Everyone has been infected by zombie virus and only one human was only left to turn everything back to normal.
An intense action packed zombie slaying game which will keep you on the edge of your seats.
Yes, 10000 Zombies that how large the number of zombies you are going to kill in this game. Zombie Death Survival is a very challenging game that will surely keep you on the edge of your seat. What will you do if a sexy cat ninja is on the brink of life and death, swarmed by zombies? Mobile development team Blue Wind, bring us Zombie Shock; a blow em up, zombie survival game for the apple iTouch and iPhone.
Essentially the game has a group of cartoon zombies wanting to invade your house and eat your brains. A group of young teenage girls face a night of horror when an addicting social media game turns a moment of cyber bullying into a night of terror. My love affair with horror began the night I saw my first horror film, Friday the 13th, at the age of 9.

Your character runs throughout the whole game and you just blow up whatever zombie that approaches you.
The in game enemies are also wonderfully animated too along with the many other enemies that are later introduced.
With the price of only $1.99, Zombie Shock will supply you with enough game play and customization you paid for and then some. Our team loves apps and is dedicated to writing iPhone app reviews to help you find the best new & free iPhone apps in the App Store. Each zombie has a special ability and each plant has an ability to counter a zombie so choose your team wisely. Truly a great game and fun for any ages of zombie lover and at only $10 bucks it’s a no brainer. There are many weapons that you can buy and upgrade in the item shop at the end of each level. With so many weapon upgrades along with stat boosts along with new zombies with special abilities and boss battles that are quit challenging. For the latest App Store buzz check out the Trending iPhone apps updated daily with free games worth downloading.

Zombie is a Single player tower defense strategy game developed by casual game designers extraordinaries PopCap games. I once had a amazing front line with watermelon lobbing plants and triple repeaters it was able to take any Zombie horde until it got completely decimated by a mole zombie when he dug behind my lines and took out my exposed rear guard and march right into the house to eat my brains. If this is too easy for you, you can switch it to a more difficult control setting which requires aiming with the left controller.
You are allowed to carry up to three weapons, and it’s always fun to find the best weapon combinations that may keep you alive the longest. Zombie the Last Stand is an intense shooter game that gives the player a heart-pounding experience level after level. Zombie you know it’s not the average gore fest zombie slayer like Valves Left 4 Dead or tripwires Killing Floor.

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