisely at 8:29 PM.
The Monkey Wrench bar will be hosting concerts with the Revenants, the All Dead, Pelts, DJ Count Gronzy and DJ Rev. If you plan on coming from outside of Louisville, or even if you’re driving in from outside of the Highlands, be sure to arrive plenty early, as road closures and after work 5 o’clock traffic will certainly cause delays. If there’s still a civilization out there come Friday morning, then be sure to check back with the Louisville Halloween website for a look at an interesting pub downtown underneath a bridge that’s haunted by a giant troll and an interview with General Mills about the history of their monster cereals and an exciting promotion coming this Halloween! Special Thanks: Dean Smith, Scott Sanders, Ruby Q, Tim Bray, Clay Ravin, Valentina Diaz, Richard Wolstencroft and Oscar Rama. Thanks: Max Kaye, Noel Taylor, Bill and Judith Jeffries, Grant and Nadine, Chris Harold and Matt Wobbly.
As a new user it is impossible for us to know your current level of understanding of the various components that make IRC so powerful and useful.

The Heartbleed SSL bug was big news and quite shocking to the security community and internet users in general. Recent news of how extensive the NSA’s efforts to compromise internet security might make privacy seem impossible, but there is still hope. The emergency alert was issued for several counties in Montana and warned that “dead bodies are rising from their graves,” reports Politico on Feb.
Most of her family and friends still live in Germany and other countries including Italy, Mexico, India, the Philippines, Australia, and China. When I went down to investigate, Uneeda Warehouse owner, Burt Wilson, at first claimed the whole story was a hoax. Paramedics were called to the aid of two local residents, Lyndi Lou and John King, who claimed to have been exposed to some sort of gas leak or toxic chemical spill on the property. The undead procession will march north down Bardstown Road, turning left on Grindstead Drive and shuffling all the way to Barret Avenue where a street party will be held on the 1000 block of Barret Ave. We are Anonymous, and have been gaining popularity and press with stories ranging from Wikileaks, to Protests against Scientology, to the Westboro Baptist Church, to Stephen Colbert’s The Colbert Report, to Bank of America, to Mastercard and Paypal, to the lawsuit against GeoHotz from Sony, and to the HBGary Scandal (see 1st video below). We use a very basic method of communication that has been around since 1988 called IRC, or Internet Relay Chat. IRC is one of the oldest ways to communicate online and is the basis for most other online chats. Some of you may be familiar with these type of connections as they are widely used by businesses to handle their internal communications needs and to allow employees to access systems from remote locations. The various possibilities and methods of securing your client computer are combined by you to suit your unique environment. If you have followed our guide, you should have a basic knowledge of IRC networks, what they are and an idea of what is involved connecting to and using them safely. She studied for several years at the University of Heidelberg, Germany, and San Diego State University, USA. You have precious few hours to prepare for the largest onslaught of the undead that this city has ever experienced.
The statements of the paramedics have been sealed by the Louisville Police Department, but rumors persist they were heard muttering, “No blood pressure, no pulse,” as they were removed from the scene by law enforcement.
There you’ll be treated to a free concert by Squeezebot and the Vice Tricks as well as a costume contest. The Barret Bar & Grill will be hosting zombie bike polo with the Louisville Hardcourt Bike Polo Club on the Barret Bar hardcourt from 9PM until 2AM. If you are unfamiliar with Anonymous, the videos below this paragraph sum it up quite well, so watch the super cool moving picture video thingyz directly below this to get an idea of what we do.
IRC allows real time communications but requires few resources on the user’s systems compared to other applications you may have used before.
Experienced netizens and those with a technical background will find much of this information boring and will want to bypass it all and get on with chatting.
As we have seen recently with revelations about the wholesale spying on the world by the NSA, the subject of security and maintaining your privacy is now much higher on the list than ever before.
Setup properly, they can also be used by anyone to create a safer connection to the internet and have the added benefit of disguising your true location. The network exhibits end-to-end encryption but only within itself: if your traffic is not encrypted in the first place, any person data-sniffing the exit node will be able to see where you are then going and what you are doing while there.

As a former American Field Service foreign exchange student, she has spent many years promoting an intercultural and international understanding. Anyways, currently we cover helping you get a setup that allows you to stay in regular contact with other Anonymous and to help you browse and use the internet without exposing your location or any other sensitive information.
You are entitled to the right of freedom of speech and TALKING should not be illegal anywhere. This form of chat is elegant in its simplicity but has alot of useful features including the ability to run scripts in Python or Perl, encrypting your messages with FiSHLiM and even transfering files, if so desired. People who once thought nothing about sending their most intimate details to another are now rethinking that situation. Click the link below for a short tutorial on the different types of VPN connections and encryption. If you cannot connect to the network after following the guide use the webchat link further down the page. However, no one knows everything so we recommend that you take some time and read through all the sections of this guide at least once before you jump in feet first. As for AnonOps, we use GnuTLS, a different encryption library which was not part of the Heartbleed bug. This will allow you to not only familiarize yourself with the terminology but will let you ask thoughtful questions which allows us to help you quickly and accurately.
A closed and monitored internet defeats the purpose for which it was intended: the free and easy sharing of information, thoughts, ideas and knowledge. Our webchat has been updated to the correct version of SSL and our security certificates have been revoked and reissued.
We maintain a dedicated channel on the network for this purpose with both network staff and knowledgable volunteers who are happy to help you set up your own IRC client and secure your connection. For these reasons, we cannot possibly cover every aspect of online life and we will make no attempt to cover every situation. We can give you a start and from there, we can assist you more once you are connected to the network.
Click the link below and read the information, as many times as you have to until you have a basic understand then we can move to the next phase. You are about to go down the rabbithole and the madhatters will be waiting to give you some answers. We have heard all the questions before so do not be afraid to ask but we do expect you to do your part in all this. There is an infobot in the channel to assist you by providing answers to the most commonly asked questions. We have little time for people who are there to create drama so consider this your warning.

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