Puzzle Dust offers a range of characters to suit most themes and events and can even tailor costumes to your event with enough notice.
This Zombie Hula Hoop duo is perfect for dark circus nights, Halloween parties, clubs, cabaret and spooky events! Zombie’s usually make an appearance after dark, but ahead of their Wyvern Theatre show, the cast of Shaun of the Dead LIVE made an unusual foray into the sunlight to recreate the cult film’s famous pub scenes at The Victoria pub in Old Town on 3 June. The show’s two lead characters, ‘Liz’ and ‘Shaun,’ made a full costume and ghostly make-up appearance, hockey sticks and cricket bats at the ready.

Hollywood actor Simon Pegg, Working Title & Universal Studios granted Stroud based company, Almost Legal Productions, unique rights to create the stage version of the box office hit film and have been showing their public support since the beginning of its tour in October. Despite the songs, director and writer Chas Burns assures its audience that this is no musical. “Between you and I, I can’t abide musicals,” he said. We have characters for themes such as White Parties, Festival of Light, Fire n Ice, Burlesque, Carnival, Dark Circus, Halloween, Masquerade, Tribal, Kids' Circus, Gold Class, Black & White, James Bond and more!Roving characters usually come in pairs or groups and move around the crowd offering photo opportunities and ambient entertainment. These fumbling dead circus performers combine character theatrics with impressive hula hoop skills and provide unique and memorable entertainment.

They may be dead but they sure can hoop, splitting 3 hoops each and finishing with a giant hoop stack at the end!Hoopnotise were the resident Zombie Hoopers at the Tim Burton Club at ACMI in 2010!

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