If you ever wondered what Minecraft would look like through Unreal Engine 4 then you’re in luck. The Good Stuff: Coverage is medium and does not look cakey when layered to provide heavier coverage. Yeah, I wasn’t expecting much from this either but it does seem to be a good CC cream overall with some coverage! I was initially drawn to this product because of its interesting name, I’m not a huge fan of CC creams but this was a pleasant surprise.

The colour it blends out to is a neutral shade and the more it is blended out, the darker it becomes so I do think it is suitable for a range of skin colours. I’ll be interested to read what you thought of the CC cream if you do put up a review for it ^_^!
Blends pretty nicely as well but I find that when fully blended, it can be a little too dark for me. I purchased this as a sample as I wasn’t too keen on buying the full sized product without trying it or having access to any reviews.

There is a slightly floral scent (as is typical of Korean CC and BB creams) but it isn’t too strong and the scent fades as the day progresses.
It does say it has an SPF protection of 30, but it’s still best to use a separate sunscreen under it.

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