Fast Delivery by Royal Mail (3-5 Days) iProduct InfoPromote zombie awareness wherever you go with this gorgeous belly bar from Metal Mafia.
It is a testament to their huge international appeal that the Swedish House Mafia has ‘done a Daft Punk’ this year, in that they have made it into the Top 100 despite not performing for most of the year in the wake of their split back in March.
For the last decade few electronic acts have had the crossover appeal of Swedish House Mafia, arguably the group that kick-started the EDM craze in the States, however unwittingly. The black bar features a removable ball with a green gem and from the bottom, a black ribbon style accessory with zombie hands which dangle freely.

The members of the Swedish group initially teamed up in the mid-2000s, when they toured together as DJs and collaborated from time to time on one another’s productions. In their wake, shows with mind-blowing lights, lasers and crowds numbering in the hundreds of thousands have become ever more the norm.
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Two years later the group members announced they were breaking up and returning to their solo careers, although only after a farewell tour and the release of their second album, 2012’s Until Now.

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